Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Sunghoon From ENHYPHEN

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Sunghoon From ENHYPHEN

We have finally arrived at our 4th Generation Idols series, starting with the 4th Gen fast-rising group, ENHYPEN. ENHYPEN is a 7-member group formed in a survival show called I-LAND. They debuted on November 30, 2020, their first EP, Border: Day One.

     Sunghoon In A Blue Velvet Blazer Partnered With Black Trousers And High-Top Shoes


Park Sung-hoon started figure skating at nine and was a figure skater for ten years. He was a competitive ice skater before becoming a trainee at Big Hit Entertainment. During those years, he won two silver medals in national ice skating competitions while representing his own country, South Korea, in several international competitions. After training for two years and one month, he debuted under ENHYPEN, finishing the survival show in sixth place as Vocalist, Dancer, and the group's Visual. 

      Sunghoon in a button-down shirt


When it comes to his fashion style, Sunghoon likes wearing himself formally- button-down shirts, trousers, and dress shoes. However, Sunghoon also knows how to style himself casually- shirts, hoodies, and jeans- it's just a matter of how he wears them.

If you're still wondering how ENHYPEN's Ice Prince radiates his fashion style, scroll down for more as we have more to discuss for. 


Shirts are one of the things Sunghoon likes to wear. Sunghoon likes wearing his shirts simply by wearing them as it is, but he likes wearing a more graphic-looking shirt for a fashionable look. 

White Graphic Shirt

An example is these white graphic shirts Sunghoon wore with denim pants. Usually, the types of looks he likes wearing. 


Black Graphic Shirt

Opting for a more lounge-wear and comfortable feel, Sunghoon wore these black graphic shirts at what seemed to be their dorm.


Tie-dye Shirt

For a more refreshing look, Sunghoon went for a tie-dye shirt in one of their photoshoots, perfect for this season- Summer. The tattered pants were the perfect bottoms, to be honest.



Just like his co-members, Sunghoon likes wearing button-down shirts too. He likes wearing plain ones but could also wear the ones with patterns when doing layered outfits.

Black Button-Down Shirt

In a recent airport preview, Sunghoon can be seen wearing a black button-down shirt he partnered with trousers he tucked in with. The belt completed the look, to be honest.


Peach Button-Down Shirt

He also went with these peach button-down shirts he partnered with denim pants. It's undoubtedly one of his favorite looks for a simple smart-casual look.


Mustard Button-Down Pieces With Pattern Designs

For a different fashion twist, Sunghoon went for these mustard button-down pieces with pattern designs. As usual, he partnered them with pants, too, but he wore a black shirt underneath for a layered look.



Denim pants are one of the things Sunghoon opts for when it comes to bottoms. He usually jumbles between light and dark shades, but it doesn't matter since he looks good in both ways. 

Black Denim Jeans

This iconic TikTok video of Sunghoon wearing an all-black outfit in black denim jeans. I think we all have been Sunghooned in some ways.


Light-Washed Denim Jeans

Going for light and soft aesthetics, Sunghood went for light-washed denim jeans he paired with these pink cardigans. It's one of the outfits he used for his MC gigs. 



Sunghoon opts for trousers, especially when he is going for a much more formal look or flowy outfits. Trousers are a great alternative to denim pants, and they are much more comfortable to wear because they are so light.

Black Trouser

An example of this is the All-black outfit Sunghoon wore. He mixed his trouser pants with a shirt and bomber jacket. This could also be an example of tech-wear.


Black Trouser 

Using his favorite garments to wear, Button-down shirts, he likes partnering them with trousers. Sunghoon went for black in this one, depending on the color style, to partner it with the gray button-down shirt.


Tailored Black Trouser

Going for a smart-casual outfit, Sunghoon partnered his tan-colored blazers with some black trousers. It was a simple outfit yet classy and clean.



When it comes to outerwear, Sunghoon likes wearing hooded jackets. He likes wearing them as they as but also likes wearing interesting things like denim overalls, but one thing for sure, he likes wearing plain ones. 

Black Plain Hoodie Jacket

In this picture, Sunghoon wore this black plain hoodie jacket he partnered with some black trousers. The black dress shoe suits its overall aesthetics, especially since it elongated its legs well.


Pastel Yellow Hooded Jackets

He put pins into these pastel yellow hooded jackets- making a more exciting fashion aesthetic. He partnered them with a black jumper for a fun look- the perfect outfit for athletic work.


Navy Blue Hooded Jacket

Sunghoon went for a navy blue hooded jacket in one of their episode in EN-O'CLOCK for a simpler look.



It looks like Sunghoon has found the perfect outerwear for his broad shoulders. Blazers are one of his favorites to wear- maybe as a casual outfit or for traveling- nevertheless, he still looks good in them.

Brown Blazers

In this TikTok video he posted, Sunghoon wore these brown blazers over the black turtle neck. Such a classic piece and combo, especially during the cold weather.


Khaki Blazers

Going for a casual outfit, Sunghood wore these khaki blazers over the white shirt. This is also one trick to make your relaxed fit, the shirt, into a more formal-looking one.

Green Blazers

In his recent travel, Sunghoon wore these green blazers over these knitted pullovers- such an interesting piece, to be honest.




Sunghoon likes wearing glasses, especially metal frame ones. He usually wears them in different aesthetics- casual to formal and looks good with them.

An example is Sunghoon wore these glasses over these classic plaid suit pieces. For some reason, these remind me of old-school aesthetics.


Metal-Framed Glasses with Black Lining

The same glasses, but Sunghoon partnered them with a casual white shirt this time. This outfit reminds me of the ones we wore when we went to school.



There has been this time, Sunhoon went addicted to wearing these black plain bucket hats. I also went through this phase because of how good it looks like every outfit you could have.

Black Bucket Hat

Sunghoon in a blue textured top and blazers and partnered with his favorite black bucket hat.


Black Bucket Hat

Sunghoon in denim tattered jackets he partnered with again, his black bucket hat.


Black Bucket Hat

He also partnered these bucket hats with the white turtle neck and a button shirt.


Long Chain Necklace

Although not having piercings, Sunghoon likes wearing necklaces with long thin chains with small to medium pendants. Aesthetic and minimalistic style.

Textured pullover he partnered with the long chain necklace.


Long Chain Necklace

He also partnered with a black textured pullover and this long chain necklace.



White Sneakers

When it comes to footwear, Sunghoon likes wearing white sneakers. He wears them on every occasion- formal or casual athletic wear.

Like this one where Sunghoon wore white sneakers over the pullover and trouser combo.

 ENHYPEN Sunghoon outfit fashion


White Running Shoes

He also partnered these white running shoes with sweatpants and a pullover combo. It could also be the perfect loungewear. 


Ankle-Length Boots

Aside from sneakers, Sunghoon also likes wearing ankle-length boots. He either pairs them with trousers, pants, or denim ones.

Sunghoon is wearing black ankle-length boots over his straight-cut denim pants.

 ENHYPEN Sunghoon fashion shoes


Black Dress Shoes

He also paired this all-black outfit with black dress shoes. It was elongating his legs, creating an illusion of having longer ones.

ENHYPEN Sunghoon Fashion update


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