Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Rei From IVE

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Rei From IVE

IVE’s Japanese member, Kim Rei (김레이) or Naoi Rei (直井 怜)’s unique fashion sense helps her slay even in highly-experimental styles.

Naoi Rei (直井 怜), now mostly known for her Korean name, Kim Rei (김레이) is the first Japanese artist who debuted under Starship Entertainment. Needless to say, she is also the only foreign member in their group, IVE. Specifically, she is IVE's sub-vocalist and rapper, and this only proves the rumor of her, being a flexible member of their group. Basically, she can do multitasking and is great in doing two or more things such as the skills linked to her aforementioned position.

Also, she is an organized person which is also reflected on her fashion style. In fact, she was seen slaying in Seoul Fashion Week together with Leeseo despite being a first-timer in this niche. She nailed the fashion event smoothly as if she was an expert, by wearing a highly-experimental outfit as flashed below. This style is based on a traditional office style.

In this article, we would be elucidating the different and unique fashion styles of Rei to help you dress like her, while in the same manner honing your fashion sense more.


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Fitted Black Tee

Fitted tees have great silhouette that helps flaunt your curves. They are good tops when opting for a casual chic style. Rei loves to wear them on relaxed days, and in the photo below, she tucked it under a high-waist jeans to accentuate her curvy frame.


Off Shoulder Fitted Crop Top

Off shoulder crop tops work best in showing off those defined collarbones and shoulders. But, fitted types hit differently for they also emphasize that slim waist, and thus creating an elevated chic look. Also, the plain ones with neutral shade gives one’s outfit a polished look, and it match well with high-waist denim bottoms just like what Rei wears below.


Fitted Crop Tees

The key to a perfect off-stage look is adding a touch of style to a simple outfit like this fitted crop tees. Here, Rei kept her inner top easy and throw off a fur blazer to achieve a sleek look without feeling risqué.



Pleated Mini Skirt

Pleated Mini Skirt are timeless classic with rare silhouette that goes well with any tops. Rei styled hers with cropped sweater, creating a sporty look with a feminine touch.


Black Acid Wash Bootcut Denim Pants

However, if you want to keep your legs warm but still looking stylish. Bootcut pants are great choice during cooler months. Pairing them with leather jackets, bomber, or even puffer jacket like what Rei wears on the photo below, creates a street style look. Don’t forget the knit cap like that one on Rei’s head to complete the street fashion style.


Black Leather Shorts

If you’re opting for a more chic bottom, leather shorts could totally pull that statement off. They could be match with different outfits. But, Rei styles her with crystal-embellished black crop to create a more elevated chic look.



Puff sleeve midi dress

Most of formal attire typically revolves around floor lengths dresses. But, midi dress could also be an option for certain formal events, primarily the corporate ones such as graduation or seminar like what Rei wears. Meanwhile, the puff sleeve makes the look more classy as it resembles the sleeve of the Kings and Queens’ clothes. Above all, the dress worked well in revealing Rei's delicate side.


Black Fitted Tube Mini Dress Embellished with Big Horizontal Pleats

But, if you’re going to a prom, galas, pageants and the like, sophisticated dress are great choice aside from gowns. For instance, the black fitted tube mini dress that Rei wears on the picture below, gives a classic and elegant aura. Layering them with a coat is optional but it surely adds more style.


Plaid Long-sleeve Polo

However, if you’re not a fan of dress, long-sleeve polo whether plaid or plain is a great option. This type of staple is mostly seen in an office setup, and thus they are good for meetings. Here, Rei wears a plaid long sleeve polo which she tucked in under her black mini pencil skirt, creating an office style fashion.



White Coordinates

IVE's stylist definitely set midriff tops and miniskirts as their signature dance attire, as you’ll mostly see them wearing these staples while dancing or performing on stage. The primary reason probably lies on its two purpose: (1) functional as they allow them to move smoothly while dancing; and, (2) fashionable for they help accentuate the slim frame and ethereal visuals of each member. For instance, Rei, as seen on the photo wears a white midriff jacket embellished with feathers and other accessories, creating a very chic but polished look. Meanwhile, the miniskirt help show off her curves, and thus creating a sexy look.


Blue Coordinates

However, if you’re worried about wearing short staples, the easiest way to slay them without feeling risqué is to wear a tube and shorts as base like what Rei did, as flashed on the photo. But, to create a fashion statement while wearing these, layering your top would do magic as seen on Rei’s style below. Accessories are optional, but they surely give your outfit a touch of sparks.


Red Coordinates

Meanwhile, if you want to remain classy and sexy while dancing, those midriff with puff sleeve works best. As seen in the photo below, Rei doesn’t only looked chic, but the leather midriff jacket with puff sleeve gave her more sophistication.



Bodycon Dresses

Bodycon dresses are perfect in flaunting curves and fit body frame due to its contouring silhouette. They work best in achieving a sexy-look. But, Rei created a unique and classy look by wearing a white long sleeve bodycon dress layered with a net bodycon dress, which also gives her a more mature look as it show off her curvy figure while looking expensive.


