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Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Ryujin From ITZY

If you're like me, who's a K-pop fan but at the same time a Fashion enthusiast, well, you are lucky today as we are going to dive deeper into some of our favorite rising K-pop idols. 

As one of the fast-rising 4th gen K-pop Idol, Ryujin has marked her name in the industry as she started her career earlier than her debut. She is best known for her iconic stage outfits, especially from their performance, Wannabe- just thinking about it, you could already imagine herself wearing the cropped royal blue long-sleeve and shorts paired with over-the-knee boots. It proves how iconic she is.

For today, we are covering K-pop's 4th generation Queens, starting with Ryujin herself.

        Ryujin Denim Over-All With Yellow Textured Beanies

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A calming nature with a bit of teenage pop and emo mirrors how Ryujin often styles herself. She jumbles around the soft-girl aesthetic, ethereal, and norm- which is basically what teenagers like me follow through. The soft girl aesthetic is quite similar to the VSCO aesthetic as it also roams around pastel colors, berets, and simple tops that could have a pop of color for highlights, skirts, sweaters, and vests. The soft girl aesthetic could also include chunky garments like boots, baguette bags, and statement glasses for more definition of the style.


      Ryujin In A Black And White Sleeved Top


Ryujin can also be seen in ethereal and norm outfits when she has light schedules- everyday shirts, denim, flowy bottoms, and monochromatic pieces that could give off "the look that doesn't require a lot of time" impression. Personally, it's something I also wear, especially if you're not going to have extraneous activity. 

Ryujin has certainly made way to a kpop fans' hearts with her fashion sense. If I were to describe her, her fashion sense is something to look up to, especially if you are someone who wants to have a youthful look all the time.

Going to our main goal here, How does it need to have Itzy's Ryujin's style? Get your ball pens and papers down cause it's going to have a list of everything *drumrolls, please*



Black Crop Top


Like us, Ryujin herself can be seen wearing crop tops multiple times. I mean, who could resist not wearing crop tops in summer where the sun scotches so bad. She likes to wear cropped tank tops and shirts covered with a piece of over-the-top garments, either cut or overloose, to balance the style. Croptop was a colossal trend back in the 1990s. 

Crop tops, to be honest, are one of the necessary tops you should have as it's an ideal top that could go with different bottoms - denim, shorts, skirts, and even trousers! It's perfect to wear, especially during the summer. Crop tops are easy to style, especially if you're not having "that day." You can wear them with a pair of jeans or shorts or in between, just like what Ryujin wore in the example above.

Green Ribbed Tank Top


Aside from crop tops, Ryujin also likes to wear tank tops. She likes wearing them, especially when she has so much to do for that day, for example, when she's having an activity near a beach.

In her recent Instagram post, she can be seen wearing a green ribbed tank top, a stylish sleeve top that covers her sleeves, but certainly not the tank top so it would not outshine it, and tattered shorts. If you would like to recreate this, you could also pair this with knee-length boots for a pop of style.

Distressed Hem Denim Shorts


Ryujin loves to wear denim shorts. It could be the denim shorts we all have in our closets or the most colorful ones we could ever imagine. She likes pairing these shorts with cropped tank tops or shirts, topped with oversized jackets or flannels, and a pair of white shoes or chunky boots. 

As shown in the photo on the top, although it's a collaboration with Dispatch, Ryujin can be seen rocking her denim shorts with a tank top and oversized jacket. To top it off, the pearl choker necklace and gold earrings also added spice to her simple look.

This outfit is simple to follow. You can also do this with the clothes you have at home. The key is that you should balance the outfit you have in mind. As you can see, the torso part is already loaded with the oversized jacket, so what they did was partner it with denim shorts to balance it. Use accessories like a choker necklace as the jacket extensively cover the upper torso. You could also wear a pair of white sneakers to give off a fresh feeling like what you could see in the picture below if you're going for an edgy look.


White Pants

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Ryujin is also a fan of pants. It could be flared, tattered, or straight-cut ones. You could see her wearing pants, especially when she was traveling or the weather was cold - I mean, as an idol, they need to protect their health from being able to perform without health issues. She often wears this with sleeveless tops, cropped shirts, or jackets if they go to cold places. She usually pairs them with a pair of low-top sneakers or ankle-length boots if she's going for a classy look.

For example, Ryujin wore these white straight-cut denim jeans that match her white ribbed cut shirt and green corduroy jacket.

Box-Pleated Plaid Skirt

Ryujin can be rarely seen wearing skirts, but when she does, usually for work, she often wears box pleated skirts. You could often see these types of skirts in the 90s. She typically opts for the classic or the white ones or the plaid skirts for a classier look. You could also try these and pair them with a cropped top for a more balanced look, elongating your torso even more, and pair them with long boots to look taller. 

For example, Ryujin wore this plaid box-pleated skirt with a white crop top and green jacket.


Casual Dress

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Just like with the skirts, Ryujin can hardly be seen wearing dresses when she goes off her schedules. You could only see her in a dress if she's had an activity for that day, such as attending an award show or performing on stage. Nevertheless, she still rocks these pieces like she is used to them. 

Usually, the type of dresses she wore are more on the neutral side and elegant look like blazer dresses. She tops them off with gold jewelry pieces and heeled boots for a more luxurious feel. You could also do this with oversized blazers with belts and pair them with ankle boots and a small bag with gold accessories.


Black Oversized Jacket

Oversized jackets are probably one of Ryujin's staple pieces in her wardrobe. You see her style this if she's wearing something short as bottoms to have a more balanced look and top it with a pair of sneakers or boots. If you would like to create an outfit with this, you could try using knee-length boots if you pair them with shorts and a small bag for a more put-together-looking outfit.

In this example, Ryujin is wearing an oversized black windbreaker that she partnered with denim shorts.


Cream-Colored Fuzzy Jacket

The fuzzy jacket is one of Ryujin's staple pieces. You could see her rock these with denim pants as she usually wears these during cold seasons. You could try wearing these with denim shorts and ankle-length boots for a preppy look. In this example, Ryujin is wearing a cream-colored fuzzy jacket over a khaki jacket she partnered over a khaki hooded one.


Beret Hats

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Ryujin loves experimenting with accessories, especially hats and sunglasses. In one of ITZY's fan signs, you could see her wearing a beret hat that matches her overall outfit very much. Hats are a life-saver, especially if you're having a bad hair day- I feel like we're all guilty about this one. 

Oversized Glasses With Gold Metal Frames


She's also a fan of wearing classic lines like oversized white frames or colored lenses. She sometimes also wears lenses if she's opting for a smart-casual look.

In this example, Ryujin is wearing oversized glasses with gold metal frames, perfect for the look she's going for.



Photo Credits: @shinryujin_kr 


Ryujin is a big fan of sneakers. You could see her wearing different types of sneakers- low ankles, high-tops in dark tones, and white. She loves using them in almost every outfit she's been into; indeed, she rocks it very well.

We could see her wearing white sneakers she paired with the most casual combo, a tank top and shorts in the photo.


High-Ankle Boots


 Aside from that, she's also a fan of boots - ankle-high and knee lengths. You could see her wearing these boots when she's going for an edger look. 

Achieving looks like how she did is easy, as her staple pieces could already be seen in your closet or can be bought anywhere. But what we can't achieve while following her looks is her confidence when wearing them. Like Ryujin, you should also be confident in your dress or appearance. That's one of the sole reasons why she gained fans throughout the year of her career, her confidence in everything she does. If she can, you could too! Don't let the world stop you from dressing like her.




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