Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Junhui From SEVENTEEN

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Junhui From SEVENTEEN



Together with his handsome face SEVENTEEN Junhui is something good at dressing himself to rock your world.


SEVENTEEN Junhui never failed us to show his angelic face with different outfits he has. Junhui has had adorable visuals since he was a child. However, as time passed, his appearance began to mature. Nonetheless, he retains that adorable aura. In addition, Junhui knows how to play the fashion game. When he wanted, he could pull off a cute, sexy, mature, sleek, handsome, or any other look. UnnieLooks gathered some of his looks to help you dress like him.



To say Junhui knows how to play the fashion game is an understatement. As a result, let these photos of him speak for themselves.

White Shirt And A Jogger Pants

Junhui began with a casual look, pairing his white shirt with gray jogger pants. He's more relaxed in this photo, and he's also flexing his biceps.



Black Graphic Anime Tee

Well as one of the trend right now, a pair of black anime graphic tee is perfect combo for your light toned trouser like Junhui has.



Black Muscle Tee

Well Junhui is always hot in every outfits he had, On his Instagram post Junhui shared a post of himself wearing a black muscle tee as one of his MV outfits.




Light-washed Denim Pants

Well having light-washed denim pants is one of the advantages in styling your outfit of the day. it can be paired with any color top you have like Junhui. 




Ripped Jeans

You really can not achieve that Kpop look without having a single ripped jeans in your closet. This denim ripped jeans of Junhui is perfect to make your outfit look more cool effortlessly.



Black Trouser

We all agree that wearing a trouser will give you a manly looking vibe like Junhui in his Instagram post.





A late-night fashion show would be incomplete without a dazzling black coat; it's the most accessible garment you could own, especially if you want to look cool and fashionable in the middle of the night.



Pastel Color Pullover

If you want to look cute and adorable like Junhui in his Instagram post why not try to have his kind of pullover also?



Pastel Color Pullover

Hooded jackets should be added to your list because Junhui appears to prefer wearing his hooded jacket when going out or chilling at their house. To be honest, no one can resist a hooded jacket because the comfort factor is endless.



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