Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Woozi From SEVENTEEN

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Woozi From SEVENTEEN


His incredible outfits makes him look more interesting

Woozi embodies the quiet guy who wins you over over time. The singer-producer of the group assumes the responsibility of producing and performing for a lot of their songs as one of the lead vocalists and producers in the group. Woozi is well-known for a variety of things in addition to SEVENTEEN; he is both the man you see and the man who sings songs. He still plays a major role in many musical things in the background. Due of his height and face, Woozi is also regarded as one of the group's cutest and cutest members.

Having such an adorable visuals, Woozi is also known on having good taste when it comes to fashion styles, So here are he guide on how to dress up like Woozi of the group SEVENTEEN.


Tops : Collared Button down long sleeves and Shirts

Black Button Up Long sleeves

A manly looking for a talented person, Woozi is wearing a button down long sleeves that made him look so attractive and cool while playing drums.




Minimalist White Shirt

White makes you look elegant, that's what Woozi showed us white wearing his minimalist white shirt. He looks so calm and cool at the same time with this shirt.



White Graphic Tee

Another Graphic tee from Woozi will probably convince you to have one also to add to your close and become one of your fashionable outfits too.


Bottoms : Cargo Pants, Dry Fit Shorts

Wide Leg cargo Pants

Well every Kpop idols loves wearing wide leg cargo pants during their concerts so they can run, jump, and do everything they want comfortably. this kind of cargo pants is literary perfect for concert outfits too or even some occasions too.


Dry Fit sports shorts 

A good pair of dry fit shorts is a must-have for anyone. It's another no-brainer piece because it goes with everything and can be worn for any outdoor occasion, again in any color.



Jackets : Hoodies

Gray Hoodie 

Hoodies and hoops are also good options for girls. It really loos good for everyone especially if you wan to look simple like Woozi in this outfit.



Plain Black Hoodie

Black Hoodie is always on the checklist! We all really can't deny that black hoodies is always one of the best options for our everyday outfit.



Black Graphic Hoodie

And for another hoodie from Woozi, a black graphic hoodie is always the best for some attractive hoodie we all want to have. A perfect outfit for a concert stage rehearsal. 



Gray Zipper Jacket

Zippered Jacket will always our option aside from hoodies, This kind of jacket is our outfit saver. It can be also paired in any tops and bottoms we have. It can also be our top outfit if we don't have any tops available at the moment.




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