Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Sihyeon From EVERGLOW

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Sihyeon From EVERGLOW

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EVERGLOW's new leader, Sihyeon is the perfect definition of girl crush concept due to her glowing visuals which is often being accentuated with her chic fashion style. 

Kim Si Hyeon (김시현), the new leader of EVERGLOW is a multi-talented idol as she's also the lead vocalist of the group, as well as one of the visual line, primarily a face of the group. Well, that's definitely indubitable as she possess a glowing visuals that could certainly captivate one's attention. In truth, she doesn't only knows how to lead their group. She also serve as a role model in the field of chic fashion style due to her great skills and fashion sense which also help emphasize her sunshine visuals even more. Hence, today Unnielooks would present various outfits of Sihyeon that would surely give you a tip on how to achieve the chic fashion style, as well as discovering on how to dress like her.



Blue Knitted Turtleneck Long Sleeves

Long sleeves may be a boring staples for others, but definitely not for Sihyeon. In truth, her wardrobe is full of these in different variations. One of the types she love the most are the fitted ones. As flashed below, she easily slayed this plain blue turtle neck long sleeves. The silhouette of this one definitely gives Sihyeon a chic look even without trying too hard. In addition, its knitted fabric also provide her a warmth and comfort. Hence, combing chic look and cozy feels in one.

If you want to easily look chic and stylish, you may get this exact blue long sleeves of Sihyeon on this site.


Brown Knitted Turtleneck Long Sleeves

While fitted turtleneck long sleeves easily show off one’s curves or body frame, they also do magic in flaunting one’s V-line. Thus, make your face looks smaller yet flattering like Sihyeon in the photo below. Here, she easily flex her sexy V-line by wearing a light brown turtleneck long sleeve. To give her fit a more detail and show off her curves, she opt to paired hers with a fitted and high-waisted denim pants. Hence, achieving a very chic style in the most simple way.

If the shade of this turtleneck long sleeve interest you, get yourself one at Unnielooks.


Orange Long Sleeves High Neck Chest Zipper Crop Top

Surely, Sihyeon love long sleeves especially the turtle neck types, doesn’t she? Well, let this another photo of her answer that. Here, she wears another turtle neck long sleeves, primarily the half turtleneck variation. But on this photo, she wears the crop top type which has zipper that you could left unzipped when you use it for layering like Sihyeon. As flashed on the photo, she primarily used her orange half turtleneck long sleeve to layer her inner black tube. However, if you don’t prefer to wear it that way, you have the option to wear it alone and look sexy with that bright colored crop top.

Get the exact style of this Sihyeon long sleeve high neck chest zipper crop top, and easily look sexy.


Black Off-Shoulder Puff and Long Sleeves Crop Top

However, if high neck or turtleneck long sleeves aren’t your type, this variation that Sihyeon wears below can definitely be your choice. Here, she wears a black off shoulder long sleeves crop top which has tie strap on the front that helps add more detail, making the staple look more stylish. Obviously, the style is more feminine which help unveil that side of Sihyeon. Also, aside from denim pants that she paired, this top looks best on skirts or white base for a more balanced look.

This crop top looks really attractive isn’t it? If you want to look chic, consider getting yourself one by clicking on this.


Blue Bear Printed Collar Lace Velvet Long Sleeves

At this point, no one would argue that long sleeves are Sihyeon’s favorite, because as flashed below, even one of her sleep wear have the said sleeves. Well, that’s no doubt especially when long sleeves gives one enough comfort and thus, are great to wear when wanting for a better sleep. Not to mention that hers is embellished with bear prints which looks cute, and help unveil her adorable side.

If you want to elevate your sleep wear, you can get one of Sihyeon’s sleep wear above which also comes with a matching pajama to complete the adorable night look.



Black Striped Side Button Pants

In matters of bases, Sihyeon has different choices and the most common among these are pants. They also come in different variation, but she prefers the stylish ones. For instance, in this photo, she wears a black striped side button pants. The design is quiet unique and we know you agree on that. In addition, it also adds a touch of coolness but, Sihyeon chose to add a twist of cuteness by pairing it with a knitted pastel yellow sweater. She also styled her hair by tying it like a high horns which made her look more adorable.

You surely think that this Sihyeon inspired side button pants is ubercool, well, that’s indubitable so consider getting yourself one and pull an edgy look!


Black Trouser with Vertical Thin White Stripes

But if you’re opting for a chic look, this black trouser embellished with vertical thin white straps is definitely for you. As seen on the photo below, Sihyeon wears one and paired it with a stylish fitted crop top which help show off her flat belly. Meanwhile, the fit of the trouser helped in accentuating her curves on the hips and waist due to its fitted silhouette. But this one is not totally fitted at all, as it flares a little bit on the lower part. Above all, this base works well with any top, as long as you know how to style it right.


