Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Lucas from NCT

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Lucas from NCT


Heads up as NCT Lucas rock your world with his amazing charisma and fashion outfits!


NCT Lucas is a member of the boy band from South Korea, NCT. The group was created by SM Entertainment in 2016 and is made up of numerous sub-units with locations all around the world. The NCT Dream sub-unit member Lucas, whose real name is Wong Yuk-Hei, was born in Hong Kong. He is a vocalist and rapper in the group and is renowned for his attractive appearance and endearing attitude.

Aside from having such great talent and charismatic beauty, NCT Lucas is popularly known as a fashion icon also. With his soft and cute face, Lucas dresses so cool and swag, a total opposite of his appearance right? His swagness in his outfits really surprised us. 

And because of that, many fans wanted to dress like him so this blog will help you on how to dress up like NCT member, Lucas.



Black Pullover

Black pullovers never failed us to look good while wearing it. A black shirt can be style up in many different ways, depending on the occasion and your own style like NCT Lucas.  Pullovers are in trend right now especially for Korean idols, see more pullovers here.



Black Long Sleeves

Well black long sleeves will always a good choice if you wanna look good with your night casual occasion like NCT Lucas. Long sleeves are one of the best top that we can recommend to you if you really wanna dress up like a kpop idol, as you notice they usually wear this kind of tops because it really makes them look good and a material looking also. 

As for Lucas, long sleeves is his major top option of all of hos outfits. Long sleeves makes him look hot and casual. See more for more Korean long sleeves inspired here.



Checkered Black Polo Shirt & White Shirt

On his Instagram post, Lucas shared a photo of himself wearing a black checkered and white shirt that is such a perfect combo for your casual and pop outfit. This kind of combination outfit usually seen mostly in Korean casual events, the simplicity and amazing combination of plain shirt and checkered polo shirt will forever one of the best outfit that everyone has. 

It is more like giving you a light vibe and will totally make you feel like you are like those character in Korean dramas, because they are mostly like wearing this kind of outfit too. See more checkered polo shirts here. See more white shirts here.




Fitted Denim Pants

As always fitted denim pants will be always in our closets like NCT Lucas, well denim pans is easy to wear and to be partnered with any other outfit you have. Denim pants are always present in every closet of our favorite Kpop idols like NCT Lucas. The stylish or fashionable style it gives really made the outfit look so cool. 

If you want to dress simple yet still have the cool vibe try to partnered your fitted denim pants in any shirt you have but try to pair with your white shirt. This will be a perfect combo outfit. See more fitted denim pants here.


Fitted Black Leather Pants

Well if you want to have a rock star and retro style this one is for you. this leather pants look so expensive and nice right? As you always notice fitted black leather pants are always present to other male Korean artists. The supremacy of this pant really satisfied us.

The quality and even the appearance totally convince you to wear this kind of pants too. It is perfect to partnered in any top you have but it is more better o partnered it with a white plain shirt and black belt, In this case you will have that Korean idol outfit vibe. See more fitted leather pants here.



White Chino Pants

Wanna look expensive and fancy at the same time? Well try to wear this white chino pants, it can be partnered to your formal or even casual other outfits you have. 

Chino pants are also he most recommended pants that you should have. it is a kind of pants that surely gives you a lightweight feeling, it is also really comfortable to wear and at the same time it is fashionable for your casual or even formal attires. See more chino pants here




Leather Jacket

Well as always expected, Lucas loves leather jackets to be part of his fashion outfit. Leather jackets are perfect to be paired to shirts and fitted denim pants.

Leather jackets are always with the fashion industry for years and it is till in trend these days. Having this jacket as part of your outfit will totally make you perfect and fashionable as you are. K-pop idols like Lucas are used to wear this jacket because it gives more swag and a hip-hop vibe. Leather jackets are perfect to be paired with white shirts or any available shirts you have. See more leather jackets here.


Graphic Denim Jacket

Colorful jackets are always the one who gives excitement for your outfit. This kind of denim jacket is perfect for Instagram posts and even fun and exciting events you have.

Some think that colorful and over styled denim jackets are too much, but it is not. If you really wanna look fashionable and outstanding among others you should try wearing this too. The fun aura it gives totally makes you a fashion enthusiast like NCT Lucas. See more Graphic denim jackets here.



Simple Black trench coat 

Trench coats are the most well-known item of clothing in the vintage fashion. Lucas enjoys wearing them for a variety of events. He prefers muted pieces in shades of brown and black for their timeless appearance.

Trench coats are made to warm your body with the touch of fashion style also. Many Koreans are so hooked wearing and styling trench coats too. As you notice most of them used to wear neutral colors. The simplicity of every trench coats they have makes them look more casual and fashion smart too. See more trench coats here.

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