Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Seungkwan From SEVENTEEN

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Seungkwan From SEVENTEEN


A Price that knows how to dress himself very well, SEVENTEEN Seungkwan never disappoint us with his fashion outfits


The main vocalist of the famous Kpop group, SEVENTEEN always shows his great sense when it comes to fashion. As he perform on stage everyone is going crazy over his look and talent. His never ending charisma stole their fans hearts. Seungkwan is being known as one of the best fashion icon in the group, aside from being aesthetic Seungkwan also manage performing cool on stage. 

With no further a do let us start knowing how to dress up like SEVENTEEN Seungkwan below!


Tops: Oversized and Button Down

Plain White Oversized Polo Shirt

No one can defeat over plain white oversized polo shirt, it will always be on the list if you want to look like fine and neat with your outfit, aside from that this kind of shirt is very convenient and very easy to be paired on any outfits you have like Seungkwan.



White Oversized Graphic Tee

This item of clothing can be found in various variations throughout Seungkwan's closet.  He usually wears it with denim pants and his favorite shoe, either slides or sandals.



Green Knit Vest Top 

Wearing contrasting colors and a tighter fit makes it look more vintage and classy. A tighter fit makes it look more formal and preppy; notice how the vintage style hat looks more natural?



Bottoms: Wide leg pants

Brown Wide leg Slacks 

What could be more comfortable than a pair of pants? Pants with a wide leg. Seungkwan is almost famous for rocking the loose silhouette in many situations, such as dance practices, casual wear, and all other non-official events. The style is unusual for most people, but it gives a relaxed and upper-class vibe.


Ripped Denim Pants

You can always count on Seungkwan to wear something aesthetically. The ripped denim partnered with polo is still an iconic look for everyone. The match looks grunge and seamless it's amazing. 



Black wide leg pants with pleat detail 

Furthermore, a slack style or a formal fabric dresses it up without being too uncomfortable, which is probably why he likes to wear them. Look how the bottoms don't look out of place despite the fact that it's an official event. Some have a pleated detail on the top that creates a ball design.

Even a hit pairing would look ostentatious, a lighter color gives a classier and lighter look and provides a nice contrast to loud and bold tops if you want the attention to stay there, all while maintaining comfort.





Black Dry fit shorts 

Seungkwan's one trick to look put together, stick to a consistent theme. If you want to keep the look casual, pair it with a casual top. It's best not to mix and match styles too much because it can look sloppy. Furthermore, wearing sunglasses can elevate your look and keep it from looking too casual.



Jackets : Trench Coats 

Button Trench coat 

Something along the lines of this outfit comes to mind when we think of Seungkwan's style. Trench coats are extremely classy, and this one is particularly formal; there are blazer-style ones with a more relaxed shoulder, but Seungkwan is known to style them in a more formal and dressed-up manner.




Dark Denim Shirt Jacket

Shirt jackets, particularly those made of a different fabric, are an excellent way to layer without sacrificing style. Denim ones are timeless and look great with floral or printed shirts.



Oversized Casual Blazer Look 

When Seungkwan did pose for photos, he wore a relaxed blazer style. This man can be cruel at times. Especially when he goes to such lengths to match his outfits.




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