Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Tzuyu From TWICE

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Tzuyu From TWICE

The youngest member and the golden maknae of TWICE Chou Tzuyu captures everyone's attention by her looks since day one. Being just 16 years old, the Taiwanese-born future idol was one of the youngest participants of JYP survival show and we fell in love with Tzuyu the moment we first saw her hard work, dedication, and obviously stunning visuals. 

She stood out thanks to her delicate features and proportionately ideal body, which ultimately led to TWICE including her in their lineup for their debut album that eventually became one of the most lucrative girl group debuts to date. TWICE were so popular that their debut music video for "Like Ooh-Ahh" became the one with the fastest 100 million YouTube views!

And despite how many years passed, the girl group remains to stay on top. And even if Tzuyu's sense of style has changed dramatically since her debut, it still remains as one of the biggest interests of ONCEs and we are here to help your curiousity!

Let's take a closer look on Tzuyu's style step by step and see how you can dress like her

Before we start, you might think that it's hard to have a similar style with idols as they tend to be fashionistas or have expensive things in their closets, but this is definitely not the case of Tzuyu. Despite having all the brands on the palms of her hands, her style is very simple!


From the very beginning, Chou Tzuyu likes plain and a little oversized Tees. They go perfectly with everything and make TWICE's maknae look stylish just like that. If you want a clothing piece you can wear anywhere, definitely go for the classic white or other mono color t-shirts!

Button-down Shirts

On the pretty pic below you can see another classic - white oversized button-down shirt. With the right make up and hair, it will never look boring but rather stylish and Tzuyu knows it well. She completed the look with simple white pants and we honestly don't know a better and easier option than a mono color look.

Another type of shirts Tzuyu loves are again simple, but pretty. Especially this lilac fluffy cropped shirt she was wearing on one of TWICE's shows. With her body goals, some slim fitting pieces are a must have, and she paired the shirt smartly with a pair of high waist jeans - a combination Tzuyu wears very often. It really shows off - but in the most modest and nice way - her hourglass sporty figure that she keeps in shape by both eating well and exercising on a daily basis.


However, there are surely other ocassions and styles TWICE's member chooses, but still stays true to herself with mono colors. Here, she is sitting - almost like a professor at university - with all white smart formal look. Covering her arms and making the outfit pretty and modest, a white jacket is the choice. Once again, a monochrome look, and again in white, is here to win.


Obviously, we cannot talk about female idol's and especially TWICE's style without mentioning skirts! Finishing with the white saga - though Tzuyu loves many colors, but white seems to be her favorite - you can often see her wearing a white pleated miniskirt. They can be styled perfectly with a simple tee with no prints, or with some, or maybe you like something more sophisticated like an interesting shirt? Everything will pair perfectly with a classic miniskirt like this.


But comfort is a necessary thing in a hustly idol life, and Tzuyu likes to be comfortable when she doesn't have to perform. Especially when traveling, so you will see her wearing a pair of comfy pants - here in a milk-tea color. Light and pastel palette and sweet aura - all of this is Tzuyu.

But we don't diverge away from classics, so in the more active and fun parts of her life and here - during the concerts - Tzuyu chooses and looks beautiful in simple high waist jeans.


What fashion guide about idol's style goes without mentioning caps? We think none, and as a celeb she is, Tzuyu loves caps! And if you're detail oriented, New York ones are her favorite. Add some light smokey make up, a beige bomber, and earrings with edgy detail, and the outfit is done. Or if you're not in a bold mood and just want to sit in a cafe with your pet or human friends, you can go for an oversized checkered button-down shirt, and add shorts underneath just like idols do.


Tzuyu, being the tallest member of TWICE is not nesessarily a fan of heels, so in her personal fashion choices the winners are always some comfy sneakers or another kind of shoes with flat soles. On the pic she took in the early spring, wearing a cozy sweater and wide jeans, she is wearing simple white shoes. Those are somewhere in the middle between being classy or sporty, but this only makes them more versatile to be worn with any kind of outfit.

And on a pic with her groupmate and bestie Dahyun, both of the girls look fabulous, and Tzuyu footwear choice once again is white color biased. But this time on the more athletic side with a pair of classic Nike sneakers. Whether you choose denim high waisted shorts like Tzuyu, white jeans like her sis Dahyun, or maybe long or short skirt, these just go well with everything. And you have a huge choice of tops to wear, from cropped tees to shirts, cardigans, jackets, or all of these together. White sneakers are here for anyone.


All in all, we think you are already on your way to adding some Tzuyu pieces to your shopping cart, aren't you? Because her style is very down to earth, sometimes simple, but deinitely comfortable both for the regular life and more formal ocassions. Just like Tzuyu, you don't need to go all fancy to be youthful, pretty, and stylish.


All pictures credit: Pinterest

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