Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Kwon Yuri From SNSD

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Kwon Yuri From SNSD

Girls Generation Yuri is a Black Pearl household name in the industry

By Julianne Babaran

Yuri is yet another SNSD member with an impressive list of achievements especially in areas of music, filmography, television. Not to mention the honorable Baeksang Art Awards she's won. She's dappled into acting appearing and starring in multiple K-dramas as well as a handful of Variety Shows. The lead dancer is also by no surprise the most athletic member of the bunch. 

With her given name meaning 'Glass', the stars' chic and easy going style is relatable and attainable for the average woman. Her style is the epitome of the 'girl next door' in the industry except her style is easy replicable and most practical out of members seemingly more elaborate style. There's no doubt she's got something for everyone. 

Read more to see just how relatable her style is. 

Tops : Graphic Text Tee, Printed Sweaters, Outdoor Long Sleeves

Green Text Tee

Sometimes dressed down days are the best days to show off a truly effortless side of your style. Here Yuri paired a beige tone top with a similar colored pants to create a cohesive singe color effect complimented with pastel green sneakers. The similar tones makes the outfit look straight out of a magazine because the colors and tones fit so well. 

Yellow Graphic Tee

The sporty and mischievous member looks like a natural with simple outfits. She matched a bright yellow tee graphic with an equally bright yellow cardigan, belt and jeans. If the outfit is fairly simple, wearing a bold item to match the colors somewhere else on your outfit will compliment it and make it more cohesive. 

Leopard Print Sweater 

With Yuri, its back to basics with styling printed sweaters. She matched hers with light wash skinny jeans and chunky platform sneakers and simple silver accessories. The basic and simple combination is stylish and timeless, especially when seen in casual wear. 

Printed Sweaters for Golfing 

Golf is big in Korea and instead of opting for basic and muted colors, Yuri goes for a mix of print and solid colors. She posed in a series of printed sweaters with plain bottoms and high knee socks. Sometimes to stand out, you need to go a different way in totality. 

Yellow Print Windbreaker

You can't take out the adventurous out the girl, and this is exhibit A. Yuri's feed is sprinkled of her outdoor activities in which she truly dresses the occasion in fashion. Out for a hike on the photo, she wore a yellow printed windbreaker, dry fit pants, UV wide hat and reflective sunnies. This is the epitome of prepared in style. Outdoors is not an excuse to not dress well!

Teal Long Sleeve

Glasses, UV hat and Scarf. Who ever said layering is not applicable to hiking activities is seriously wrong. Yuri styles a more plain and simple outfit but still keeps important elements together to protect her from the sun and also the high altitude. 

Jackets : Hoodies, Colored Puffer Coats, Blazers 

Gray Hoodie with Blazer Match 

Yuri truly dresses for the weather and her errands accordingly. In this monochromatic outfit, she wears a gray oversized hoodie with a trench blazer jacket, slim fit jeans, sneakers and a beanie. The ultimate boyfriend look, that is equally stylish and comfortable. 

Gray Unisex Set 

Off days can be stylish as well, just look at Yuri. She wore this matching gray sweats with an equally earthy toned hat and mask with gray sneakers complimenting the colors of her ensemble. Her low pony ties the whole lowkey look all together. 

All Beige Puffer Look

Another serve looking like its straight out of a runway. Yuri styles the long cream white puffer jacket with different beige tones for her top, pants and shoes and topping it off with a colored green beanie. The style is simply captivating. 

Shiny Finish Green Puffer 

Relatable and easy to find colors in her casual outfits are very much appreciated. In a series of poses with her dog, she styled this military green puffer jacket with a hoodie, oversized wide leg khaki colored pants and sneakers, talk about feeling warm in style. 

Black Blazer Staple 

This piece is very common and is staple, its almost a uniform for most adult girls. Yuri wore hers while posing with some products from SM Ent. She gave a clean girl look with this blazer, white top and simple gold jewelry and to tie it all together with her hair pony. 

Gray and White Blazer

This monochrome look might be the adult version of the school girl vibe, she matched a white button up with a gray and white blazer and block pleated midi skirt, low cut shoes and black crew socks. 

Bottoms : Wide Leg, Midi Skirts 

Denim Low Rise Baggy Pants 

In a pop and dancer like attire, Yuri wears a midriff tank sleeve top with baggy pants and sneakers. Her go-to way to pair sneakers with pants and tie her hair up, these small details make everything look so put together.  

Wide Leg Ripped Jeans 

Posing with her soul sister, Yuri wears a casual fit with an oversized tee, wide leg ripped jeans, color complimenting sneakers and cap. The outfit calls for a busy day shooting in the rural areas, with a long day ahead. 

All Gray Pleated Skirt 

This all gray toned outfit screams color cohesive queen. She paired the cold looking pleated skirt with a gray top and tweed fabric coat. It adds dimensions and ties the whole outfit together creating an A-line shape. 

Printed Midi Skirt 

This is no doubt the most colorful and bold outfit on this list! Yuri knows what she's doing with color though, to let the print of the skirt shine, she just used a similar color and solid colored pieces to accent the whole look. 




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