Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Minghao From SEVENTEEN

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Minghao From SEVENTEEN


Minghao, who has been rightfully titled the "Style Icon of the Group," continues to push and challenge his inventiveness in areas other than fashion.

It makes sense that Minghao would come to mind at least once when you hear of a trendy creative genius. The international celebrity enthusiastically wears and embraces that moniker, appearing in that role both on and off camera. The dance monster, a rap icon in his own right, shares his talents with his group throughout their most crucial circumstances and moments.

Even though some could classify him as being in the "little line," he still dresses the biggest and deadliest in the room despite being average. The sunshine character didn't restrict himself to wearing only yellow attire; he can pull off any type of pattern, texture, form, or style of clothing. The actor continues to challenge himself and transcend his image with this new image and identity following his most recent comeback.

Let's explore this fashion icon, shall we?


Tops : Oversized Tees, Graphic Hoodies

Minghao's coolness of this outfit is evident. Typically, he wears it with loose-fitting jeans and his go-to sneaker.



Graphic Design Style on Hoodie

This oversized jacket looks good especially when you are having just a normal rehearsal day or dance practice, the color detail adds something without being too distracting.




Bottoms : Brown, Ripped Jeans 


Basic Beige Colored Pants

Even fashionable celebrities wear bottoms in the standard color of beige. It's the ideal alternative to black slacks for a formal but relaxed look. Without being overly daring, it breaks up the monotony of all black and gray.




Dusty Brown Jeans  

The basic pair will also be required for capsule outfits of this sort. Any other neutral hue, or any color, indeed, complements it. It complements everything and blends beautifully with anything that matches black.




Denim Pants

The8 will almost always wear something that other men wouldn't. The tone of the denim jeans looks fantastic, especially off stage. It's astonishing how smooth and grungy the match looks. He can totally slay with kind of simple outfit.



Jackets : Shirt Jackets, Trench Coats, Oversized Blazers

The most casual and laid-back coat must maintain its theme all the way down to the shoes, so he pairs it with equally casual footwear.



Graphic Hoodie

everyone loves wearing their oversized hoodies like The8, but what if give it a /little spice to make it more attractive to look at? Graphic hoodies are more fashionable and cooler to look at like Minghao.



Satin finish bomber jacket 

The method to style these is with neutral colors. But the celebrity frequently wears these large-sized jackets. Perhaps to tie everything together, the style is classic and simple to match with anything underneath, and it is appropriate for formal events.




Oversized Casual Blazer Look 

He paired a black t-shirt, shorts, and boots to create the laid-back blazer style appearance. Sometimes, this man shows no mercy. especially when he makes a big effort to match his appearance.



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