Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Shu Hua From (G)I-dle

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Shu Hua From (G)I-dle

Although sassy on the surface, cottagecore and the soft girl aesthetic shows a different side of the star worth seeing 

By Julianne Babaran

Main visual and main character of the group, Shu Hua hails from Taiwan. Seeing K-pop stars as she was growing up, the dream of performing and singing in TV soon became her own. She kept that dream by immersing herself in practice from a young age and even attending art school. Even in landing in Korea, the singer was propelled to work even harder even in midnight. Soon enough, that hope was realized and she debuted in (G)I-dle in 2018. 

Shu Hua's soft looking and kind expression is easily mistaken when the character shows off her humor and sass. It's impressive how the star channels her inner grunge and girl crush in the groups aesthetics but outside of the glam, her fashion sense is fairly simple. Almost along the lines of cottage core and girl friend material, read more to see what we mean.  

Tops: Crochet Blouses, Off Shoulder Tops, Asymmetrical Tops

Beige Knit Crochet Vest Top 

Example A for cottage core, she matched a silk lace tank with crochet bolero and a layered linen skirt while strolling about. The different tones of the similar color and different texture makes for a dimensional look. 

Baby Doll Collar Crochet Top

Knit and crochet bolero are making a comeback and Shu Hua is showing just how to style them. While wearing a floral tiered layer dress with loose crochet detail, she added a tight knit bolero. 

White Off Shoulder Top

If you snoop her page, you know she's worn this plenty of times. The off shoulder is soft looking, the wide arm and frill detail make it casual and ethereal looking all while looking comfortable.  

Black Fur Off Shoulder Blouse

Fur fabric tight long sleeve blouse is a social status. The comfort and style is its own centerpiece and doesn't need much styling. She paired it with black straight leg pants with the belt tie detail to add to the tops cut out. 

Gold and Black Velvet Top

One shoulder, or anything shoulder is so Shu Hua. This black velvet tube was elevated with the cross sleeve. Her makeup and get up were soft and subtle but still packs a punch all together. 

Distressed Black Tee

Distressed oversized tee with belt detail is making a comeback, do we love? Probably but only for Shu Hua! The distressed tee had a sleeve cut and belt detail but the long curly hair carried it out. 

Dresses : Puff Sleeve, Milkmaid, Slip Dress

White Floral Eyelet Dress

This soft white and pastel floral dress is quite easy to go wrong, but this braided hair was beautiful along with the soft makeup and delicate expressions. 

Beige Chiffon Milkmaid Dress

The beige knit bolero makes another appearance! In styling this dreamy chiffon floral dress, the added bolero created an added cottage core and fairy tale feel. Its the mix texture, make sure you get it right!

Black and White Liquid Slip Dress

In an alternative rendition of the previous dress. This liquid floral dress calls for a lot of accessories adding a shrug makes if fairly conservative. 

Jackets: Wool, Knit, Crochet

Brown Wool Lined Coat 

Extremely cold weather calls warmth clothing, you can accessorize with color scarves, Shu Hua has her half pony and in a wavy style to keep it out of her face. 

Multi colored Heart Print Sweater 

While giving the ultimate country side fashion color palette, here's how to get the look. Weather a neutral print wool or knit sweater, add a scarf and have minimal make up and keep your hair straight. 

Brown Textured Top 

Textured Cardigan tops are criminally underrated for warmth! Shu Hua obviously opts for those in beige and neutral colors along that color palette, no doubt we'll see this piece again soon. 

Bottoms: Midi Skirts, Oversized Joggers

Pale Pink Tulle Skirt 

For a long stroll, a long pleated tulle skirt would be a great option especially when the weather is semi cool and hot. Shu Hua knows how to do it in style.

Muted Teal Midi Skirt

Solid colored midi skirts are too simple, opt for a layered one to have some dimension and add a printed cardigan. Shu Hua loves this outfit style and wears it often. 

Gray Oversized Joggers


Joggers with your show top is just so relatable. Gray oversized joggers with the seamed line in the middle adds a nice touch and shape overall. 

Purple Joggers Set

"Boss Baby", indeed! Matching a colorful set with white sneakers is very cosmopolitan, normal people can wear and relate too. 

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