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Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Luda From WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

Photo credits: @_Sostenuto

Luda never fails to let her fashion styles speak for herself

Lee Lu Da (이루다), who's also called by her nick name Lu-dak is one of the vocalist and rapper of WJSN or Cosmic Girls, as well as a member of its sub-unit Natural. Soon, she once again became a member of WJSN's another subunit, Chocome. But, this time she managed to get the position of being a leader aside from being a vocalist too. Moreover, Luda revealed that she thinks of herself as the sexiest in the group, and no one could probably argue with that, as she really is. In addition, she let her outfit speaks for that fact.

Hence, today we'll be taking a look of her various outfits to see how she accentuate her sexy visuals and figure, as well as how she let her fashion game speaks for herself.


Strapless or Tube Crop Top

Tube top or strapless crop top are good for layering. But, they also look great when worn alone as they easily provide one a sexy aura and Y2K vibes. Luda, in particular achieved a chic Y2K style with a modern twist by wearing a heart printed white strapless crop top paired with a loose jogger pants and a white sneakers, creating a perfect balance.


Spaghetti Strap Angel Print Crop Top

Angel prints staples are now in vogue as they are vintage and stylish. Surely, you could sojourn back to the past when wearing them as the printed angels can be trace back in baroque era. Here, Luda wears a white spaghetti strap angel print crop top which and looked stylish chic without trying too hard. She also layered it with a black blazer to add more details. Also, layering these kind of staples is ideal to prevent feeling risqué when wearing them.


Ribbon Strap Crop Top

Tops with ribbon straps are very feminine. Hence, by just wearing them as your top, you could easily add a feminine touch to your overall fit. For instance, Luda wears a wide leg denim base and paired it with a ribbon strap crop, preventing the feminine touch to be overpowered. Also, the shade of white made the look more polished.



Brown Wide Leg Pants

No one would argue that wide leg pants are stylish which is why they’re in vogue. You can mix and match them with any top and still look good. Luda creates a dainty chic style by pairing her brown wide leg pants with a white puff sleeve top. Also, she chose a bag with the shades of white and brown to create a perfect balance in her overall style.


Denim Wide Leg Pants

Meanwhile in this photo Luda combines three fashion styles in one. First, she had worn a denim wide leg pants that shouts for Y2K fashion. Then, she paired it with a white blazer which speaks for a modern twist and cozy style. Finally, she pulled a baseball cap to give it a sporty vibes. You see, wide leg pants are very versatile, and can pull off many styles in one look.


Stripe Wide Leg Pants

But, if you want to elevate your fashion game, opting for plaid or stripes wide leg pants are good choices. However, they must be paired with plain top to maintain a balance in your fit just like how Luda styled hers. These type of trousers can also be slayed by either pairing sneaker for more relaxed feels like Luda’s; platforms or stilettos when opting for chic look.



Side Slit Long Gown

Slits are common in every evening gown as they add a touch of sexiness without overpowering the elegance of a gown or dress. Luda, in particular wears a shining long gown in the shade of light blue which gives her grace and sophistication. This look is perfect for prom or any formal evening parties.


Waist Slit Dress

While side slits are most popular cut in dresses or gown, waist slit can also make you slay. But it’s ideal to opt for minimal slits like what Luda wears below to avoid being too revealing. As seen on the photo, the black dress with waist slots easily unveiled Luda’s exquisite looks.


Ruffle-embellished Tube Midi Dress

In the photo below, Luda made sure to slay while receiving her awards by wearing a tube midi dress. But, she chose the one with ruffle embellishment on top part to look more stylish, and to complete the chic but elegant look, she paired hers with black platform heels. Surely, you’ll catch everyone’s attention if you wear this in whatever formal event you would be attending.



White Coordinates, White Beret Hat, and White Gloves

Coordinate staples are common among dance attire, as look well and gives a harmonized style. As flashed below, Luda achieved a polished and clean Parisian look by wearing an all white coordinates paired with a beret hat. Meanwhile the gloves gave a touch of sassiness and fashion statement even more. Hence, unleashing Luda’s expensive aura.


Plaid Coordinates

Dress and blazer coordinates also look great when achieving for a more feminine style. Also, if the dance concept is feminine and so the attire should be. Here, Luda wears a striped tube dress layered with striped bolero blazer to complete the vintage coordinates. Also, she accessorized her hair with a gray headband to add more feminine touch and worn a knee-high boots to give the fit a chic twist.


Mini Dress and Knee-High Boots

Meanwhile in this photo, Luda looked like a Barbie doll in her long sleeve mini dress. The embellished chiffon ribbon in her collar added a touch of feminine feels more, while the knee-high white boots gave her a chic look. Obviously, her outfit shouts for chic doll and the pink and white shades complimented the style even more.



Bodycon White Mini Dress

Mini dresses are perfect for any seasons, and for any ages. They’re very flattering and has wide range of styles and hues. Here, Luda went all-white by wearing a white bodycon mini dress which shown off her slim frame. To complete the look, she matched it with sneakers that add a touch of sporty feels.


Long Sleeve Mini Dress

However, if you’re not into showing off many portion of your skin mini dress with long sleeves are ideal. For instance, this brown mini dress with long sleeves of Yeorum gives a classic feels and at the same time,help conceal your skin in the portion of your hands. Meanwhile the bow embellishment on its collar added more details. To make add a touch of style, she also put a belt on the waist and worn ankle boots to complete the classic chic look.


