Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Wonwoo From SEVENTEEN

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Wonwoo From SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEEN Wonwoo's style is based on his visuals rather than his outfits.


The rapper and one of the group's most talented members wears only a few cult favorite brands. The man's style is as understated as everything else about him. The singer, who is probably the most conservative and laid back, comes alive when he needs to be bright, charismatic, and funny. We might not make it if the lead rapper and sub vocalist keeps his serious face and attitude.

With features like a slim and fit body, broad shoulders, and a handsome face, most brands must be confused as to why the star insists on dressing simply. But it's all connected to his true shy self. Most people are perplexed because they have never seen him not dressed for official events.
In this article, we'll show you how to navigate the style of SEVENTEEN's Jeon Wonwoo.


Tops : Crewnecks, Vest and Polo, Pastel Colored Sweater or Hoodies 

Gray Crewneck with Black Polo Neck

Wonwoo's visual and style is quintessentially that of the polished, wealthy, and educated man; he styles or is styled in clean-cut looks more so in the past than in the present, but it has always been associated with him specifically.




Black Crewneck Knit Sweater 

Wonwoo wore this black sweater, which is both loud and simple, which is the balance of most of his official outfits.



White Polo Neck

This combination is essential for achieving the educated shy person look. Take note of how the clean cut style extends all the way down to his shoes, with no contrasting elements.



Black Hoodie 

Wonwoo practically lives in these; he can be seen wearing them all the time in the studio and even during dance practices; he wears them as a set and not separately.



Jackets : Blazer Jackets, Wool Coats, Trench Puffer Coat 

Red Zip Up Jacket 

Wonwoo wears a red blazer-type coat for an event. As one of the faces of the Kpop industry, you have to dazzle everyone with your personal appearance and sense of style, especially when you play live.




Gray and Black Wool Jacket

Aside from wearing his hoodies, the rapper swaps up his hoodie for a wool jacket look. In contrast to dark colors, he prefers cooler toned outerwear.


Black Trench  Coat 

The secret to wearing like Wonwoo, at least during his free days, is to just dress properly. He prefers to wear this long, black jacket out and about because it makes it the easiest to hide cover everything below.



Bottoms : Brown Khaki Chino Slacks, Classic Slacks 

Khaki Chino Slacks

Even though he enjoys wearing sweats, he also dresses appropriately for special occasions. He posted a photo of himself wearing this attire on Instagram, baring all, but choosing chino khaki pants that are both conservative and appropriate for an Instagram post.




Black Slacks 

Wonwoo keeps it simple and places more of an emphasis on sharp-looking silhouettes because the apparel makes up the majority of the ensemble.



White Cargo Pants

Wonwoo enjoys wearing light clothing, and it is clear that he favors lighter hues. He posed wearing a white shirt and cargo pants to create a semi-formal, casual vibe.



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