Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Sunny From SNSD

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Sunny From SNSD

Sunny is bringing in classy 'sunshine energy' in fashion

By Julianne Babaran

Lee Soon-kyu or more famously known, Sunny is the lead vocalist and aegyo master in Girls Generation. The laid back member is by no means a show of her lack of jobs. Sunny has starred and released multiple K-drama soundtracks in collaboration with other K-pop sensation Super Junior as well her bandmates, Seohyun, Sooyoung, Jessica and Tayeon. She went on to voice acting starring in Koala Kid: Birth of A Hero. Trying her hand in the arts, she was also successful in theatre, her performance caught the attention of critics and ended up bagging a nomination for 'Best New Actress'.

Apart from being well travelled, the star is also extremely independent calling herself  'non marrying type'. Her simple and understated style echoes the same sentiments as its the perfect mix of classy and girlfriend style. 

Read more to see how the star styles herself on Instagram.

Tops : Dainty Blouses, Vest Tops, Button Ups

White Frill Blouse 

Sunny is a big fan of long sleeve blouses, particular to one with frill, and other eyelet and dainty patterns. Her trick is to follow the vibe of the blouse and add accents underneath, a classy blouse calls for a classy hairdo and everything else. 

 Dusty Mint Blouse 

Often seen in radio shows, and other daily programming, her job calls for her to be the epitome of put together for her audience. That's why blouses and tops are very important to be statement and beautiful. She normally pairs it with an updo to keep the clean and simplistic look. 

Cream and Red Cardigan Top

Outdoors in autumn, it's easy to go crazy with the colors in hope of finding the perfect combo but Sunny likes to simply it with light colors. She wears a dainty and classic designed top that is timeless and not too elaborate. 

Blue and White Vest Top

Layering vests on button up blouses are a perfect way of adding an extra layer of warmth in a stylish and low-key way. And since her environment is a mixture of office rooms and cameras, she gets the best of both worlds. Wearing a designed and colorful vest on top of just plain button up and jeans will add flow. 

Pink and Beige Argyle Vest 

A baby pink shirt paired with an argyle vest sweater is perfectly classy and youth. No more gatekeeping colors! She paired the delicate and soft designed top with pin jeans and sneakers. Such an outfit would look best with hair down, needless to say she looks amazing.  

Black and White Layered Vest Top 

 In a series of post with newly debuted group, Aespa, Sunny wore the reliable and ever fitting blouse and vest combo. She wore a bell sleeved blouse top and velvet vest with gold detail. She paired it with straight leg jeans with a bell bottom detail and finished with white boots to give contrast to her top. 

Baby Blue Button Up with Scarf

Posing with fellow hosts, Sunny wore a baby blue button up top with a printed silk scarf paired with dark wash jeans and simple styled hair. The outfit is appropriate and fitting especially for filming. 

Dresses : Knee length and Baby Doll

Black Dress with Doll Neckline Detail

Happy Sunny Day! In a series of photos for her birthday surprise, she wore a black knee length floral dress with minimal design over a white button up with bell sleeved and eyelet detail. She matched her dress with a black headband accessory.  

Red Baby Doll Dress

In a festive mood! Sunny wore a simple red baby doll dress with a classic white collar detail and a plain red long sleeve dress. She matched it with a baby doll shoes with crew socks and a big black bow detail on her hair to tie it all together. 

Black Dress with White Collar Detail

In a more casual version of the previous dress, she styled it in a longer length with plastic boots. The small details on the dress makes it simple and understated that anything too distracting can ruin the look. 





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