Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like I.N From Stray Kids

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like I.N From Stray Kids

Get the look of Stray Kids I.N, a young hippy artist.

Stray Kids vocalist and maknae I.N, also known as Jeongin, has captured the hearts of many fans. People have grown to see Jeongin improve and grow into his own artistic identity since he was a budding idol in the Stray Kids survival show. 'Maknae of Top,' a Latin inspired single he recently released with the help of Changbin and Bang Chan, is an ode to his growth and coming into his own.

I.N is frequently seen styling the most stylish casual fits with the most variety on the group's Instagram page. Fits that are mostly artsy, slouchy, and hip.

Read on to find out what his favorite pieces and style elements are.

Tops: Stylish and Comfortable Everyday Pieces

Striped Long Sleeves

I.N isn't afraid to use bright colors. He wore a multicolored stripe US polo shirt with dark wide leg denim with outline detail. Bold colors, especially in prints, 

MARN Muscle Tee

Members of the group are frequently seen wearing muscle tees. Even in casual wear, darker colors are more in keeping with their image. Particularly when paired with jewelry.

Checkered Flannel

It's hilarious to see dad shoes remixed with a boyfriend silhouette. Jeongin frequently wears checkered flannels in a variety of colors. Usually worn oversized with wide leg pants and dad/utility style shoes.

Cotton Crewnecks

Cotton crewnecks are criminally underappreciated; he pairs it with light wash wide leg pants and light beige loafers. Matching light on light makes an outfit more cohesive and intentional, which is something that most people cannot afford to think about.

Jackets: Picturesque but Casual 

Mesh Style Cardigan

He wore a mesh style knit cardigan over a plain white tee, wide leg short jeans, and Adidas style croc shoes. He is the epitome of the slouchy fit he favors.  

Teal Blue 'More than Friends Less than Lovers' Crewneck Sweater

True I.N fans are aware that he has worn this several times. The teal text crewneck is a great crewneck style for those who are unsure where to begin; it has a bold yet neutral color with a minimal design to add a nice touch.

Black Denim Jacket

The no-fail piece of clothing is denim jackets. He matched it over a white tee matching his sneakers, wide leg black pants and the dark wash denim for the main piece. 

Bottoms: Artistically Baggy

Wide Leg Denim with Bleach Wash Detail

Bleach detail is difficult to avoid appearing too flashy, but when paired with a bold top, it balances and compliments it so it doesn't look out of place. Would you believe this is considered a "casual outfit"?

Denim Jean Shorts

Screw the fit or what looks good! I.N wears short jeans like they're his favorite thing; the casual and loose fit draws attention away from his body and more toward the style of his outfit, which we believe people should consider more often.

Cargo Jean Shorts

We're obsessed with the lowkey hipster artist. This monochrome graphic long sleeve paired with dark wash cargo short jeans and the iconic Adidas style crocs is the epitome of hipster chic. Combining an existing piece with something bold (a toss-up between the shorts and shoes) and something cute.

Full Length Utility Pants

Last testament to his preference for wide leg tapered pants, he wore wide leg military green with cargo pocket detail, his beloved teal crewneck, and New Balance sneakers. Wearing an outfit in his preferred style.

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