Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like S.Coups From SEVENTEEN

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like S.Coups From SEVENTEEN



Aju Nice! We are now down to SEVENTEEN S. Coups, the team's leader and one of the most fashionable member of the group.

S. Coups is he leader of the famous Kpop group SEVENTEEN, Known for his charismatic visuals and talent. Aside from being a perfect who always cares to his members, S. Coups is known for being fashion enthusiast. His great sense when it comes to fashion is so good and literary ideal for does who want to wear something nice and comfortable like him. 

No more long introductions lets go and have this guide on how to wear lke him!



S. Coups is known for being obsessed with shirts. He is mostly seen waring this tops because he feels more comfortable while wearing it tha an other tops he has.

Plain White Shirt

Everyone is into white plain shirt like S. Coups. I gives you a clean, cool and decent vibe and also you'll have a fine vibe like S. Coups has while wearing his plain white shirt.



Black Shirt

Well as contrast to our white shirt, we always have our black shirt to make our outfit look cool effortlessly. 



Knitted Gray Shirt

Believe me or not but this kind of shirt will literary give you a plus points in your fashion appearance. Like S. Coups, he literary slayed with this simple knitted shirt, aside from that this shirt really gives you a comfy feeling while wearing it. 




Printed Denim Pants

Well wearing a denim pants is always on the list when you want to dress up like S. Coups. He literally slayed with his printed denim pants that makes him have a vintage outfit on his Instagram post.



Black Baggy Pants

One of the best option and recommended pants to wear to dress like a Korean idol is by wearing a baggy pants, partnered with your favorite shirt.



Beige Trouser

Trouser will always on our list also, Koreans, especially our favorite idols loves to wear this in every outfits they had like S. Coups. Trousers will always gives you a simple yet casual look. 




Navy Blue Zipper Hoodie Jacket

Hoodie will always our comfort outfit that will always perfect to warm our bodies during cold seasons. 



Black Hoodie 

Who says no to black hoodie? A late-night stroll would be incomplete without a hooded jacket it's most accessible garment you can have, especially if you get hungry in the middle of the night.



Bomber Jacket

A varsity bomber jacket is a timeless style that is also appropriate for casual occasions. The style is youthful and stylish, causing people to take a second look.



Dry Fit Jacket 

A sporty look jacket that is perfect for your OOTD too like S. Coups.



Leather Jacket

Rocking your world with his leather jacket, S. Coups literary look cool and nice with his leather jacket Partnered on his black shirt and black denim pants, what a perfect combo right? This gives me a rock star  and hip-hop vibe.



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