Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Jeon Somi

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Jeon Somi

As one of the rising K-pop princesses on the rise, Somi is setting her own looks unique to her 

By Julianne Babaran

Jeon Somi is a soloist who garnered her fame in the early days from competing in survival shows landing her in a prominent position in I.O.I, however shortly after she signed a contract for The Black Label, an associate company of YG Entertainment, and debuted as a soloist. The half-mix singer has come along way from finding her unique sound and way to shine but now she is on the rise coming out with songs filled with an addicting feminine pop explosion. Luckily having such a versatile voice has helped her find her way. With the help of Tiktok and dance challenges, her music has reached and amass a large following by participating in the challenges. 

Her unique visuals are very much influenced from her Western ethnicity, paired with a bubbly and outspoken personality, fans were immediately interested in who she was. Having several awards under her sleeve, she is definitely one to look out for. Somi's style is envy worthy to say the least. You may feel a foreshadowing of a girl crush theme as the star dons different types of outfits not limiting herself to a look.

Nonetheless, we found the elements that can help you get that 'Jeon Somi' look. 

Tops : Midriffs

Long Sleeves Crop Top 

The outspoken star is confident in speaking her mind and wearing whatever she wants. She commonly wears different kinds of midriffs to show of her figure she works hard to maintain. 

Graphic Crop Tee

Midriffs draw a lot of attention, she styles such tops that really accentuates this part of her figure to make it appear as small as possible but in a casual way. Below she does this by wearing a loose crop top with a wide dimension. 

Biker Style Fitted Graphic Long sleeve

On top of midriffs, a full face of baby doll style is essential for the whole look. When doing shows, it's important to show an "idol's look", for this she goes for a bold colors that attract a lot of attention to detail. 

Crop Top with Velvet subtle design 

The best piece of advice in finding midriffs that are similar, are to choose one that make you feel badass. Particularly ones that have a unique detail that flatter you. Darker colors will do half of the work. Below she wore one with a lace detail and wide neck that shows her clavicle. 

Bottoms : Bold pants 

Red Wide Leg Pants 

If wearing a muted top, a pop of color as your bottoms is a unique way to style them. It's related to the emo and early 00's fashion. Here she wears a loose fit red pants when styling sneakers. Following a theme will help you navigate how to build an outfit. 

Pink Straight Leg Pants 

Another example is seen in this way. Colors already give that pop of color, whatever you pair it with make sure to match it with a vibe. Pink bottoms contrast black tops to dress it down, now it becomes obvious the outfit is more casual than formal. 

Slim Fit Jeans 

Slim Fit Mom Jeans 

The star prefers slim fit jeans and it's only fitting. She wears it when wearing tanks or blouses. If she wears jeans, she'll match it with a sleeveless top to show some skin. Jeans are easy to dress up or down, it just depends on your top. 

Boyfriend Jeans in Classic Denim Color 

Exhibit B, pairing jeans with a white top is a staple for that chic outdoor look. Here, she matches a mom slim fit jeans with a crisp white long sleeve blouse. The pair looks so natural and classy against the backdrop, perfectly fitting for a young adult singer. 

Dresses :  Mini Dress

Black Puff Sleeve Mini Dress

A snug fit and short length dress is perfect for any girl and for any occasion. Somi wore a baby doll puff sleeve style dress casually while out and about, the dress is playful, mature and versatile enough, she styled it with a pair of chunky converse for a touch of eccentricity. 

Black Velvet Mini Dress 

Here's a dressier version of it to convert you as an LBD fanatic. She wore the same style dress in a velvet fabric with a more elaborate detail. It was styled with fishnet detail on the neckline and stockings for more dimension. You can dress this style of dress up or down and all you need to add is small details. 

White Layered Mini Dress with Floral design 

An LBD's older sister, a playful white mini dress is also equally trendy. She wore this white ruched eyelet layered dress while strolling around. The star loves to keep her hair down, it almost become part of her look which makes it everything look effortless. 

Green and brown Wavy Printed Midi Dress

If short dresses aren't your thing, you can wear a midi length one. She wore this super trendy printed knit dress with green detail. Green dress paired with the sunglasses and neutral cap was very dressy casual if you wanna dress up. She likes to go bold but also reign it back with accessories.  

Performance Outfits : Sets / Co-ords

Blue School Girl Printed Co-ord 

When doing the 'Dumb Dumb' challenge, this is the outfit most people were styling but we thought these pieces can be broken down and worn separately. For this outfit, she wore a school style checkered set with pearl jewelry and white platform heals with socks.  

Argyle Printed Set 

Farewell outfit for this last promotion but this set is too good to leave in the past. She wore an argyle printed knit set with lapel and lace detail. The set is a mix of classic, girly and playful. These are kinds you can easily wear alone or together and it can pass as casual. 

All Black Ensemble 

In the height of this comeback, she wore this all black ensemble that took us right into the world of her MV. The mismatch fabric added dimension and style, but notice how her hair is pulled up tight to give attention to the outfit. 


Jackets : All of the above 

Oversized Black Blazer 

It was honestly hard to narrow this down but Somi loves all different kinds. She especially loves matching the jackets colorway with her other elements in her outfits like her bags. 

Brown Blazer Jacket 

If you can't match the colors, you can match the texture and it would be even better! Otherwise complimenting colors would look just as good!

Neutral Mixed Fabric Trench Coat 

Here's an example of complimenting colors, we're sure you do this without  even noticing. But finding colors and shades of the same tone make your outfit look like you bought it as an ensemble rather than separately. 

Shoes : Sneakers and Platforms 

Classic high cut Converse 

Being sponsored by Converse, it's no surprise we see the classic pair in all her different outfits. The black high cut style is a classic pair you can match with any type of outfit to give it that hint of edge. 

High Cut Sneakers 

White cloud sneakers give a wider feel rather than an elongating effect. Opt for these when you're doing something outdoors and and are wearing a jeans or any kind of pants, Somi styled it the classic way below. 

Platform Heels / Boots 

High Cut Multi-strap Combat Boots 

A high impact performance needs to be communicated in an outfit from head to toe. Stylists love giving Somi a chucky shoe for a lot of her outfits, they have a platform heel that is more comfortable than other kinds. We suggest low ones if you want to go that grungier look without much pain. 


The soloist has the world as her oyster and a lot of playtime to figure out and further solidify her unique style. If you find this isn't your look, an opposite style can be seen in Actress Bae Suzy, here style guide can be found here. 

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