Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like J.Seph From KARD

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like J.Seph From KARD

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KARD's J.Seph possess a mature and sexy aura that he easily accentuate with his fashion skills.

Kim Tae Hyung, not V from BTS, as this is the real name of KARD's J.Seph. He is the main rapper, lead dancer and vocalist of the group. Also, he is the eldest KARM member and was considered to be the funniest among them. But today, we would not talk about that or his other details, as we will center on how he impeccably highlight his sexy aura using his fashion styles that can make your body hot when he passed by you.


White DSL Shirt

J.Seph knows how to elevate a simple shirt. For instance, below he paired it with a stylish denim. He also has jacket with him for layering when he opt to. Also, the accessories turned the outfit into a bad boy style.


Plain Black Shirt

Despite wearing a plain shirt. J.Seph still nailed it. Here, he paired it with a black denim base, creating a casual look. Confidence is definitely his key in rocking a simple outfit like this.


Here he had worn another black shirt, but he styled it by tucking it under his camouflage base, creating a more softer look.



Denim Pants

J.Seph's go-to bases are definitely the denim ones and the following photos prove that. On the first photo, as flashed below, he paired his denim pants with a long sleeves polo which he folded for an extra detail. Thus, creating a boy-next-door look.


Meanwhile, below J.Seph showed us what a typical oppa outfit looks like - an oversized shirt and a denim base. Of course the full front bangs is essential, and so J.Seph didn't forget to style it.


As denims are versatile, below J.Seph pulled a university student look by pairing his denim base with a shirt layered with a cream jacket. Also, white sneakers added a balance touch to the overall fit. If you're a student, then don't wear a cap like J.Seph, it's an optional detail.



Layered Black Coordinates

J.Seph's sexy aura is evident in his dance attire for Mcountdown below. Here, he had worn a black shirt layered with a stylish dark denim jacket. Then, he paired it with a black base as well, making him look sleek. Meanwhile, the pushed back hairstyle unveiled his mature and sexy aura even more.


Silver Coordinates

J.Seph can also look iconic when he wants and he showed that in his outfit below. He pulled a silver button down jacket paired with a silver base as well. Surely, this outfit would make him sparkle while dancing.


Animal Print Coordinates

But here, he pulled an edgy look by wearing a black inner top which he layered with an animal print jacket for a more volume. Then, he paired it with the same design as his base. In completing the look, he had worn a black leather shoes.



Black Stylish Jacket

J.Seph spiced up his look by layering his white inner top with this black stylish jacket that has pockets in front, and a continuous fire design on the side. Surely, the jacket did well in instantly transforming the casual look by adding a cool touch.


Dainese Motorcycle Jacket

J.Seph sported his own sporty style by topping off his white shirt with this ubercool motorycle jacket from Dainese.


Black Oversized Sweater

Here, J.Seph pulled a street style but in a sleek look by opting for an all-black fit. Specifically, he had worn this black oversized sweater paired with a black camouflage base. But to add a polished touch, he pulled a white sneakers.



Gray Beanie

Below J.Seph looks comfy in his beanie that gave him a warm touch, but still keeping him stylish and fashionable. Also, the gray shade complimented the neutral color of his jacket.


Camouflage Bucket Hat

While he was having his dinner outside, he pulled a camouflage bucket hat that did not only elevate his streetstyle look, but also helped cover his face so he could enjoy his personal space while he's in public.


LA Light Brown Cap

J.Seph definitely aimed for an extra warm as he had worn an LA cap under his hoodie. Nevertheless, the style gave him more aesthetics.



White Sneakers

J.Seph completed his aesthetic style by matching the palette of his oufit. Here, he paired his cream jacket and white base with a white chunky sneakers.


Meanwhile below, he paired his formal attire with a flat white sneakers that seems eclectic but a fashion-forward style.


Strap Booties

Boots aren't just made for girls, as boys could also kill them like J.Seph. As flashed on the image, he definitely upgraded his boyfriend look with this strap boots, making him look ubercool.



Black Cateye Sunglasses

J.Seph spiced up his look with this flatering cateye sunglasses that did not only make him look cool, but also unveil his iconic side.


Vintage Oversized Round Sunglasses

Nothing feels classic and timeliness than a vintage oversized sunglasses in a round frame.Here, J.Seph used his as an additional accessory to make his look feels more classic.


Semi-Rimless Clear Glasses

Meanwhile this semi-rimless clear glasses helped him unleashed his softer and cute look. As seen below, the glasses flattered his face and highlighted his cute eyes.


After reading this, you finally have enough idea in mind on how can you emulate one of these fits to dress like J.Seph.

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