Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Jackson Wang from GOT7

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Jackson Wang from GOT7

Jackson Wang started his dream of becoming a K-pop star at an early age. As a child, his parents sent him to Beijing, China to study music at the age of five. He began studying traditional Chinese instruments and later moved to the United States in 2006. He was one of the first members of the South Korean boy band GOT7 when it debuted in 2014 undere JYP Entertainment, but he's just as active as a solo artist. "I'm always busy. I used to have time management issues, but now I always remember that if you don't enjoy it, there's no point," he told Teen Vogue when we met for the first time in 2017.

However, he overcame every little and big obstacle in his life and became who he truly is and whom people admire. Now, Jackson Wang is known for his vocal ability and versatile talents: in addition to singing and rapping, he is also skilled in dancing and modeling. He has led multiple fashion campaigns and shows, and has proven himself as a stylish icon. Besides, his stardom has only grown due to his top-tier style. In 2017, Wang initiated his hip-hop solo career by releasing a series of singles and founding his own label, Team Wang.

Aren't you curious yet? We definitely are, so let's dive into this perfect man's style in our fashion guide and learn how to dress like Jackson Wang!


Tank Tops

Jackson is one of the celebrities who are very attentive to their figure and physical condition hence constantly hitting the gyms, so it is logical that he wants to show the results of his workouts and very often wears tank tops that show off his pumped biceps and strong arms.

But Jackson Wang is not only about good looks and cool images, he is also about active social position, support for minorities, and tolerance, so in our first example taken from his Instagram profile, he is in a simple white top with a meaningful, almost handwritten saying on it, that he’s not male, or female, he and each of us are PERSON. And we love him for his inclusivity.

However, he also likes simple clothes and especially in color black. Most of his wardrobe is black and he can very often be seen in the simplest shirts without any prints or details because Jackson Wang is a trendsetter in his own right.


The next part of Jackson’s usual clothing covers a little more skin and is the base of everyone’s wardrobe. Of course it's simple t-shirts. He prefers plain t-shirts in white or black. They usually have a very minimalist stylish print or have nothing at all, but to make his looks more interesting, Jackson likes to add and layer golden or silver necklace chains like the real star he is.

Absolutely anything goes well with such simple tees so you can see him wearing wide jeans, or more interesting pants with a complex print as a bottom of his outfits.


Talking about the shirts he prefers, it is impossible not to notice that most often Jackson wears the simplest black ones and chooses an all-black look that might appear simple but is always stylish and sophisticated, giving us space to appreciate his handsome face and proportionate figure.



But we do not forget that after any fancy event or interview, Jackson is a cheerful guy who loves comfortable clothes and in the example of the following sweater, it is absolutely clear that he loves funny prints if he has them on his clothing. He wore an emerald green sweater with a fun Homer Simpson print, added a silver chain and emerald green sweatpants with simple white sheets sneakers, completing the look with a pale orange beanie.


Talking about outwear, Jackson’s absolute favorite is the classic bad boy leather jacket. However he doesn't look like a real bad boy and he is the bestest boy we know. But we can't help but notice how cool he looks with earrings in his ears, a simple black tee, silver chain on his neck, that give out this handsome bad boy vibe together with a black leather jacket.

Another type of outerwear shows how free Jackson is in choosing the color of clothing. For example, on his guest appearance on Kelly Clarkson’s show, he wore a bright red bomber jacket that perfectly reckoned with his black t-shirt - again with the Simpsons print - and striped brown pants.



You probably already noticed, but Jackson's favorite type of hats is definitely beanie. And he pairs them perfectly with his casual outfits such as simple oversized t-shirts or a light gray tracksuit. It seems to us and that’s actually a fact - Jackson wears beanies at every opportunity.


Speaking of accessories, Jackson has a similar favorite to his friend’s - BamBam’s one. Jackson also loves transparent glasses with colored lenses, which most often have an orange tint and can be either nerdy or vintage. Therefore, if you want to dress like Jackson, be sure to get yourself these colorful glasses.


It won't come as a surprise to say that classic white sneakers are an essential part of Jackson's wardrobe and go with absolutely any outfit he wears, whether it's a hipster look for a concert or a fashion event.

However, breaking the hearts of all the fans and gluing them back together, we can see Jackson looking perfect in a classic black suit and shiny black shoes like in this photo from the Cartier event that he attended as their ambassador. We think that every self-respecting man should have a pair of formal glossy shoes, and we bet y’all will get your fancy event to put these classic footwear to use.


In general, Jackson is definitely a trendsetter, he follows the freshest fashion straight from his enormous celebrity friend group or straight from the brands themselves, but always stays true to himself. He prefers comfy yet badass hipster looks with simple t-shirts and accessories, but also adds funky glasses, colorgul pieces, or looks simply stunning in classic suits when needed, so we hope our fashion guide has provided inspiration and helped you  learn how to dress like Jackson Wang.


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