Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Seungmin From Stray Kids

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Seungmin From Stray Kids

Seungmin's guide to everyday male Korean Fashion 


Lead vocalist, sunshine member, 'snail', also self-proclaimed most normal member Seungmin is the epitome of the everyday fashion we see in Korean fashion. Though more on the lowkey and shy side, the SKZ member grips hearts with his little antics. Taking the front lead for more vocal heavy songs and ballads, the singer frequently shares his covers and in turn fans make beautiful compilations of his vocal abilities. 

The epitome of his everyday fashion is seen in different aspects of his clothing, from tops to bottoms, he rocks piece you'd easily find everywhere else. More focus on the 'soft' and basic looking aesthetics, we've listed the common pieces and styles of clothing he wears so you don't have to!

Tops: 'Soft Boy' Basics, K-edition 

Denim Shirt BTD

Starting with classic and staple in everyday K-fashion denim button down shirts. Specifically in the classic light blue color and full sleeves, typically worn for daytime TV show friendly fits. 

Oversized Tees

Mahagrid University Pigment Tee, but essentially an oversized tee. Seungmin usually goes for the neutral softer tones in his everyday style, keeping the hair styled minimally. 

Knitted Vest

In an all beige ensemble, matching a beige knit vest with beige colored jeans matching the colors looks like its bought as a two piece set outfit. Again styling the light colors palette. 

Jackets: High End Everyday Staples

Gucci Cardigan

Even in styling high end fashion houses, Seungmin's style leans more on the clean cut and regal fits and silhouettes, more the fit and flare and not so much on the bulging and oversized.

Blue Hoodie

Seemingly simple, blue hoodie with gray sweats. Until you look closer and see the hoodie is from Palm Angels price $599, with Nike Air Force 1 in Grey Blue. 

Nike 'Big Swoosh' Windbreaker

Athleisure is a bridge between their style to ours. While out on the road, he wore a Nike Big Swoosh Windbreaker with gray sweats. Something you'll often see in a different variety on people while they're out and about. 

Bottoms: Mixture of Light and Dark

Wide Leg Ripped Jeans

This outfit has us wondering whether the background was intended or was the outfit tailored to the background? Regardless, the appearance of wide leg ripped jeans is very prominent amongst all members but Seungmin's focus more on the lighter tones and softer and cuter styles so to say. 

Slim Fit Jeans

Slim fit jeans are a slim person's best friend, they're great with any kind of outfit and they neutralize light colors perfectly. Considering the carnival events of strolling, a comfortable fitting pair of jeans go a long way.  

Skinny Dark Wash Jeans with fold detail

Dark wash jeans with a flare and fold detail are not easily found. Even under layers the small detail adds a nice flare and style to the lower portion of the outfit adding some dimension, especially on monochrome outfits such as his outfit below. 

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