Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Soobin From WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Soobin From WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

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Soobin's adorable charm is always emphasize in any style and outfits she pulls. All credits to her fashion sense and skills.

Park Soo Bin (박수빈) is the main vocalist of Cosmic Girls, better known as WJSN, and a member of its sub-unit "Sweet" which makes sense as she has the sweetest personality and visuals. In truth, she was even labeled as the happy virus of their group due to her adorable charm and personality, and was also given a nickname "Soobly". This primarily means lovely and no one would doubt because she really is. In fact, she looks captivating in whatever outfit she pulls, may it be simple, casual, chic, or edgy. 

To give you an idea of how she maintains lovely and adorable, we'll be diving deeper into her wardrobe and displays variety of styles and outfits. No more talking, buckle up and let these outfits do the rest.


Small Print Crew Neck Dirty White Shirt

While most of the WJSN’s members opt for more stylish and chic tops, Soobin prefers basic and comfortable staples like tees. They may be plain but she could definitely rocks them. For instance in the photo below, Soobin throws off a casual street style fashion by wearing a dirty white crew neck shirt with a small print on the right portion. For more details, she tucked it in her white base. Meanwhile the hues of the fits create a polished and clean looking style.


Crop Tee

While tees are boring for others, and are too plain, Soobin here proves them wrong by wearing a cropped variation of these and easily pulls a chic look. Basically, she paired hers with a high-waist denim jeans and worn a pink hand bag for a touch of feminine. Hence, overpowering the plain feels that the tee offers.


Plain White Shirt

However, on her lazy days she prefers to be comfortable by wearing only a plain shirt matched with her favorite denim pants. To add a little details, she just opt to tucked it in to make it look a bit fitted and more casual.



Black Micro-mini Skirt

While Soobin looked more relaxed and simple on the previous featured outfits, she could also look like a fashion stylist and slay in different fits flashed below. She pulls a very edgy but sexy style by wearing a micro-mini skirt below and topped it with an asymmetrical ruffled-embellished top. The look surely shows a fashion forward style and when you wear this, you’ll surely make everyone’s head turn.


Denim Micro-mini Skirt

Another micro-mini skirt is seen on the photo below but in a denim fabric. Surely, they are Soobin’s favorite, aren’t they? Well the photo speaks for that. These staples are really edgy, but no one would argue that they’re sexy and stylish. Here, Soobin pulled a denim on denim fit by pairing her base with a denim crop top as well, creating an sexy yet ubercool look.


White Micro-mini Skirt

But when you feel like micro-mini skirt are a it risqué, wearing a stocking is highly ideal to prevent feeling conscious like how Soobin styled hers. These stockings definitely added flairs on her fit, and a more statement on her base.



Bow-embellished Red Tube Dress

Soobin could also be creative when she wants. Here, she had worn a red tube dress with a bow-embellished train on the back, creating an edgy look, but very original and fashionable. Wearing this type of dress works well when going for gala, fashion runway, or when they provided a creative theme for an evening event.


Black Formal Coordinates

But when going for corporate events or simply going to an office work, coat layered polo and black pants are surely your best friends. They’re the most common and popular formal attire, perfectly designed for any corporate happenings. Here, Soobin worn one on her drama taping, but she paired hers with skirt which is also ideal for ladies. It’s a great alternative for pants and they are more feminine especially the pencil cut.


Pink Formal Midi Dress

However, if you think coordinates like the previous one are boring, elevating your formal style is possible and acceptable as long as it still fit the formal dress codes. Soobin for instance went all-feminine by wearing a pink formal midi dress embellished with belt to create a semi-fitted illusion. Also, this outfit can be worn on dinner gala or date, or any formal events that doesn’t requires a theme or specific dress codes.



Beige Tube Top and White Pleated Miniskirt

You have already seen many versions of Soobin, but an elegantly chic Soobin hits differently. Here, Soobin wear a white pleated mini skirt embellished with golden chain belt, and topped with beige tube, giving her chic elegance. Meanwhile, the knee-high boots complimented her fit even more.


Chic Purple Coodinates: Crop Top and Shorts

Soobin in a chic and sexy coordinates is a really a different level. As seen on the picture, she wears a shiny purple crop top, paired with the same color for her shorts base which has a v-cut style, exposing a portion of her belly skin. Surely, eyes would be on Soobin when she starts dancing on stage already.


White Long Sleeve Blouse and Tweed Skirt

But, for quiet sophisticated style, Soobin has something to offer as well. Below, she wears a loose long sleeve blouse embellished with bow on collar to give not only a details but a touch of feminine feels. Also, she tucked it under her tweed skirt to make it more fitted and detailed.



White Spaghetti Strap Midi Dress

Soobin’s feminine and delicate side are easily revealed when she wears dresses. On her more relaxed days, she opt for flowy ones like this spaghetti strap midi dress below. It easily gives a refreshing and relaxing feels that is perfect when going outside for a picnic or weekend wonder.


Cream Bodycon Midi Dress

But when she flaunts her hour-glass figure, a bodycon dress like what is shown below never fails to do its work. The dress is not revealing, but it still helped unveil Soobin’s sexy aura by accentuating her curves. The silhouette of this dress really did well in fitting perfectly to Soobin’s body, hence revealing his femininity even more.


