Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Wheein From Mamamoo

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Wheein From Mamamoo

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Mamamoo's Wheein flaunts her sexy and gorgeous features using her unique fashion sense and skills.

Jung Whee-in is the lead vocalist, and lead dancer of Mamamoo, a popular K-pop girl group in South Korea. Aside from her golden voice that soothes everyone's ear, many admire her for having a proportional body figure which she achieved by living an active lifestyle and following a healthy diet. With that, she loves to show off her hard-earned sexy frame using her various and unique fashion styles which would be feature below. Buckle up, and get that pen to take notes as we would help you dress like Wheein from Mamamoo.



In matters of tops, long sleeves are one of Wheein’s favorite and go-to. She has different variation of these that she loves to wear to throw different styles.

White Long Sleeves Polo

Wheein aimed for a boyish look by wearing this plain white long sleeve polo where its collar design resembles mens style. To complete the look, she paired it with an oversized washed denim and a white Nike shoes. In doing that opposite look, a skirt or a short base would do magic.


Cropped Long Sleeve

Here, Wheein do the opposite style by specifically choosing a cropped long sleeves that easily accentuated her belly, giving her a sexy aura. Meanwhile the stylish base complimented her stop even more, making her look ubercool.


Lace Long Sleeves

Wheein can be stylish when she wants, and this photo only proves that. As seen below, she used her lace long sleeves as her inner top and layered it with a striped dress, creating an edgy look.

However, this Wheein inspired black lace long sleeves can be worn alone to look instant chic so consider getting yourself one.


White Long Sleeves Sweater Layered with a Butterfly Designed Knitted Vest

If you hate wearing your long sleeves sweater alone, you can spice them up through layering. As seen in the image below, Wheein easily elevated her plain long sleeves top by layering it with this black butterfly designed knitted sweater, giving her look more style and details.

If you want to upgrade your boring clothes, this Wheein inspired vest can definitely be one of your choices.



Wheein’s fashion style isn’t limited to one, but surely boyish look is one of her signature styles and she often does this by wearing denim bases paired with variety of tops.

Straight Cut Low Waist Denim Pants

Wheein looked eclectic in her semi-formal attire with a touch of edginess. Basically, she layered her casual look with a formal coat. It might have completed the semi-formal look if she has worn a flare pants or trouser. However, she paired her tops with denim, creating another trend.


Black and Gray Acid Wash Denim Pants

Meanwhile in this photo, she pulled a chic street style fashion by wearing a cropped leather jacket paired with a high-wait black and gray acid wash denim pants, and black bucket hat. Surely, the style of the pants is catchy, and thus made her look snappier.


Tattered Denim Jeans

In the image below, she pulled another street style look but in a more feminine feels. As flashed below, she paired her tattered denim jeans with a sleeveless fitted top that showcased her frame.



Black Coordinates

Wheein looked classic and expensive in these black coordinates. The look appeared to be more boyish, but to give it a feminine touch she specifically had worn a very long earrings. Also, this attire can be worn in a corporate setting.


Plaid Brown and Black Coat

While this coat offers comfort like what it did on Wheein, it can also be used in spicing up your formal look. It can be used as layering like what Wheein did, but in matters of formal attire, this goes well with white inner polo.


Gray Coat with Square Design

Meanwhile if you opt for a more minimalist feels, this gray coat with minimal square design that Wheein wears is perfect. Here, she used it for layering her inner polo top.



White Chic Ensemble

While Wheein often look boyish in her style, she could also pull a sexy style just like what is being flashed below. Here, she unveiled her sexy aura by wearing a white inner tube top layered with a white cropped jacket. Then, she paired it with a high-waist shorts and put a belt for more details. Hence, creating a white chic ensemble.


Long Sleeves Floral Mini Dress

Meanwhile in this photo, the long sleeves floral mini dress that she had worn in her fan meeting revealed her delicate and dainty side, making her look softer and more feminine.


