Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Jimin from BTS

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Jimin from BTS

As the dark horse of the group, Jimin's duality can leave some people confused but his style shows he dresses just like everyone else

By Julianne Babaran

Park Jimin is definitely one to keep in an eye for, as one of the most private member, locals may think he's a reserved, quiet and shy member but real ARMYs know otherwise. This man has a tight grip on many fans heart even though his stans maybe not be loud. As the last member to join the group, that is no means to assume he's the least talented. With a background in contemporary dance, the member brings in his own flare that add to the greatness behind the dances and talent behind BTS' choreography. 

His duality in channeling his dark and light persona is seen in his style as well, with a small frame compared to others, the singer has a distinct style that matches perfectly with his figure. His fit figure can be easily styles as well with tighter and more classic styles. As a performer at heart, it's safe to assume the star likes to dress just like anyone else. He keeps things pretty simple, it becomes an air of fresh breath. He dresses like a typical rock star but things have taken a change, you'll see why.

Don't believe us? Read more to see just how his style is more casual than you may think. 

Tops: Mix of Fit and Loose 

Classic White Button Up Shirt 

The singer loves to cover up, he commonly wears button up long sleeves with slim fit jeans as his go-to style. Solid colored ones are equally timeless and super versatile. There are details that foreshadow the colored pajama style that gives the off the work or off to work style that a lot of city people love. 

White Oversized Pinstripe Button Up 

What the button up never misses to show is the class and formalness that comes with the collar. Jimin wore this for a RUN BTS episode but with the loose fit, it gives a relaxed and laid back feel that's easy on the eyes. 

Powder Blue Semi Turtle Neck Sweater 

Fitted and turtle neck sweaters give a classic vibe that is equally mature and expensive. Having it in powder blue colors is all the rage nowadays and lighter knit is particularly helpful for transitioning or layering accessories. 

This vibe from sweaters like these are hard to find especially in pastel shades which makes them all the more desirable. 

White Turtle Neck Knit Sweater 

We hope you're noticing the simple, fit and classic silhouette Jimin wears regularly. Having a smaller figure, it's better to wear well fitting clothes. But since loose and big fits are also the rage, you can switch no problem. Just make sure to dress appropriately. 

Bottoms : Fitted or Slim Fit 

Semi Wide Leg Jeans with rip detail  

We're still debating if these straight leg or wide leg, we're leaning to wide leg. Jimin wears a healthy balance of slim fit and wide leg but his go-tos are just normal, nowhere like JK where its super oversized. 

Ripped Wide Leg Pants 

These are an example of the wide leg pants working with smaller frames. It's important to find things that won't overpower or eat your entire shape and create disproportion. It's possible to get the same effect if you find the best fit. 

Black Fitted Pants 

The classical dancer looks fully comfortable wearing jazz pants and these might be the closest we get to it. The black slim fit pants are not too fitted and it's most probably a default for any kind of top. 

Jackets : Tweed, Denim and Fur

Blue and White Tweed Blazer

Tweed Blazers a very low key piece that is more common than you might expect. The different fabric from the traditional suit material provides texture, warmth and flow that a patterned fabric may not have. In addition to looking expensive as it's treated more as an accessory and statement piece. 

Structured Two Toned Denim Jacket 

Denim jackets are a staple if you live in climates with differing weathers. They're a great final layer without being too too warm if you know what we mean. The color is also easy to style and should go with anything you have underneath. The fit is snug enough without looking slouchy and lazy. 

Black and White Feather Sweater 

Fur sweaters or pullovers give a vibe that your typical hoodie can never.  Two toned or any design looks a lot cuter, more relaxed and youthful. Looking high class is easy as the fabric does all the work, details with color and design for a mature feel is easy to capture. See example below. 

If you catch our drift and think this piece can work for you, don't hesitate to find out for yourself. 

Wool Jackets 

If you're not keen on fur by some reason, wool could be the one for you. Wool would provide a lot more warmth with just this one layer. We can imagine Jimin needing that with the blasting AC in RUN BTS episodes. 

If green is too out there, black the next obvious choice it's a laid back piece. 

Shoes : Sneakers and Leather shoes 

Converse Sneakers 

Converses very common in Korea, no one double takes them. Stylists or Jimin himself wears them often for shoots, and other material with varying colors. You'll see them mostly for editorial stuff. 

White Chunky Shoes  

These pair are for those who value comfort and practicality over style. There a great alternative to sneakers as they're equally stylish but aren't cumbersome to walk in. 

Dance Shoes  

Apart from when he's actually dancing, the star likes to wear dance shoes casually too. We trust you're familiar with his all back ensemble in the airport where he rocks the pair more so than his other members. 



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