White Long Sleeves Midi Dress

However, if you believe in the ideology of conservatism, loose types of midi dress is advisable. A concrete example of this is what Soobin wears below. Surely, this dress would cover most portion of your skin, but still keeps you fashionable. Here, Soobin pulled an edgy look by wearing a high cut flat shoes instead of a sneakers. But, no doubt it’s a fashion forward style. Even so, if you’re opting for all-feminine with this dress, choosing stilettos or platforms heels and/or sandals would definitely do the look.



Knitted Cropped Bolero Jacket 

Since jackets has commonly thick and warm fabric, they’re definitely perfect for cool weathers. However, if you want to throw off a jacket on a hot sunny day, opting for the cropped bolero jackets is the best choice you would ever make. Surely, these staples are new but are definitely in vogue due to the fashion and statement they give. As seen below, Soobin definitely glammed up her chic look by layering her inner top with a knitted cropped bolero jacket. The chosen fabric is definitely soft, and this give a refreshing feels.


Button Down Knitted Jacket

But if it’s really cold or you’re going out for a cool night, wearing the button down jacket are preferable, as you can either use them for layering or wear them alone. Also, when they used for layering, you could easily unbutton them when you felt hot and sweaty. But, if the wind blew hardly, you can quickly buttoned them up to give your body a comfort and warmth. One example of this is what Soobin wears below. Here, she pulled her adorable side by wearing the jacket alone without layers or anything. The messy hair bun also added a more touch of cuteness to her cozy look.


Brown Wrap Long Coat

Long coats are otherwise advisable when it’s really cold. They’re better than regular jackets as they are long enough to provide your almost whole body a warmth and comfort, but still makes you look classic. Here, Soobin layered her fit a long wrap coat to add extra layers to produce more warmth. For more finer details, she embellished it with scarf that gives her neck a warmth as well.



White Winter Fur Hat

Winter hat are definitely for colder seasons, but having them in fur fabrics shouts for a style and lavish aura like what Soobin wears. It doesn’t just add warm to her head, but since fur fabric are quiet costly, this provides her an expensive aura.


Navy Blue Baseball Cap

Moreover, when she feels lazy or just opting for simpler and casual look, she prefers to wear baseball cap as flashed below to match with her outfit. It doesn’t give much details, but it surely gives an idol vibes, as most artists wear this kind of hat when hiding from attention of public.


Pastel Pink Beret Hat

Soobin also wears berets when opting for a French feels or Parisian chic style as flashed below. Her beret hat easily brought sophistication and class to her overall fit without having to styled it more.



Black and White Sneakers

Sneakers are her go-to especially on her more relaxed days. These pair gives her comfort as she rides her bicycle while strolling around. Surely, this would help prevent having sore in her feet. But most importantly, she looked effortlessly stylish with these shoes. Not too mention that its colors complimented her outfit’s palette, hence creating a perfect balance. So, whether you’re going for a jogging, walking or just simply wants to stroll around, sneakers are the best option to prevent your feet from being sore and in the same manner easily gives your fashion game a stylish points.


White Combat Boots

But when going playful with your fashion game, combat boots are very helpful. As seen on the picture, the dress and the footwear are quiet unmatched and thus we can label them as “opposites”. Nonetheless, they still turned out accidentally a good combination. The cut of the green mini dress showed off Soobin’s feet easily while the white lace up boots flatters them more. Meanwhile, its classic puff sleeve shouts for an edgy style. Hence, creating a fabulously feminine yet edgy looks.


Black Leather Shoes

If edgy fashion is a person, Soobin surely embodies it. As flashed below, she pulled another edgy fashion style by wearing a black leather shoes which looks like a men shoes. Again, it’s totally opposite to her feminine outfit, but created an unexpected combo. She also paired these with white crew socks to create a balance in between the space from her skirt and shoes.



Flower-embellished Silver Hair Claw

Certainly, every WJSN’s member have something unique feature that they set themselves. Soobin’s in particular can be traced in her glamorous head accessories. Here, Soobin styled her hair with silver flower-embellished hair claw that gives her sparks and compliments her gorgeous chiffon dress.


Purple Feather-embellished Hair Claw

Meanwhile in this photo, she matched her sparkly purple dress with a purple feather-embellished hair claw to create a perfect balance while in the same manner flatters her hair more. Although the hairstyle seems basic as it was just tied up, leaving the bangs in her forehead, the hair claw did justice in adding a touch of glamour to the said hairstyle.


Black Ribbon-embellished Hair Tie

The photo below only proves that Soobin’s way of throwing off a head accessories is by the method of mix and matching them with her outfit, primarily with its color. If in the first picture, she mixed the silver hair claw with her gradient chiffon dress, the second photo and definitely this third photo speaks for matching. Obviously, she chose a head accessories on which its color would be from the same shades in her outfit palette. As flashed below, she wears a black bow to add details in her bun hairstyle, preventing it to look basic.


After seeing Soobin in different outfits and style, we're sure you couldn't agree more that she is really lovely, and by dressing like her, you could definitely unveil that hidden charm. But, if you're looking for a more fashionable guide, check out Bona's article. If you opt for chic and sexy, visit Seola's, Luda's and Dayoung's; for mix and matching styles, see Yeonjung's and  Dawon's; and for other various styles read Cheng Xiao's, Exy's, Eunseo's, Yeorum's and Xuanyi's.

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