Layered Spaghetti Strap Mini Dress

You could also throw off a spaghetti strap dress without feeling risqué by simply wearing an inner top. It could be a shirt, blouse or long sleeves like what Luda wears below. The spaghetti strap dress that she wears is certainly revealing, but she used it instead as a layer on her inner pastel pink long sleeves. Hence, elevating the dress even more, as well as creating a unique style.



Oversized Jacket

Oversized jacket is one of Luda’s loungewear especially during cooler months. As seen on the picture, she enjoys being warmth and comfortable in her white oversized jacket paired with white pajama. Surely, this outfit would allow her to sleep comfortably while the wind is blowing stronger.


Button Down Lamb Wool Coat

But if you’re going out for a walk or have errands, wearing button down lamb wool coat to protect your body from the cold is ideal. Also, this type of coat aren’t just functional, for they are also fashionable. Hence, comforting yourself but still looking fabulous is never too hard with this type of jacket like what Luda wears below. As seen in the photo, she still looks elegant and feminine while wearing her button down lamb wool coat. The shade of black flatters her complexion as well, thus revealing her porcelain skin.


Button Down Fur Jacket

Meanwhile, fur jacket are more lavish and chic, so if you’re opting for that feels, this type of button down jacket is definitely your style. Luda, for instance, looked expensive while being cozy without trying too hard by simply pairing her white base with a brown fur jacket. To elevate her exquisite look, she also accessorized herself with silver necklace and earring.



Black Beanie

Beanie are surely everyone’s go-to hat during winter or when they want to feel relax but still stylish. Here, Luda pulls a casual winter look by pairing her oversized jacket with a black beanie. Surely, the beanie didn’t just hide her hair. But it also gave her head warmth, while keeping the style alive.


White Beret Hat

However, if you’re opting for a more feminine touch, going for berets is better. They doesn’t only give one a Parisian or French vibes, but also a style in someone’s head or hair as long as they were styled right. As flashed below, Luda completed her feminine winter look by wearing a white beret hat. However, she opt to clip the hat behind her bangs to prevent concealing her hairstyle. In fact, the beret did magic in flattering her full bangs hairstyle even more.


White and Black Baseball Cap

But if you’re not into feminine touch, doing the contrast style using baseball caps is easier, provided that you chose the appropriate top and base. For example, in the picture below Luda opt for a neutral shade of cream to her overall dress pants to avoid feminine touch. She also layered it with a black jacket to look ubercool. Most importantly, she paired her fit with a black and white baseball cap that compliments her outfit’s palette.



Black Platform Heels

When wearing dresses, skirts or pants, opting for platform heels is preferable especially if you’re going all-feminine or want to look chic and sassy. Also, they flatter and elongate your legs more, and do great in creating an illusion to your height due to the lengths of their heels. For instance, Luda in this photo looked even taller because of the black platform dress that also compliments her spaghetti strap fit and flare dress.


Leather Black Knee-High Boots

But if you’re going out for a weekend wonder and wants to look casual yet chic as well, pairing your fit with knee-high boots would do the work. Take a look of Luda below, she easily throw off a casual look by tucking her shirt under her skirt, and wearing black leather knee-high boots to add a touch of chic and classy.


Tie Strap Platform Sandals

Straps are surely common among sandals, but having two different straps in one pair is really edgy but stylish. As flashed on the photo below, Luda’s platform sandals have two types of straps, the thicker one and the tie straps that was wrap around her ankle. Surely, this speaks for a fashion forward vibes. Also, it elevated her casual outdoor chic style more.



White Headband

Headband is one the most basic and popular head accessories among women. It easily gives a touch of cuteness, elegance and femininity. Hence, elevating your look by wearing one is ideal as long as you chose the right hue and design. Below Luda wears a dress embellished with a big white fur heart in front. She also wears a fur round drop earrings. So to complete her sassy look without looking ridiculous, a pure white headband is just right. It didn’t over designed her fit which is good, and that’s the details we’re aiming for.


Bunny Ears Headband

But if you just want to look adorable or pull an aegyo (cute) style, choosing headband with cute design like animal ears is ideal. Just take a look of how cute Luda on her plaid bunny ears headband. Surely, the headband did its work in effortlessly revealing Luda’s lovely charm.


Black Ribbon-embellished Headband

However, if you think animal ears headband are a bit childish and aren’t your thing, opting for the bow designs with plain hues is better. Polka dots and bigger bow would more likely overpower your grown-up figure, so it’s better to choose the right size and design of the ribbon headband. For instance, Luda wears a black bow headband on which it’s ribbon size is just right and there are no further design that might ruin the look. Obviously, the bow headband flattered her hairstyle more while also unleashing her delightful side.


Luda is definitely sexy, isn't she? All those chic outfits presented above suit her perfectly which could surely make everyone stare and drop their jaws. So, if you want the same spotlight and make everyone's stair worth their you must absolutely follow the guides mentioned in this article.

But, to know more about fashion styles so you could level up your fashion game, take time reading the rest of WJSN articles too: Bona'sSeola's, Dayoung'sYeonjung'sDawon'sCheng Xiao's, Exy'sEunseo'sYeorum's and Xuanyi's.

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