Brown Double Pleated Leather Skirt

When Sihyeon likes to go full feminine, she specifically choose skirts. In this photo, she wears a brown double pleated leather skirt which she paired with a black crop top and a black booties to create perfect balance. Also, opting for leather types gives you a touch of uniqueness because only few wear these types.

So, if you would like to standout, you may probably thinking of having one of this Sihyeon inspired brown double pleated leather skirt.


Black Pleated Micro-miniskirt

But to stand out even more, you have to look edgy and that never goes wrong with pleated micro-miniskirt. They’re not probably for everyone due to their very short cuts, but considering wearing them for once in your life to look chic and edgy like Sihyeon below.



A-Line LBD

Sihyeon doesn’t really wear gowns more often for formal attires as she likes to look stylish with embellished dresses. On this photo she specifically had worn a black A-line with sheer long sleeves and a chiffon pleats on asian artist award 2021 red carpet. Also, to add more details, she put a belt on her waist to make her look slimmer and the dress fitter.


Black Coordinates with White Inner Polo and Stiletto Shoes

But in matters of going to work or corporate events such as business proposal, meetings, seminars and the like, nothing is better than a formal coordinates. They’re the common and basic, specifically the coat and the pantsuit. Here, Sihyeon still looks stylish despite throwing off a very formal attire, primarily a white polo layered with a black coat, paired with a black pants. The key to looking more stylish is probably her bag, watch and of course, the stiletto shoes that made her look taller.


Cream Beige Coordinates

In this photo, she wears the same formal clothes but in a different shade, primarily a cream beige color which gives a more clean and polished look. Also, Sihyeon wears a longer coat in here, and tied her hair up for a more neat look. So whether you have a job interview, a work or any corporate events to attend, these mentioned coordinates could be your choices.



Black Coordinates

In the previous category, coordinates did well in creating a formal look. But for this section, we’ll present other variation that gives a chic look and are great options for dancing or performing outfit. On the first photo, Sihyeon easily unveiled her sexy aura by wearing a leather black coordinates. Specifically, she wears a micro sleeveless crop top embellished with silver holes design and a silver “red” word. Then, she paired it with a black fitted and high-waited leather pants to complete the sexy and chic look.


White Coordinates

Here she wears the same staples but in a different design and shade. While the black shade above gave her a more sleek look, the neutral shade of white on the other hand gives her a more polished chic look. As seen on this photo, she wears a white asymmetrical crop top that easily emphasize her angular shoulders. Then she completed the coordinates by wearing a white high-waist pants which she embellished with belt for more details. Surely, this will make you look shiner while performing as the shade of white is visible despite having dim lights or changing the position of spotlight.


Yellow Coordinates

Yellow is a playful color which isn’t everyone’s choice especially when the hue itself is really bright like a sun. But Sihyeon would prove you all wrong. The photo below speaks for Sihyeon’s claim. Despite her clothes being in a brighter and playful color, she still manage to slay it. Also, it is essential to note that this simple crop top and a jogger pants are best for dancers who doesn’t prefer further embellishments.



White Fit and Flare Mini Dress

While Sihyeon looks very chic and sexy with the previous staples, she could still definitely unveils her soft and dainty side when wearing dresses. In this embedded post, she specifically wears a white fit and flare mini dress which unveil her delicate side. But if you swipe right, you’ll notice that she likes to keep being chic no matter what, as her dress has a cut on the back, revealing a portion of her skin.


Layered Puff and Floral Mini Dress

Meanwhile in this photo, she likes to look edgy by putting twist to her delicate and feminine look. She specifically did it by wearing a long sleeves that served as her inner top, and use the puff sleeve and floral mini dress for layering. Thus, creating a feminine but edgy fashion forward style.


Spaghetti Strap Sheath Dress

At this point, Sihyeon really went all-feminine solely and without a twist by simply wearing this spaghetti strap sheath dress, which is really flattering and unveils her precious and dainty aura. What makes this dress unique is probably its skirt part where it flares out once the cold wind blew. Hence, making it look like a fit and flare types.



Blue Cropped Fur Jacket

Sihyeon will never backs out in styling even in the midst of colder season. She knows what she wants, so she chose staples that would best compliments her look whatever the weather is. In this photo, she wears a blue cropped fur jacket while having her coffee which gave her more warmth despite its shorter cut. Also, since fur fabrics are quite expensive, this help unveil her expensive aura. In addition, this cropped variation of jacket instantly gave her cozy look a more style and detail.

Look lavish and cozy by considering getting one of this at Unnielooks.


