Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Solo Artist Sandara Park "Dara"

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Solo Artist Sandara Park "Dara"


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Sandara Park is not only a K-pop royalty, but also a rising fashion star.

Sandara Park was also a member of the legendary K-pop band, 2NE1 together with CL. However, when their group disbanded, she also pursue her solo career. But aside from being a solo K-pop icon, Sandara has a keen eye for fashion. In fact, she had already attended various fashion events of prominent and big designer fashion brands such as but not limited to Fendi, Moshchino, Jeremy Scott and many more. She also attends Paris fashion week. Having said that, it's understatement to state that she is also into fashion. However, if we tell you that she admitted on trying ten different outfits before she goes out. This only speaks how she put time and effort in pulling a fit that would best accentuate her timeless beauty. With that, Unnielooks have gathered a variety of her outfits which you can serve as a guide to strut like an iconic K-pop idol.


Calvin Klein Sports Bra

As a face of CK, it is only right to wear a clothes from the brand, and as her caption says, this sports bra that gives a sexy aura and sporty vibes in one is her favorite. 


Burberry Cropped Long Sleeves

Dara spiced up her summer look with thus black Burberry cropped long sleeves that has perfect silhouette which helped accentuate her slim frame.


Puff Crop Top

A white puff sleeve crop top gives a polished and classic look, while a denim base creates a different level of statement. But what is certain is that it made Dara looked like a chic teenager.



Celine Jogger Pants

A baggy shirt looked better when matched with a Celine jogger, for it adds an expensive touch as what is being flashed on Dara's look below.


Printed Burberry Slim Fit Jeans

What more can a plain shirt do when paired with a printed Burberry slim fit jeans that perfectly showed off Dara's slim legs while making her look elegant.


Midi Slit Skirt

A midi slit skirt paired with a bomber jacket is the best way to create a chic yet sporty look and Dara finished it off with a high-cut sneakers from Nike.



Denim Mini Dress

While denim dresses are underrated, Dara could change your perception away as she nailed one by pairing it with Nike sneakers and bag for additional detail.


Versace Abstract Dress

Dara went a little eclectic as she paired her red Versace abstract designed dress with a gray Nike shoes, creating a contrasting shades that doesn't compliment one another but definitely gives a fashion forward feels. 



Looking sleek but chic? With LBD, that's possible. Below Dara had worn one, particularly as buttoned one with square top, creating a classic feels as well.




Supreme Cropped Hoodie and Black Baseball Cap

Baseball cap also serve their purpose of adding an extra detail. Here, Dara looked more chic in her Supreme cropped hoodie paired with black pants that showed off her flat belly. Meanwhile the black cap did well in spicing up the look by adding a cool touch.


Burberry Cap and Jacket

In finishing her summer TBMonogram, a Burberry cap added a hot flare and and ubercool touch. But, the jacket topped on a cropped long sleeves made the look a little swag, and not to mention that it also shares the same design with her shorts. Thus, creating an iconic look.


Celine Cap and Velvet Jacket

A playful street style is what Dara had pulled below as she topped off her white shirt with a teal velvet jacket and paired these with a vibrant blue jogger pants. Meanwhile, the pink shoes made it playful for it added another shade. Above all, the Celine bucket hat in a plaid style, made it kinda edgy but perfectly pulled the style she aimed.



Nike Stylish Sneakers

Below Dara pulled a boyish look by wearing a yellow jacket paired with a denim chino shorts, and finished it with this white stylish sneakers with yellow strings and red shade on the Nike's logo. 


Yellow Crocs

Nothing looks cuter and iconic than a crocs with Jibbitz. Here, she paired her yellow crocs with Jibbitz embellishments with a purple top and printed base, creating an artsy look.


Knee-High Strap Booties

Dara played her fashion game below as she pulled a Gothic style and completed the look with a knee-high strap booties which provided more chic feels.



Square Sunglasses

As her caption says, "street style", she elevated it by adding a square sunglasses to make it look more iconic while protecting her eyes from the sun.


Oval Sunglasses

Here, she pulled another street style, but she opted to match a color palette so it's only right to wear an oval glasses with white frame.


Truly, she always consider her fit's palette and doesn't impulsively choose accessories that doesn't go well with the shades. Here, once again, she pulled a black oval sunglasses in adding flare and finer details in her chic but street style iconic look.


Dressing like a K-pop royalty is never hard as Dara taught you how. Surely, you now have your own personal favorite that you wish to emulate

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