Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Vernon From SEVENTEEN

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Vernon From SEVENTEEN


A visual that we all fall for, SEVENTEEN Vernon serving us his all fashion outfits with his creative fashion sense


Vernon is a Korean-American Kpop idol under Pledis Entertainment, known for having a great sense of fashion and also for having a bewitching visual. Vernon loves to dress himself beautifully that is why many fans are totally in him. His expensive vibe makes every outfits look so expensive too. Vernon is totally a fashion icon when he dress up himself and shared it on his Instagram posts.

No more further explanations, this blog will help you to dress like your favorite SEVENTEEN member, Vernon. 


 TOPS: Button Down Long Sleeve, Shirt

 Well as part of fashion we always have to find a way on how to design or to style every long sleeves we have. Like Vernon, he used to button down his long sleeves to have a cool vibe in this outfit.



Graphic White Tee

Well the supremacy of a graphic tee is in another level. It will be always in Vernon's closet as part of his everyday or even occasional outfits. 




Plain White Shirt

Nothing beats White Plain Shirt right? It really gives you a neat and classy look white wearing it, having this shirt and partnered it in any pants or even shorts you have will be perfect. You will literary look cool with this outfit effortlessly.



BOTTOMS: Denim Pants

Black Denim 

Vernon loves wearing denim pants as pat of his outfits, he loves to wear black denim pants like the one in his Instagram post.



Light-Washed Denim

Well this must be on your closet too so that you can dress you like Vernon. 



Dyed Denim

Are you sick of wearing plain denim pants? Well maybe try something exciting to wear like Vernon used to wear in his Instagram post.




JACKETS: Denim, Hoodie, Leather


Denim jackets will always be perfect for your casual occasions. It is also ideal to be part of your outfit for your summer season. 



Black Graphic Hoodie

Well the supremacy of having black hoodie is totally good. having this hoodie is best if you still want to look good during your night-out strolls with your friends like Vernon.



Leather Jacket

As always leather jackets will always be in the list of Vernon's outfits. Leather jackets gives you a cool and fine vibe and a boyfriend material vibe that everyone wanted.


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