Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Ningning From aespa

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Ningning From aespa

aespa's Main Vocalist and Maknae indeed gained a lot of fans recently as she has been climbing her spot as one of the idols fans follow because of their fashion style. Despite being the youngest of the 4-member group, she doesn't like being babied by the members and fans as she likes to be Sexy~. Her fashion picks mostly go around the emo era- she likes black garments, large jewelry pieces, and boots. 

One of her outfits on-stage recently got viral. She wore a red sleeveless dress that showed a powerful dark aura while performing. 

     Ningning In A Red Go To Sleep Dress Partnered With A Black Chunky Ankle-Length Boots


Aside from the powerful vocals, she gained so much attention for the outfit she wore that day because minutes later, they changed her outfit to the opposite of the first one, a baby blue plaid sleeveless dress that showed the inner baby in her. 

      Ningning In A Blue And White Plaid Dress


This certainly proves that Ningning could do and wear everything, and she knows how to handle her garments well. 

Today, we'll dive deeper onto the two fashion senses Ningning has.



Ningning loves to wear sleeved tops, but she doesn't wear them in a basic manner; instead, she loves going for sleeved tops with texture details, glitters, or cold-cut ones. 

Black-Sleeved Blouse With Glitter Details

For example, we can see her sporting this black-sleeved blouse with glitter details while lounging in a restaurant. It was more of a luxurious and elegant vibe, and it compliments her well.


White Knitted Crop-Sleeved Top

In this one, she wore a white knitted crop-sleeved when she revealed her new hair color to her fans. It was perfect as white made her new hair color pop off even more as white compliments every color.


Sleeved Top With Cold-Cut Details

While in this one, she wore a sleeved top with cold-cut details. If you want to wear a sleeved top but want a unique look, you could opt for this style. Wear it with crazy-designed pants just like what Ningning did here.



Ningning knows how to wear sleeveless tops elegantly or just as loungewear. They are also comfortable and easy to style, as it is very diverse in general.

Flowy Sleeveless Top

Just like here, Ningning is wearing a flowy sleeveless top. It was a statement piece; hence, she wore simple denim pants to match it. 


Vast-Cut Cream-Colored Knitted Top

You also wear it as an elegant piece to a party or just an event. She was wearing her vast-cut cream-colored knitted top and partnered it with a white A-line Skirt. 


Fuzzy Sleeveless Top

She also wore a fuzzy sleeveless top when posting an ad on Instagram. This type of sleeveless top could also be good loungewear if you're having a cold day.


Two-Piece Sleeveless Top 

Ningning wore a two-piece sleeveless top as her Coachella outfit when they went there last April 2022. In this one, they mix and match two types of fabrics- cotton and knitted for more layers of texture. A similar top could be sourced here.



Shirts are one of Ningning's favorite garments, especially oversized ones. She likes experimenting with them, like wearing something underneath them, using them as loungewear, wear them when going out, but one thing is for sure, no matter how oversized the shirt is to her, she still rocks; however, she wears them.

Oversized White T-Shirt

In this picture, Ningning uses her oversized white t-shirt as an outer layer over a sleeved top. It was cold during this time; hence she went for the layering method for an additional heat source but looked classy simultaneously.


Oversized Gray Graphic Tee With Slit Details

Ningning is wearing this oversized graphic tee with slit details on one shoulder she paired with denim pants.


Oversized Gray Graphic Tee With Orange Details

Ningning is wearing this oversized gray graphic tee with orange details on the side she paired with denim pants.


White Oversized Shirt

She also likes wearing oversized shirts when she's just in their dorm, just like what she is wearing in this picture. Comfort is a must when you're at home.



Aside from oversized shirts, Ningning also likes wearing cropped garments. Cropped tops suit her since she has a short torso, and wearing this could create an illusion of having a much longer one. 

Cropped Plaid Long Sleeve

In this picture, she wore a cropped plaid long sleeve and a white cropped shirt. You could also pair them with a blue skirt, or in this example, Ningning wore them with denim pants.


White Scrunched Shirt

In this picture, She went for a scrunched shirt paired with denim jeans. The scrunched shirt could also be a perfect outfit for going out. 



Denim pants are one of Ningning's on-the-go bottoms. She loves wearing it for everything- jackets, oversized shirts, cropped tops, and sleeveless. How can one not love denim jeans after all?

Black Denim Pants

In this photo, Ningning wore an all-black outfit with black denim pants. She then added a piece of silver jewelry to her pants for a more edgy look.


Black Straight-Cut Denim Pants

Ningning also wore them when she went abroad. She likes to wear them as they provide so much comfort, especially when going on long-distance travel.


Cropped Two-Piece Pants

She also opted for cropped pants once while traveling back to South Korea. It was a very stylish piece; hence, she wore a simple black top for a more balanced style.



