Stunning Liz HD Photo from IVE's 'Eleven' Debut Stage. Photo Credits to: SBS

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Liz From IVE

Photo credits: SBS

The lead vocalist of IVE, Kim Ji Won (김지원) A.K.A Liz set the trend for doll-like fashion that smoothly accentuate her prominent and glowing visuals.

Besides having a golden voice that is surely a music to everyone’s ears, Kim Ji Won, now known as Liz gains massive attention for having uncanny resemblance with BLACKPINK’s Lisa. Most fans thought of Lisa when seeing Liz due to their hairstyle similarities, primarily the iconic flat bangs. Hence, they can’t help but to compare the two ravishing ladies. However, some didn’t agree as according to them, Liz and Lisa has their own unique visuals and that they shouldn’t be compared. Truly enough, as Liz’s visuals is now being recognized by many when she made her debut as model in a certain advertising company. Thus, breaks the controversy in matters of their group, IVE having a bias approach.

Given that, her doll-like beauty was even more discovered and revealed after signing with this company. Soon, her shoots were uploaded online, gathering many compliments about her prominent features such as having admirable body and head-turning charisma. Meanwhile, her fashion style helps show-off these ethereal features, making her look like a real-life doll.

But, even without having the same features, you could still dress like Liz and reveal the glam that has been hiding within. This article would help you doll up like Liz to reflect and slay any fashion trends.


Layered Oversized Long Sleeve Polo

If you are into K-fashion, probably you're already aware that oversized polo is definitely in vogue because they are easy to style and match with any bottoms, may it be a skirt, shorts, or jeans. Most importantly, these type of tops helps you look stylish perfectly during lazy days. Meanwhile, Liz loves to wear embellished OL to achieve that kawaii (cute) vibe. Here, she wears a plaid white and black long sleeve embellished a big black bow on the collar. To make it look fitted, she tucked it under her skirt, achieving a doll-like vibes which you often see in the outfit of some girl anime.


Plain and Neutral Shade Long Sleeve Oversized Polo for a Casual but Neat Look

However, if you're into simpler type yet keeps the casual and clean look, opting for plain long sleeves is ideal. In addition, choosing for neutral shades give a more polished and neater look. For instance, Liz wears a cream shade oversized long-sleeves which she paired with a black jeans, creating a casual look with a cozy feel.


Green Hollow Knitted Sweater Crop Top for a Chic yet Cozy Style

Combining comfort and style with a touch of sassiness in one never goes wrong with knitted cropped sweaters. In the photo below, Liz styles her green hollow knitted sweater with a black tube inside to add a touch of coolness, and paired it with a plaid wide leg pants, creating a chic look that flatters her charismatic visuals. This kind of knitted tops are great to pair with any bottoms, and you can find this particular type here.



Black Pleated Miniskirt

Miniskirts already existed since then but, nowadays they are good go-to bottoms to match with any tops. However, pleated types has rare silhouette that looks more stylish and aren't just used as uniforms on school today. For instance, Liz wear a black pleated miniskirt that has a great resemblance with some school uniforms, which she also paired with white long sleeve and a necktie, creating a school fashion look. Also, creating a school styled look is now one of the most current fashion trends.


Pleated Miniskirt goes well with Knitted Tops

Meanwhile, in this photo, Liz wears a radiant dawn shade miniskirt which she pairs with a white cropped knitted sweater, creating a soft chic look that reveals her cute charm.


Black Leather Trumpet Miniskirt

Trumpet type of miniskirt are good for both casual yet chic style, and formal look. If opting for a casual but still keeps that chic vibe, topping them with a tube or crop top is ideal. For instance, Liz topped hers with a white crop top which she layered with a plaid coat and combat boots with high socks, creating a chic ensemble. Meanwhile, if you're opting for the formal type, mix and matching formal tops and layering will do magic. Above all, is it essential to wear fitted mini or cycling shorts underneath the skirt to avoid feeling risqué.



Button Down White Coat for Layering Formal Tops

Coats are very popular in matters of formal attire. They add more style while at the same time gives one a warmth. Here, Liz wears a white tweed button down coat, giving her a cute but elegant look. This type of coat is suited for business meetings which you can check out on Unnielooks.


Fit and Flare Long Dress for a more Sophisticated yet Formal Look

But, if opting for a more feminine side, dresses are good choices whether you're attending a meeting, party, or prom. In the photo below, Liz is in the middle, being the center of attraction. Obviously, the shade of black helps provide more spotlight to her. Basically, she wears a fit and flare dress and embellish her whole look with gold accessories, revealing her expensive aura.



Black and White Coordinates

In this photo, Liz's stylist show off her doll-like beauty by dressing her with only two shades of color– black and white– to create a perfect balance. Liz wears a white tube layered with a black cropped blazer to emphasize her slim frame. Then, her stylist paired it with an A-line skirt embellished with alternate diagonal black and white, adding more style to the overall look. To preserve her doll-like charm, she wears a black bow head accessory, adding a more cute charm to the sexy and chic look of her.


