Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Kun from NCT

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Kun from NCT



The leader of WayV and the main vocalist of NCT U and WayV, NCT member Kun show off his perfect styles that you will definitely love!


Well NCT Kun always amaze us not by just his talent but also with his amazing visual and aura. Serving us his boyfriend material vibe, Kun always make us fall in love wit him every day together with his fine looking outfits. Among al NCT members Kun is one of the best fashion icon when it comes o having such a pleasant and neat outfit that is why many fans wanted to dress up like him too.

With no further a do let us talk and take ideas about his outfits. Well of course UnnieLooks will help you on how to dress up like NCT member Kun.



Plain White Shirt

Nothing can beat white shirts, it will always one of the best outfit that we have in our closet.


Tropical Print Polo Shirt

Perfect for your summer vacation outfit. This kind of polo shirt is one of the most recommendable polo that you must have on your beach trips.



Oversized Black Button Down Polo Shirt

When it comes to swagness, Oversized polo shirt is always present. Kun is wearing an oversized black polo shirt and partnered it with his denim pants and sunglasses and also sneaker.




Black Cargo pants

Cargo pants will always present in Kun's closet. It is perfect to be paired with your oversized shirts like NCT Kun. 



Wide Legged Denim Pants

Well aside from the cool vibe that wide legged pants gives it is also very comfortable to wear. It is perfect partnered with your oversized hoodie or shirt like Kun did.



Black Fitted Pants

Well the supremacy of fitted black pants is on another level. The aesthetic looking of Kun while wearing this combo outfit is such an ideal.




Denim Jacket

Speaking of convenient denim jackets are so easy to style and use, also the vibe it gives is in another level of coolness. 



Black Bomber Jacket

In Kun's outfit in his Instagram post he looks like a college student in his style. The highlight of his outfit is his black bomber jacket that really makes him look so cool and aesthetic.



Black Zipper Jacket

Well another black zipper jacket from Kun. This will be always our outfit saver if we don't want to dress up to much for our trips like Kun did.


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