Shorts, in general, are one of her choices for bottoms. This garment could be your perfect bottom piece to accentuate your legs even more, especially if you have long ones. It's a diverse type of piece that you could use for most of your tops.

A-Line Denim Shorts With Distressed Hem

In this photo, Ningning wore A-line denim shorts with distressed hem details. She then partnered it with a peach sleeveless top with a white cover-up perfect for picnic dates.


Gray Flowy Shorts

Here, she also went for a comfy look by wearing flowy shorts paired with a black pullover. This flowy look is perfect when you're having a chill day or just going for a quick errand.


Denim Shorts With Distressed Hem

She also wore denim shorts with distressed hem once during their premiere for the SMCU: Next Level. She partnered them with a knitted pullover for a more casual-looking outfit.



Ningning loves wearing casual dresses whenever she can- on shopping dates, as loungewear, and even when traveling. It's a hustle-free garment you could wear directly and be ready for the day.

Gray And White Marble Patterned Tube Dress

Just like here, she wore a grey and white marble patterned tube dress and partnered them with white boots. 


Red Polka Dots French Dress

She wore a red polka dots french dress for shopping she partnered with tinted glasses.


White Backless Dress

Ningning is wearing this white backless dress for events.


Brown Tube Dress

Ningning also wore a brown tube dress when traveling abroad.



Jackets are Ningning's favorite pieces of outwear to wear. She has a collection of different colors and sizes, and she loves wearing them, especially when traveling abroad. 

Fun Fact: She lives in Harbin, China, one of the oldest cities in the country; hence she always says she never feels cold quickly. 

Leather Jackets

Ningning window shopping for leather jackets. The first one gives a powerful aura, while the second has a light and positive atmosphere.


Army-Green Bomber Jackets

Ningning loves wearing bomber jackets, too, just like in this picture. She's sporting her navy green bomber jacket when they were in New York.


Black Bomber Jacket With Graphic Details

Another bomber jacket, but this time in black with graphic details she's wearing while casually strolling around the city. 


Oversized Black Windbreakers

She also used this Oversized Black Windbreakers over a gray oversized shirt.


Black Varsity Jacket

Recently, she was spotted wearing a black varsity jacket on their way to Los Angeles for their 2nd Minnie Album <Girls> Promotional Activity.



Pullovers are one of her favorite pieces to wear, especially during spring. It provides so much comfort and is easy to use. 

Cropped White Pullover

In this picture, Ningning wore a cropped white pullover when she was lounging at their dorm. Just a perfect piece for a relaxing day.


Black Graphic Pullover

She also wears pullovers when she's in the dancing room, just like this black graphic pullover she is wearing. A perfect piece if you want to use dance as your physical activity for the day.


Oversized Purple Pullover

Another picture of her in the dancing room while wearing this oversized purple pullover she partnered with purple-lensed glasses. 



Tinted lenses are a game-changer, especially in your outfits. Ningning likes to wear them everywhere and whenever she can, just like when she's going out or having a mini-photoshoot at her dorm. 

Pink Sunglasses

These pink sunglasses she wore on their picnic day. Such a cute piece!

Tinted violet lenses 

Ningning was also spotted wearing tinted violet lenses while strolling around  Hollywood.



Hats are essential for K-Pop idols to wear to protect their privacy or to avoid gathering crowds, especially in these times of pandemic; hence, Ningning likes wearing hers in styles. She usually goes for baseball caps, but she also wears other types like beanies or bucket hats.

White Baseball Caps

These white baseball caps she wore while they were traveling to Los Angeles. 


Black Baseball Caps 

These black baseball caps she is wearing is perfect for everyday errands



aespa's maknae like wearing pieces of jewelry, but she's not just only on dainty, but also on big and chunky ones.

Silver Necklace With An Extensive And Chunky Chain And Pendant

Just like here, we could see that she's wearing a silver necklace with an extensive and chunky chain and pendant. It goes with her overall style as she wore a simple one on this day. 


Chocker Style Necklace Composed Of Pearls And Flowers

She also has a necklace she often wears as her everyday necklace. It's a combination of pearls and flowers in a chocker style. 

Cartier Gold Love Ring

Aside from necklaces, she also has an everyday ring she often wears on his middle finger. It's a gold love ring from a popular brand.



Air Jordan

It looks like Ningning is starting her way to being a sneakerhead beginning with the famous pieces everyone in the community is addicted to, the Air Jordan series. It seems that she already has two of them- the gray and black and likes to partner them with sweatpants or denim pants. 


Black Boots

She also likes to wear boots, especially when she is wearing short garments like skirts or, in this one, a body-con dress. 






If you like reading fashion articles like this, You could also check out aespa's Lead Vocalist and Visual, Winter, here.


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