Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Kim Jisoo from BLACKPINK

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Kim Jisoo from BLACKPINK

Our best Korean Fashion Girl, Jisoo is the favorite for many luxury brands, let's explore the elements behind the envy worthy image 

By: Julianne Babaran 

As the mischievous one of the band, Jisoo's deep voice, playful character and stunning visuals is more than enough to catch anyone's attention. As part of the superstardom world, it's only fitting they are dressed by only the best of the best. Having a petite but shapely body, it seems anything can fit the star like a glove. But if you look closer, it's all about finding the best proportions and shapes that fit. You may also notice, the oldest member to be the most conservative of the four in terms of casual style, despite travelling around just as much as the others. 

There's no denying the elegance and class that comes with Jisoo's style, it's worth emulating to try and imbibe the same aura. It might be easier to think she's just blessed with good proportions but looking deeper into the kind of styles and shapes she wears often can help better widen your understanding. While on the topic we'd like to stress conservative is not the same as boring, not showing as much skin can be just a refreshing as bearing it all out. Let's look into how she does it to see how you can incorporate it to your own style. 

But for now, we'll let the outfits and style elements do the talking. 

Tops : Layered Long sleeves 

Small gray vest 

In a more fashionable way to be warm, matching long sleeves with vests is a great way to elevate a look. Using a cropped vest like this accentuates your shape and adds elements to a plain top to elevate it. 

Oversized Vest for layering 

We've included this outfit in our article for Jisoo's top 10 outfits this year. But in contrast to the previous look, an oversized way to style it also works. It makes it more relax while still looking put together, not to mention it's perfect for cooler weather. 

Crop Cardigans and Matching Tops

Colored crop sweaters 

Another staple is to have colored crop cardigans and sweaters paired with wide leg pants. Having colored sweaters bring a pop of color other people would normally not wear. If it's cable knit and in a simple but timeless style, all the better! 

Bottoms : Dark wash jeans 

High waist dark wash jeans 

Do you notice that dark wash jeans give a more dressier and formal feel? Dark wash jeans are much easier to dress up, here Jisoo wears it casually but it still keeps a nice charm and is much easier on eye. 

Dark wash ripped jeans 

Here's another way to style them. Notice how the dark wash give a nice contrast to your tops? It doesn't overpower them, in sunnier and darker days, dark wash jeans matches with anything. Would you have noticed the top is Dior? 

Black skinny jeans 

Skinny jeans, as much as some despise it, are also ubiquitous and stylish. Especially in black, it will never go out of place even against fancy backdrops such as these. Also peep the matching cardigan top we mentioned earlier. 


Basic black mini skirt 

Fact, you think Jisoo wears a lot of skirts but she actually doesn't as much anymore. She wears this black mini skirt that we think every girl should have as it can go with anything. If it matches this tee, it will most likely match other blouses as well. 

Basic black mini skirt

Another example can be styled in this way. Apart from looking stunning, we love how she balanced the look with a long sleeve top. Mix matching revealing and conservative is great because you can adapt to any kind of weather. Classy act as always for not exposing too much. 

Dresses : A-line

Black A-line dress from Snowdrop premiere 

You may notice, stylists love giving Jisoo a short dress or those with A-line silhouettes. This one for example accentuates her figure with just enough poof at the bottom. It's not always about the extravagance, but finding the best fit or shape for your body. 

Gray fit and flare checkered dress

Here's another example of a peplum style dress but with a simpler shape. Notice how it fits her in all the right places. The dress is not too short, notice also she pairs it with an inner layer so as to not reveal too much.

This fit and flare with inner lining is the perfect elegant style that suits any girl. The conservative yet playful style is timeless. The simple fit and small flare style is chic and the contrast of gray color can fit any color.  

Mini dress

Black fitted mini dress 

Wearing mini dresses with a tight fit is a rare occasion but as you can see, you have no reason not to! Mini dresses like this is super smart because they can be casual but can also be dressed up with blazer or heels. Having in black is also timeless as it will focus more on fit rather than any other unnecessary detail. 

Jackets : Fur Jackets

Beige fur coat 

Fur jackets, she simply loves them even from way back like this photo. Its a cheat item to look super young and youthful and no one can judge because it serves a warmth accessory.

Cheetah print coat 

We don't discriminate against types of fur, this cheetah printed one is a staple pattern, it's both mature and playful. If you love wearing neutrals, having bold and playful pieces like these give break to the monotonous palette. 

Oversized Jacket

Oversized waist length jacket 

Another one you can try that would look good on anyone and anything is this oversized jacket. She styled it here with a dress and it almost looks like a set. It can be the perfect match to a dress or romper or co-ord set because of the similar length.

Hats : Caps 

Black caps 

Caps are a no brainer accessory for the sporty girl look. Here she styles it with her hair back for an ever cleaner look. Having your hair tied back can lessen any hassle that may be in the way for any activity. 

Bold colored cap 

If it's awkward for you to wear it causally, you can wear it on rare occasions if you need a subtle way to match an accessory like your bag. See how Jisoo styled it below. 

Shoes : Black Low cut Boots 

Black low cut boots 

As a super care-free girl, its no surprise she would choose a comfortable pair of walking shoes to explore in. On off days and times, she rocks these shoes with all different types of outfits. 

Black combat boots 

You might not notice it but these pair go so well with an oversized cardigan. It was a staple look that deserves a comeback.

Chunky Rubber Shoes

Chunky sneakers 

Not necessarily sneakers and not necessarily dad shoes, Jisoo loves chunky shoes for off days, they can be perfect for strolling without compromising comfort. Any pair will of this style will do, and it doesn't have to come from Dior, who can even tell these days? 


We think this pretty much covers it, we wouldn't leave you hanging with just this tho. Shop her closet if something caught your eye. You might want to see Rosé 's Lisa or Jennie's guide if you've got the time.

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