Black Leather Jacket with Lamb Wool Collar

But in terms of thick layers, she obviously doesn’t want to sacrifice style so she opt for this black leather jacket with white lamb wool collar. Also, she used it to layer her turtleneck top. Overall, this jacket made her look quiet expensive as well but with a touch of mysterious vibes.


Gray V-Neck Cardigan with Two Pocket

However, when she just wants to feel cozy and is lazy to put details, Sihyeon definitely choose cardigans. But for this specific photo, she selected a gray shade that provides a more neutral and clean look. Also she used her cardigan for layering her white inner top. Layering is probably the most common function of cardigans like this, but this specific v-neck type looks also great when worn alone as it’ll show off your sexy collarbone and clavicle. Above all, this cardigan match well with any base or is good in layering any tops

Get the exact style of this Sihyeon inspired v-neck cardigan with two pocket to look cozy like her.



Navy Blue Beret with Flower Lace Design

While baseball caps are the most known type of hats, berets are definitely started making waves especially when most K-pop girl idols use them to accessorize themselves. Sihyeon is definitely one of them, and you’ll mostly see her elevating her look with these sophisticated hats. In this first photo, she wears a navy blue beret embellished with a flower lace design that gave her look a more style, specifically her hair. It added a touch of glamour to it.


Leopard Print Beret

Here, she aims to look more confident rather than sophisticated by primarily choosing the leopard print that gives one a more powerful look. But she still managed to keep the sophistication by pairing it with cream beige dress with a white sleeves for a more balance in the fit’s palette.


Red Plain Beret

But if embellished types aren’t your thing, opting for plain styles is perfect in giving your look a touch of Parisian feels. As seen on the photo, Sihyeon specifically chose the shade of love to match her red skirt, paired with a white long sleeve for a perfect balance. Hence, turning her look into a Parisian chic.



White Sneakers

The shade of white for footwear are really the most popular ones as they match with any fits, colors, and could pull any look. This may probably be the main reason why Sihyeon often wears the white ones in matters of shoes. On the first photo as flashed below, she basically matched her very chic outfit with a white sneakers. While the outfit is very sexy, the sneakers did well in adding a touch of coolness to the outfit, and not to mention that it completed the clean all-white ensemble. In addition, it’s also important to note that sneakers, primarily the white ones looks best with any outfit due to their great style and comfort.


White Skateboard Shoes

These deck shoes that has grippy rubber were popularized by the brand VANS, and they became iconic and in vogue a couple of years ago. While they are primarily use for skateboarding due to their grippy factor, they became a part of fashion because they are stylish. Although they aren’t that popular as they were before, they still do magic in completing one’s outfit like Sihyeon’s for instance. Here, she easily pulled casual look by pairing her white vans skateboard shoes with a fitted denim jeans and a white knitted crop top. The look is a simple chic and more of a casual tone.


White Casual and Basic Shoes

While we previously mentioned the ones that was popularized by Vans, these casual and basic shoes on the other hand are also iconic. No one would call them casual nor basic, as the brand converse definitely made them in vogue and are now just called by the brand. Also, as we previously claimed that white shoes looks best with any outfit. Sihyeon definitely proves that by pairing this fit and flare white dress which we also previously featured, with a white converse shoes. But to give a more detail and a high-cut illusion, Sihyeon worn a white socks as well.



Round Clear Glasses

Clear glasses aren’t only made for eye correction purposes or for those who have high eye grade, because as time goes by, they also became a fashion accessory. Hence, whether you have a high eye grade or not, you can definitely wear them and elevate your look instantly. Sihyeon in particular wears clear glasses, and in the first featured photo below, she primarily wears a round clear glasses to flatter her oval face and prominent features like her eyes and nose.


Semi-Rimless Clear Glasses

These glasses became trending a few years ago due to its rim style. It easily gives one a serious look, and are very flattering on the eyes. As seen below, Sihyeon instantly looked like a strict professor by simply wearing a semi-rimless clear glasses, and not to mention that her formal clothes also made her professor-look more believable.


Clear Cat Eye Glasses

In this video, Sihyeon elevated her casual look while doing her live by wearing a clear cat eye glasses which suits her face perfectly. But even without having an oval face shape like her, these glasses would still do magic in elevating your look. They’re simply attractive and gives everyone a sexy secretary aura.


Anne Klein once said, "Clothes aren't going to change the world, but the women who wear them will." Truly enough as Sihyeon definitely did, for she effortlessly slayed whatever outfits she wears, primarily the featured ones above. She also instantly made each look chic despite being plain, long, or boring. With that, we are sure that you were able to get some tips to give your look and fashion game an A+ points. To develop your fashion sense more, read EVERGLOW's Yiren's article, Aisha'sYiren'sOnda'sMia's, and Eu's . 

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