Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Taeil from NCT

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Taeil from NCT


With his incredible Voice and talent, Taeil is making his name in the fashion industry as a fashion influencer too!


Taeil is known for being one of the best member of the famous Korean group, NCT. He is also the main vocalist of he two sub unit of the group, NCT U and NCT 127. He is widely known as the OST master only knowing tha he sang one of the most famous Korean drama OST 'Starlight' from the famous hit series "Twenty five, Twenty one". 

Tail is really something we should idolized for, I mean he is a total package! His looks, talent, fashion and even personality is so ideal. No wonder why he had so many fans around the world. Taeil is serving us all what he got so in this blog we will hell you to be like him or dress like him as you wanted.



Taeil went for a boyfriend look by wearing an oversized striped long-sleeved shirt with denim.



White Long Sleeves

Meanwhile Taeil mostly like to wear white long sleeves for his casual event or even concert even too. his kind of sleeves makes him comfortable and also fine looking.



Floral Polo Shirt

With this type of top, he can experiment with any style. On vacation, you'll notice him dressed in floral or patterned attire. A short-sleeved one is preferable in hotter climates. Choose ones with a less structured and hard fabric for greater comfort.



Oversized White Graphic Tee

 Well graphic tees are always in our list when it comes to kpop fashion style. It will always part of their aesthetic fashion outfits because its supremacy and unique kin of vibe that every tees given to them.



Black Shirt

As always black shirt is one of the best option to be part of your OOTD. 




Light Blue Denim Pants

Taeil nailed the boy-next-door look by wearing his denim pants with a light gray sweatshirt.



Gray Jogger Pants

When Taeil wants to feel cozy, he wears jogger pants like the ones shown below. He wore it here with his favorite gray graphic pullover.



Military Green Wide Leg Pants 

It's always the smallest details. Taeil wore a plain white shirt, a dark blue denim jacket, and military green wide leg pants while sightseeing on the beach. With his outfit, he resembled an artist.




Black Zipped Turtleneck Jacket

Taeil is warm and cozy in his black turtle neck zipped jacket. If you swipe right, you'll notice that he's also wearing a white tee underneath. This jacket is, of course, ideal for layering.



Black Graphic Hoodie

Well no one will say no to black hoodies especially those who has graphic design. It is always cool to look at.



Bomber Jacket

Bomber Jackets always too good to partner to your plain white shirt and denim pants.




Black Bucket Hat

Taeil's boyfriend look was elevated by simply adding a black bucket hat to outfit.



Black Baseball Cap

Black baseball caps always the best to be paired with nay outfits you have. 


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