Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like J-hope from BTS

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like J-hope from BTS

Rightfully named 'Style icon of the group' J-hope continues to move and challenge his creativity in more ways apart from fashion 

By Julianne Babaran

When you hear of a stylish creative genius, it's no surprise J-hope would cross your mind at least once. The international celeb dons and rocks that title proudly as seen dressing that part on and off screen. The dance monster is a center worthy and rap icon in his own right sharing his talents right with his group in their most important moments and situations. The star oozes with talent, charisma, professionalism and an avid seeker of being his fans 'hope'. 

Being at the average, although some would say he's part of the 'small line', doesn't stop him from dressing the biggest and baddest in the room. The sunshine persona didn't limit his colors to yellow as he rocks any kind of clothing from print, texture, to shape and style. With this new shift in his image and persona from his latest comeback, the star continues to transcend his image and challenge his creativity and himself. 

Let's dive into this style icon shall we? 

Tops : Oversized Graphic Tees, Vests, Polos 

White Oversized Graphic Tee

This piece of clothing features a lot if J-hope's closet in different variations. He matches it normally with baggy pants and his favorite shoe of choice, slides or sandals. 

Large Graphic Design Style on White Tee

This oversized white tee is best for layering, tucking in, the color detail is adds something but not enough to overpower anything you may have over. He loves to add and add while keeping everything balanced between cohesive and eccentric. 

Multi-colored polo vest 

If this isn't the most stylish K-idol look you've ever seen. He sure loves color and sure enough color loves him back. He doesn't leave a boldly designed piece alone as he compliments it with another colored accessory to add a pop. 

Flannel Vest on White text tee

Another super celeb outfit. You know how you can spot a celeb outfit? It's when you can't see yourself or any other average person wearing what they're wearing. He matches a text tee, with a patterned vest and a bright colored shorts. We can't find the unifying theme, but his drift is layering and layering until you like what you see. 

Blue and White Vacation Polo 

Vacation polos are something to keep in mind as almost all members love them! Pro tip is to really invest in high quality ones with an eccentric print or fabric. Doing it this way will make you look expensive and the polo timeless. 

Oversized Polo in Pastel Blue 

Polos in classic colors paired with matching default color of beige or khaki is always timeless. But as the ever so stylish member, he added some beaded jewelry and a straw hat to complete the look. 

Bottoms : Brown, Ripped Jeans 

Basic Brown Khaki Colored Pants

Brown is the staple color or bottoms even for stylish celebs. It's the perfect formal but not so formal piece besides black slacks. It breaks the monotony of all blacks and grays without being too bold. 

Dusty Brown Jeans  

The basic pair will also be necessary for capsule types of wardrobes. It compliments any other neutral color or any color actually. It compliments it all and it works with well anything that goes with black as well. 

Loose Wide Leg Ripped Jeans 

Just like Jimin, J-hope likes the semi straight leg wide leg pants with the ripped effect. The detail is more pop and gangster than your regular pair with no rip and it looks great with literally any type of big tee you have. 

Ripped Denim on Denim 

You can always count on Hoseok to wear something normal men won't. The ripped denim on denim specifically the different color and tone looks great especially off stage. The match looks grunge and seamless it's amazing. 

Jackets : Parka, Shirt Jackets

Graphic and Editorial Style Parka 

J-hope transcends style and dictates them instead of following. This sticker style parka jacket has a flow and style that the singer exudes, he adds it on top of a very plain and basic outfit. 

Beige Trench Parka Hybrid Jacket 

A longer jacket is a silent show of anarchy with the plethora and myriad of hoodies and blazers out there. Also peep the mono color theme he's going for. Go for the longer jacket and style your outfit this way for Hobi to like you.

Dark Denim Shirt Jacket

Shirt jackets specifically ones in a different fabric are great way of layering without compromising style. Denim ones are a classic and are best with floral or printed shirts. 

Neutral Green Shirt Jackets 

Neutral shirt jackets are very basic person friendly. They come in a variety of color. J-hope looks kind of sad, it's probably because this outfit is basic but these piece nonetheless has it's merits especially for weather and practicality. 

Shoes : Sandals, Chunky Sneakers 

Purple Colored Slides 

This is where Hobi's style become more prominent. Unlike others who also love slides he likes colored ones. The singer loves to mix and match as seen by his other looks and shoes are just another way to do so. 

Espadrilles Sandals 

If you really want to wear shoes like J-hope, get a colorful pair of shoes in a color you like an match it with whatever if neutral and feels comfortable and fun for you. There's no rules to his shoe game sometimes. 

High Cut Sneakers 

If you need a safe sneaker that's somewhat emits his energy, a high cut, laced p and with an eccentric design should cut it, specifically ones with platform style to create more shape and height. 







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