Orange Coordinates

But surely, boyish fashion is her signature style. As seen below, she had worn a chunky orange shirt paired with an orange cargo pants. She also worn an orange cap to complete the orange coordinates. Thus, creating a swag look.



Navy Blue Wide Strap Bodycon Dress

Wheein looked like a high school student below due to her outfit that resembles a school uniform. Specifically, she used her navy-blue wide strap bodycon dress to layer her white inner polo top, and completing the school-styled look with a preppy girl shoes paired with white crew cut socks.

But this dress also looks great when worn alone for it gives a full chic feels and that might have interest you, so check it here.


Black Spaghetti Strap Dress

Meanwhile in the post below, she went full chic and this black spaghetti strap dress helped her achieved that look. Also, the dress has flare hemlines that made it more flattering.


Puff Sleeve Floral Mini Dress

Wheein proved that playful colors like green is also flattering. Here, she looked more feminine with her puff sleeve floral mini dress that gives a nature feels. Surely, this can be worn during picnic dates for it’s not only chic, but also provide a refreshing feel.



Black Tweed Jacket

Tweed jackets are more stylish than other types for they’re not only historic but are also classic and cool. For instance, Wheein easily added a touch of lavish in her casual style by layering her top with a black tweed jacket.

Check out the same style of this tweed jacket and layer whatever tops you have.


Oversized Black Jacket

Wheein pulled another boyish style by simply wearing a black oversized jacket paired with a cream cargo pants. The chunky jacket overpowered the feminine aura of Wheein, making her look more boyish. All in all, the style gave her an ubercool look.


Brown Knitted Sweater

Here she created another street style fit but the look has more feminine feels that the previous one for she opted to wear a knitted sweater where its v-collar provided a sexy feels. Also, the complimenting colors of her outfit’s palette contribute in making her style more aesthetically pleasing.



Teket Coll. Teal Baseball Cap with Black Brim

Wheein looked cooler in her fit in the photo provided below when she add this TEKET Coll. baseball cap in her fit, giving her look more details and style.


Plaid Bucket Hat

Surely, she loves elevating her look by opting for hats with minimalist design to prevent overdoing her look. In the image below, she had worn this plaid bucket hat in the cream shade which was the same hue for her sweater top, thus creating a perfect balance.


Fur Beanie

Meanwhile in the picture below, she unleashed her expensive aura by pairing her semi-boyish look with this white fur beanie. Fur types are quite expensive, and that contributes in making her look more lavish.



Black Preppy Girl Shoes

As previously mentioned on the dress category, Wheein opt for a school styled outfit in the photo below, and the black preppy girl shoes did well in providing that high school girl feels.


Black Knee-Length Booties

Nothing feels chicer than wearing a knee-length bootie like Wheein. Below, she looked even sexier in her fit, when she throws off these black knee-length booties which also elongated her legs more.


White Knee-High Booties

Meanwhile these knee-high booties are also chic but the dress she had paired with these is classic and elegant, thus making her look sophisticated.



Rectangle Peach Tinted Glasses

If you scroll through Wheein’s Instagram, you’ll see how much she loves to wear glasses to spice up her look even more. Here, she looked more iconic by wearing these trendy rectangle peach tinted glasses.


Oversized Round Glasses

Meanwhile, below she wears an oversized round glass to accentuate her small beautiful eyes. Also, the oversized sizing flattered her face even more, making her look younger.


Oversized Way Farer Clear Glasses

In this image, Wheein also wears clear glasses, but its frame is way farer which perfectly flattered her oval face even more, while in the same manner making her small eyes look bigger and livelier.


After reading this article, surely you have gathered enough points and have chosen your personal favorite look which you could emulate to dress like Wheein. However, we also suggest that you take time reading Hwasa's, Solar's, and Moonbyul's guide to discover more styles that would help you accentuate your best feature. 


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