Black Leather Variation of Miniskirt

Meanwhile, in this photo, she brought Barbie in real life by wearing a black leather pleated miniskirt that shines when strike by a light, which is good in dancing as it gives you more attention. Meanwhile, her dark violet sleeveless short top embellished with glitters on collar and a bow, added a touch of sassiness. Also, the colors of her clothes flaunts her porcelain skin more.


Fitted Shorts are Great Alternative for Miniskirts 

However, if you're not a fan of miniskirts, opting for fitted shorts is great when dancing as it provides more details to your legs, highlighting your dance moves more. Here, Liz had worn a fitted short top with puff sleeves, and obviously they adjusted the other sleeve to emphasize her angular shoulders. Then, she paired it with a fitted black leather shorts which help elongate her legs more. Meanwhile, the fishnet stockings added a touch of sexiness, and overall, revealing her hot aura.



A-Line Black Dress

Liz easily shows off her doll-like visuals by wearing any type of dresses as these flatter her almost perfect proportion frame. On the first photo, she slayed a mini A-line dress that flatters her fit frame, creating a chic yet casual look.


Trapeze Dress: Underrated but Sophisticated

If you're worrying for not having the same body frame as Liz, trapeze dress could take that anxiety away. This type of dress works well for any body type and gives every lady a sexy look without needing to have nor emphasize a thin waistline. Here, Liz looks like a real life Barbie by wearing a sleeveless trapeze dress, which helps show off her angular shoulder. Although the dress looks simple, it surely gave a touch of sophistication especially when she had paired it with a high cut boots.


Lolita Dress to Easily Achieve that Doll-like Look

Surely, lolita dress is not for everyone, but if you want to be playful and easily look like a doll, you may want to consider them. In this photo, Liz easily show off her doll-like beauty by wearing a white lolita dress embellished with plaid pastel green and white on top, giving a kawaii (cute) vibes and Victorian style.



Light Gray Oversized Jacket

If you have a sharp eyes, you'll notice that most of the time Liz loves to look cozy when she's not performing or just having a me-time. With that, she often wears knitted sweaters or oversized jacket which keeps her comfy yet stylish. In this video, she wears an oversized gray jacket with a small print, which she matched with jeans to look cozy but cute.


Knitted Oversized Jacket 

Meanwhile, knitted version also do the same function. They make you comfortable, and they look cute when match with miniskirt. Hence, instantly creating a soft-girl look. The only difference lies on the fabric, knitted ones feels softer just like what Liz wears on the picture below.


V-Neck Knitted Sweater

Besides creating a cozy style out of these staples, they can also help create a chic look but still keeping the comfort alive. V-neck types work best in achieving that look because they make your face more angular especially if you have a plumper cheeks like Liz, and you can find this exact piece here.



Silver Curb Chain Necklace

Jewelries are one of type of accessories that contributes to any outfit. These either adds sparks or just simply compliment your look a little more. If you're a Liz biased, you probably never missed seeing her outfit being embellished with various types of necklace. For instance, the photo below shows a silver curb chain which flatters her neckline more.


Multi-layered Necklaces

Elevating your outfit is just a piece of cake when you use multi-layered necklace which Liz surely loves, as you can see her often wearing this type on most of her outfit, especially her dance attire. Here, Liz wore a three layered necklace with various size. The golden rollo being the largest; the curb being the average size; and the half brass curb, half brass cable embellished with a heart being the smallest. Thus, creating an iconic but chic look.


Necklace with a Diamond Pendant

However, if you want to look classy and lavish, opting for one-layered necklace with a diamond pendant is perfect. Moreover, they are also great types when going for out a date to look classy. In this photo, Liz wears her silver necklace with a big diamond pendant which gives her a luxurious look.



White Sneakers

Sneakers are surely everyone's go-to, especially the white ones for they are easy to style and this shade match well with any outfit. Whenever Liz is out of stage, she likes to wear them for a simple and casual look.


Black Leather Shoes are Classic

Leather shoes are not just for work or school. Nowadays, they are use in fashion to create a unique but classic look. Surely, experimenting these with different styles made their way to be in vogue. Liz, in particular, loves to wear these type on either during her performance or photoshoots just like in the photo below. Obviously, they smoothly elevated her overall fit, creating a classy but chic look.


Meanwhile, on this photo she had worn them for her performance as they are comfortable than boots or heels, giving her a relief and iconic style. As seen on the photo, she wears a high-socks which created a illusion as if she was wearing a boots.



Sunglasses are not Liz's thing and you wouldn't see her wearing more of these because she always flaunt her gorgeous eyes. However, she once wore a retro oval sunglasses flashed on the video below which gives a vintage vibe. This type of glasses are ideal when you're creating a classic fashion statement.


The published photo below on the other hand, shows Liz wearing a heart-shaped color gradient sunglasses, creating a cute and aesthetic look. Also, this type of glasses are good for adding more style to elevate your look, and are good for creating an iconic style.

Photo credits: Kim via Pinterest

Whether you have a doll-like features like Liz or not, surely you can still doll yourself up by following this guide to dress like her, and reveal that cute charm. However, if you're into a more chic look, check out Yujin's, Leeseo's and Wonyoung's article to have some idea. Also, you may take time reading Rei's and Gaeul's article to learn more fashion styles.

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