Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Shotaro from NCT

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Shotaro from NCT


Serving his great fashion taste, Shotaro is a pro fashion icon indeed!


Japanese rapper and singer Shotaro is a part of the SM Entertainment group NCT. He is known for his outstanding talent and visual. Shotaro make sure that he always slay in his every outfit that is why he dress very well to make everyone fall for his visuals and talent.

No more further introductions, let us all know ho to dress up like him. Well this blog will help you and guide you how to dress up like NCT Shotaro.



Oversized White Graphic Tee

Graphic tees are always the best! Wearing this shirt will make you look cuter and feel comfortable like NCT Shotaro.




Oversized Black Graphic Tee

In contrast to our white shirt, black will always our alternative or first option if you wanna look cool in a simple way. It is also good to wear on your night city stroll like Shotaro.



Cream Button Down Polo Shirt

Well we all agree that wearing polo shirts gives us a good impression, the casual looks it gives makes us look cool and neat.




Printed denim Pants

Sick of wearing plain denim pants? Well try to wear a printed one like Shotaro used to wear. It make your outfit look cool and interesting.



Black trouser

Giving a spring vibe outfit, Shotaro is wearing a black trouser that is partnered with his white shirt layered with a light blue long sleeves and partnered with his converse shoes.



White Denim Pants

Serving you a casual look, Shotaro wears a white denim pants and partnered iit to his graphic tee and brown cardigan and partnered it with his yellow converse shoes.




Leather Jacket

Leather jacket will always make you look cool. The vibe it gives will definitely the reason why you should add this on your cart.



Black Turtle Neck Jacket & Trench Coat

What a perfect combo to look so awesome like this right? Maybe you should try wearing this too in winter season!



Zippered Hoodie Jacket

Well this will always be an iconic jacket that every idols have. It is so easy to have and to be paired to other tops and bottoms you have.




Black Newsboy Hat

While neutral hat won't draw attention, you'll stand out more wearing them. Fans and probably everyone enjoy seeing people accessorize with unusual items. If you use neutral colors, wearing one to different kinds of events won't look out of place.


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