Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Jeonghan From SEVENTEEN

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Jeonghan From SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEN Jeonghan is a male fashion icon with a laid-back but classy style that makes him stand out.

It comes as no surprise that one of the most attractive male artists also has one of the best fashion styles. As one of the lead vocal members and a member of the well-known Kpop group "SEVENTEEN," there's reason to believe he's something special. Even when he tries not to be, Jeonghan is a natural entertainer, and his charm and talent have all contributed to the success of their fandom empire, Carats. With his towering stature and eccentric personality, you can expect his style to be equally distinctive.

He has a manly fashion style that makes everyone fall for him. The singer is particular about his fashion in that he dresses how he wants, which can be deduced from his outfits as comfort, class, and laid back. A quick Google search reveals that he adores the classic Western vintage look. His style and aura draw the attention of anyone's gaze, and the best part is that anyone can imitate it.

Tops : Loose Button Downs 

Blue Pinstripe Button Down 

Nothing says class and ease like a preppy but relaxed polo shirt. Especially button-down ones. Jeonghan prefers a loose fit because it allows him to be more relaxed and avoids attracting a tight silhouette to his figure; it makes your torso appear larger without much effort.

You can never go wrong with a brown tone button down, the color and fit can easily adapt to many different types of aesthetics with the flexibility of wearing it formally as is or as a cover up button up for a relaxed feel or as a tool for layering, this item captures exactly what it means.



Plain or Patterned Long Sleeves 

With this type of top, he can experiment with any style. On vacation, you'll see him dressed plainly or in a pattern. A long-sleeved one is ideal for the summer months. Choose ones with a less structured and hard fabric for greater comfort.
If we beat you to the button-ups, Jeonghan styled them exactly as shown below. There's not much to say about this type of style and fit; the whole point is to go on vacation with the intention of relaxing, and this style definitely conveys that to others.



Layered Tops

Vest Top 

A vest can be worn to dress up a polo or top. It's the male equivalent of women's cardigan styling. It could go either way. Layering vests and other jackets adds texture and creates a complementary color palette.

This style is more stylish and fits the knit trend, but having it in such a color, it will never go out of style. Consider the following: cottage core meets light academia, aesthetic, fitting, and timeless.




Bottoms : Wide leg pants

White Wide leg Slacks 

What could be more comfortable than a pair of pants? Pants with a wide leg. Jeonghan is almost famous for rocking the loose silhouette in many occasions, such as dance practices, casual wear, and all other non-official events. The style is unusual for most people, but it gives a relaxed and upper-class vibe.




Wide leg pants with pleat detail 

Furthermore, a slack style or a formal fabric dresses it up without being too uncomfortable, which is probably why he likes to wear them. Look how the bottoms don't look out of place despite the fact that it's an official event. Some have a pleated detail on the top that creates a ball design.

Even a hit pairing would look ostentatious, a lighter color gives a classier and lighter look and gives a nice contrast to loud and bold tops if you want the attention to stay there, all while maintaining comfort, find our comfiest pair here.






White Chino Shorts 

These kinds of days are rare to come by but styling so is a sign for a relaxed and humid weather. Wearing a solid color, matching your top and bottoms makes it more cohesive and put together. If your top is tight fit, it might be good to match it with your bottoms as well.




Black Dry fit shorts 

One trick Jeonghan employs to appear well-dressed is to stick to a consistent theme. If you want to keep the look casual, pair it with a casual top. It's best not to mix and match styles too much because it can look sloppy. Furthermore, wearing sunglasses can elevate your look and keep it from looking too casual.




Jackets : Oversize Jackets

The most famous piece of clothing in swag style is oversized jackets. Jeonghan loves to wear them in all different types of occasions. He loves neutral ones in the tones of brown and black for that classic look. Styling such can be dressed down with flip flops, sneakers, or wide legged pants for that casual chic silhouette. 



Pluffy Winter Coat

If this is too formal for your tastes, here's a more casual alternative. A relaxed shoulder and a loose fit will soften and casualize your look. You can maintain the element of class and the overall trench coat vibe without appearing ostentatious.

This item is available in our store. This coat gives us busy and focused young adult vibes; perhaps it's the missing piece to getting your life together.



Hats :  Berets and Caps  

Plain black caps 

Snapbacks and caps are always in style, and he wears them on vacations or while exploring new places. Aside from being a useful tool against the sun, a cap can complete the laid-back look if the outfit is too simple.



Black Mohair hats

Keeping with the theme of individuality, the expensive style is followed in head wear. Jeonghan prefers fitted Mohair hats over other types that are more commonly worn. He makes sure to use it as a minor accent rather than a focal point.



Shoes : Sandals 

Classic loafers 

To pull off a look, you must be comfortable in your own skin. Loafers will set you apart from the crowd, but you can dress them down if necessary. The preppy couple is not limited to formal styles.




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