Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Ten from NCT

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Ten from NCT


A perfect 10 for NCT Ten for his skills when it comes to fashion!


Ten is an SM Entertainment dancer and singer from Thailand. He is a part of the boy band NCT, as well as NCT U and WayV and the supergroup SuperM. Additionally, he makes up half of the subunit duo WayV-TEN&YANGYANG. 

Aside from being one of the famous artist in Kpop industry, Ten is widely known as a fashion icon too! His outstanding charisma and great sense when it come to fashion is such a good thing.

This blog will help you on how to dress up like NCT member, Ten.



Button Down 

No one can defeat the hotness of a button down long sleeve outfit like Ten used to wear on his Instagram post. He perfectly paired it with his light washed denim pants. He really looks so fine and gives a boyfriend material vibe with this outfit.



Graphic Muscle Tee

Wanna look hot like NCT Ten? Well try this shirt with your chosen pants. This kind of muscle tee will give you a more artistic and fashionable vibe especially if you paired it with a fitted denim pants.




White Oversized Shirt 

Well Ten loves wearing oversized shirts especially white ones. The simplicity it gives makes you look more fashionable and neat.




Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are made to give you more comfortable feeling while wearing a pants with style. This is also so popular among Korean idols like Ten, they often wear this during their daily activities like dance practices.



White Chino Pants

Chino pants are so perfect to wear a casual and formal events or occasions, well what makes if you paired your white chino pants to your white fancy top? What a perfect combo right? like NCT Ten did. He looks so expensive with this outfit.



Light-washed Denim Pants

Denim pants will be always part of our fashion outfit. It can be paired in any top you have like Ten.




Graphic Hoodie

Hoodies are always the best when winter seasons, aside from its aesthetic appearance, hoodies are so convenient to have and can be style with anything you have.



Green Trench Coat

Try to style your winter outfit with this kind of coat that Ten used to wear. It looks so elegant and swag to look at.



Pluffy Coat

Well if you want to warm your body with a touch of fashion try this coat it will really gives you a comfy feeling with a cool vibe.



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