Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Jiwoo From KARD

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Jiwoo From KARD

Jiwoo's unique fashion sense is easy to emulate but definitely stylish.

Jiwoo is a multifaceted idol who doesn't only knows how to sing, rap, and dance, but also do great in modeling. At present, she represent the R in KARD which a black joker. Aside from that, she's also the maknae, main dancer, lead vocalist, and rapper. But beside from her talent, she also do great in playing her fashion game as she knows how to pull a simple fit and make it stylish as ever.


White Shirt With Flower Print

Her white shirt embellished with minimalist blue flower print may look simple, but as you swipe right you'll notice how she elevate it by wearing a stylish ripped jeans paired with white stiletto shoes. Thus, achieving a chic look.


Crop Top with Heart Cut-out

Jiwoo would make you fall in love in her chic look which consist of a heart cut out maroon crop top paired with a denim jeans. She also pulled a messy ben for unpretentious look.


Black Lace Crop Top

Jiwoo topped off her bralette with this black lace crop top which is also see-through that helped unveil her sexy aura. But she added a dose of edginess by pairing it with a teal cotton men's shorts.



Pink Asymmetrical Skirt

Below, Jiwoo went all-feminine by opting for girly shades like pink. Here, she paired her hot pink top with a baby pink asymmetrical skirt for a perfect balance in her very feminine style.


Black Shorts

In her iconic style below, she paired her fur jacket with a shorts to create a contrasting texture but still looking lit and sexy.


Denim Ripped Jeans

In her Parisian chic look combined with street style, she pulled a denim ripped jeans to make it more stylish.




As a quintessential piece, Jiwoo also has an LBD where he strut like a model as she layered it with a camouflage jacket in her post below, creating a chic and swag look.


Polka Dots Midi Dress with Lace Hemline

In her photoshoot below, she strut like a girl-next-door as she wears a polka dots midi dress with lace hemline and layered it with a coat for more volume and additional details.


Chiffon Midi Dress

Below she pulled a 90s look as she wears this beige chiffon dress that looks vintage and classic.



Cropped Leather Jacket

As she represent the black joker in KARD, she pulled a badass style to show that. Here, she topped off her fitted inner top with a cropped leather jacket that added a cool touch.


Rainbow Fur Jacket

Meanwhile, below she completed her luxurious kitty look by pulling off this rainbow fur jacket.


Knitted Button Down Blazer

But in this photo she combined a lavish feels with chic style as she wears this knitted button down blazer that has fur embellishments, and paired it with plaid green inner top and short denim base.



Supreme Beanie

Jiwoo completed her bad boy style with a purple beanie from Supreme that easily added a swag touch.


Baseball Cap

A rockstar print on her baseball cap definitely speaks for her. Here, she  pulled a neutral palette boyish style and spice it up with a light gray baseball cap.


Black Beret Hat

A beret is essential in pulling a Parisian chic style, and Jiwoo wore one to give us a glimpse of how it do magic in elevating a look.



White Chunky Sneakers

A bad ass look deserves a bad ass shoes, and here, Jiwoo chose an Adidas chunky sneakers that also gave her an extra height while making her stylish.


Black Booties

Jiwoo created a perfect balance in her cream and white ensemble by opting for neutral shade of black as her shoes and for a chicer touch, she chose a pair of booties.


Knee-High Snake Print Booties

In her lavish outfit, she chose a knee-high snake print boots to spice it up and make it even hotter to look at.



Black Shield Sunglasses

This outfit was already featured above, but in spicing up her chic look, she pulled a black shield glasses which turned the look iconic.


Wayfarer Sunglasses

Since Jiwoo is in Paris, it's only right to wear a Parisian outfit. Below, she embellished her black tweed dress with a layered necklace and a scarf. Also, she added a wayfarer glasses for extra style while protecting her eyes from the hot rays of sun.


Meanwhile, below she had wore this wayfarer sunglasses again, however she sported a different look in a more unpretentious way as she paired it wit nher gym outfit - a shirt and a fitted gym shorts.


It's not easy to emulate one of Jiwoo's outfit in your daily look, you just have to pull one with confidence.

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