Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Sooyoung From SNSD

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Sooyoung From SNSD

Sooyoung Choi's simple and understated style has glimpses of her savage personality

By Julianne Babaran

Sooyoung is a part of the three girls who parted with SM Entertainment to start her own journey in her own terms, she left with members Seohyun and Tiffany in 2017. Since then, she starred in an impressive and long list of K-dramas, Variety Shows and even releasing her own songs. On top of that, she has a stacked list of song credits and movie associations. Still remembered by her funny and youthful charm, the Girls Generation lead dancer and rapper is happily joining the rest of the group for their comeback album 'Forever 1'. 

Although neither the youngest nor oldest, Sooyoung towers over her members with a height of 5.5 ft. but the maknae is not far behind. On her Instagram the star is simply chic and with hints of edginess sprinkled in some outfits, her style is magnetic and relatable for most K-beauty fashion fans. 

Read more to see just how she styles herself and the common things to look out for in wanting to dress like the one and only Sooyoung. 

Tops : Midriff Style, Layered Tops, Elaborate Blouses

White Midriff Tank 

Y2K is a hard style to appear as refreshing, but as a prominent celeb in that time, Sooyoung killed and owned it. She styled a simple white tank with low rise denim bottoms and a crop cardigan. The color combination is earthy, easy on the eyes and playful without showing too much. 

Denim Ensemble 

You can't take out the swag from the dancer even if you tried. In all denim ensemble, Sooyounr wore a bustier style denim top with the widest baggy denim pants. The event for Mulberry was fashion and swag as the star served the aura of both styles. 

White Tee with Tweed Cardigan 

In a world of hoodies, be a cardigan person. Cardigans with inner wear are easier to make it look stylish. Not to mention you can shed the outer layer if you wish anytime throughout the day. She paired the otherwise very casual and relaxed style with the tweed fabric to for texture and dimension. 

Mixed Crop top with Sweatpants 

Your favorite is an understatement. Mixed formal and casual is all the rage and its never been so much easier to do. She styled a crop top tube with blazer jackets and sweatpants and white sneakers. Outfits like this aren't for the paint hearted, best to go all the way and show of your abs while you're at it. 

Zebra Patterned Long Sleeve Blouse 

Sweat heart neckline don't have too revealing or too risqué, Sooyoung goes for a softer style and patterned long sleeve for more modesty but the totality of these small details make for a very chic and aesthetically pleasing top especially when you account the fabric against patterned. 

Black and White Floral Top 

Go wild and wear whatever! By which we mean, patterned and relaxed in a top. Happy Holidays calls for extravagant prints and playful and relaxed feels. She paired a flowing floral top with a wide leg pants and furry hat all showing how much fun a party should be.  

Jackets : Textured Blazers, Fur Coats, Leather Jackets

Brown Tweed Blazer

Adult wear means brown tones become more default rather the last options. Sooyoung likes to compliment like tones by layering similar colors, like here brown blazer and top with different shades and textures. This creates optimum warmth and easy on the eye aesthetic. 

Cashmere Off White Blazer 

Blazers camouflage into more relaxed styles like this one with relaxed shoulders and shape. Sooyoung similar color pairings as I mentioned earlier is seen in her inner top. With slim fit jeans and pearl necklace, this simple and elegant combo is priceless. 

Brown Fur Trench Coat 

This oversized fur trench coat is a walking blanket. It provides a shelter; autumn is hibernation season and Sooyoung is following the colors of the weather with brown, gray and white. Her light cohesive ensemble complimented her brown trench coat and sneakers with brown detail. 

Gray Tone Outfit

Color cohesive queen strikes again, light fur cardigan paired with dark gray wide leg pants and sneakers with gray and black detail. The mix match of fur and slacks texture and white button up, this is the ultimate hybrid outfit adaptable to any occasion. 

Leather and Denim Combo

Nothing like a classic, tee with denim pants, leather jacket and black sunnies are the alternative beach uniform next to swimsuits. She killed the classic look with straight loose hair and white shoulder bag. 

Leather Look in the City 

In a different version, in a busy city, wearing simple and plain clothes complimented properly is so easy and can give a beautiful break for the eyes. She styled a plain white top with denim skirt and leather jacket and white sneakers, Sooyoung go to shoes of choice. 

Bottoms : Wide Leg Slacks, Black Biker Shorts

Wide Leg Slacks 

An easy pair of bottoms that come in a variety of color and can adapt to casual and formal. She pairs it with complimenting colors. A wider leg is more dramatic commands a masculine but feminine feel with the flow and shape. 

Gray Slacks with tie detail 

On top of looking so formal and mature, they can be a comfy pair to style for relaxed activities. Sooyoung is more or likely just sitting down for this event but she'll be comfortable without comprisingher look. 

Biker Shorts Lounge Style 

Princess Diana did something when she came out to where biker shorts, but in a more modern and Korean way, pairing neutrals is the way to go. Playing with dogs and relaxing outdoors, Sooyoung paired the bottoms with a wool zip jackets and chunky dad shoes for an agile-friendly outdoor activity. 

Biker Shorts with Blazer 

A city look might do well when the weather is sweltering, in this case Sooyoung whips out the biker shorts, keeping the element of city chic with the blazer and graphic tee with of course the chunky shoes. 





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