Black Trapeze Printed Dress

Trapeze dresses does not only flatters any body type, it is also ideal during relaxed days for it gives you comfort and allows you to move freely. Rei, in particular, loves to wear this type when she’s out of stage. Here, she primarily chose a black shade that flatters her porcelain skin, while the heart prints gives a touch of cuteness.


Fit and Flare Mini -Dress

Fit and Flare dresses are very versatile staples which you may mix with any accessories. Rei, in particular wears a plain royal blue mini type of this dress, embellished with seaman like collar and a tie. Then she paired it with sneakers for comfort, and accessorize it with a silver necklace, making her outfit standout.



Ombre Striped Knit Sweater

You can't go wrong with oversized jacket during cooler season. They're an essential off-duty staples that you must have to keep you warm and stylish. Rei, in this photo, slays an ombre striped oversized knit sweater while keeping herself comfortable. The gradual blending of hues made the sweater look magnificent and more feminine.


Oversized Dress Layered with an Oversized Black Leather Jacket 

Create new style of streetwear fashion by pairing your oversized leather jacket with an oversized or loose inner top or base, like how Rei did hers for instance. This would look ubercool and unique and to complete the style, don’t forget to wear your favorite ankle boots or sneakers.


White Oversized Jacket

Meanwhile, you can create a contrast look through adding a feminine touch by pairing your oversized jacket with a skirt. Here, Rei matched her bear-embellished oversized jacket with plaid mini skirt and a semi-fitted top. She also styled her hair into pig tails and accessorized her fit with a scarf, creating a cute and cozy look.



Black Knitted Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are Rei’s go-to headwear. They are very versatile hats that has traditional silhouettes, as well as floppier and wide brim which are great in throwing off a casual look. For instance, Rei paired her casual outwear with a black knitted bucket hat that gives a more classic feels but relaxed look.


Bucket Hats Are Great Alternative for Winter Caps

Bucket hats aren’t just for sunny days that gives protection from a very bright sunlight. They also work best during winter season as they provide style while covering your head from snow and keeping you warm as well. Rei, in particular matched hers with a puffer jacket, creating a streetwear style with a twist of cold-weather look.

Another Knitted Variation That is Perfect for Winter Look

The knitted variation are also good for winter season especially when it’s windy. They are fully tucked on head but not too tight. So, worry no more when going out, as they will stay still no matter how hard the wind blew. Meanwhile, Rei paired hers with another puffer jacket, but they could also be matched with sweaters, coats and even cardigans.



Preppy School-Girl Shoes

Preppy School-Girl Shoes are surely one of the IVE’s signature footwear. You could see that most of them have atleast a pair of these black leather shoes. Also, this types rock well with pleated mini skirts, ankle or high socks, and even dresses. Rei, for instance paired hers with an A-line lace dress and a white ankle sock, making her preppy school-girl shoes pop.



Surely, sneakers never goes out of trend as they are very wearable and stylish. Whether you’re lazy or not, these pair could elevate your outfit and work well in whatever style you’re achieving. As seen in the photo, Rei easily throws off a casual look by wearing a white sneakers.

Velco Strap Sandals

But, if you want your feet to breath and grasp some fresh air, opting for flat sandals, primarily the velco straps are great choice. Rei opts for this sandals on her relaxed days, and these ubiquitous pair are good for everyday use.



Oversized Oval Retro Sunglasses

Surely, the headline doesn’t lie as Rei has indubitable unique fashion sense. As seen on the photo, Rei wears an oversized oval retro sunglasses, creating an oddly iconic style while its shade gives a vintage touch. Oversized glasses are now in vogue, so if you opt for a nonchalant vibe or just trying to imitate a movie star, then this type is for you.


Wayfarer Sunglasses

Wayfarer is the ultimate trendsetter among all the types of sunglasses. Its iconic square shape hits differently while the legendary shade of black never fails to adds a touch of style to any outfit. Wearing these glasses is the easiest way to throw off a summer look. But, they also work well in creating a casual style. However, Rei did the contrast by pulling off an iconic look through simply wearing this shade and posing like a boss.

 Photo credits: ynholvr via Pinterest

Clear Glasses

Whether you have an eye grade or not, clear glasses are perfect accessories to slay an outfit and elevate your look. But, the perfect way to rock these is to pick the right shape of frame. For instance, here Rei throws off a casual yet comfortable style by wearing a round clear glasses which flatters her oval face shape. Also, keep in mind of the frame size, you just have to find the right size to prevent hiding your angular face features.


Going out of your comfort zone and trying to look extra wouldn't be hard anymore after reading Re's fashion guide. But, if you want to learn more about other fashion style, you may consider reading the rest of the IVE's article here: Yujin's, Wonyoung's, Liz's, Leeseo's and Gaeul's.


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