Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Yeorum  From WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Yeorum From WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

WJSN's Yeorum steals everyone's heart with her natural visuals accentuated by her fashion styles

Lee Jin Suk (이진숙) was Yeorum's original name which was later legally changed to Lee Yeo Reum (이여름). Presently, she's the sub-vocalist and sub-rapper of WJSN, as well as a part of WJSN's subunits: Joy and Chocome. Among the members of WJSN, she's known to be the quiet type. However, when she talks, she would explodes aegyo to the group. Hence, making her WJSN's most adorable member. Besides being cute, she's expert in pulling off any hairstyles as well, which she accentuate with her various outfits.

Moreover, she also gains attention for her natural visuals. In fact, many fans argued that she has an uncanny resemblance with SNSD's Taeyeon, and this becomes more obvious when she dolls herself up. With that, Unnie Looks would be presenting various fashion styles of Yeorum which she uses in dolling herself up.


Oversized Tee

Yeorum love to wear shirts when opting for simpler looks. But, she could definitely play with these and pulls any style such as casual boyish, sporty style, and dainty chic. Here, Yeorum aimed for casual boyish style by wearing a black oversized shirt and loose silk pants to overpower her feminine aura.


Baseball Jersey Shirts

Meanwhile in this photo, she achieved a sporty style by wearing a personalized and printed baseball jersey shirt which she paired with a denim jeans. Also, baseball jersey shirts whether personalized or not are good go-to when achieving for either sporty, boyish, or street style fashion.


Layered Tee

She could also be more feminine with these staples by layering her tee with a spaghetti strap dress as seen below. To elevate her chic style more, she had worn a headband that flatters her beautiful hair, as well as making her look more dainty.



Plaid Pajama

On her more relaxed days especially when she's having a me-time at home, Yeorum loves to stay cozy by wearing pajama. Here, she still kept herself stylish by wearing a plaid pajama paired with tank top layered that has fitted long sleeves which add a touch of chic look to her overall fit.


Oversized Wide Leg Pants

Meanwhile, in the photo below, she throwed off a casual look by wearing an oversized wide leg pants which help elongating her legs more. Then, she paired it with a cozy long sleeves for more comfort. Also, oversized wide leg pants works well in creating a chic look as long as they're paired with crop top; street style if they're matched with oversized shirt; and, many more.


Loose Jagger Pants

Loose jagger pants are perfect training attire as they are comfortable and easily allows one to move like Yeorum in the video for instance. Here, she paired hers with fitted tank top layered with shirt. But, she didn't worn her shirt completely to create a style while she's dancing.



One Shoulder Mini Dress

There are several choices in selecting an evening wear. But, the most critical part is choosing the staple that is appropriate to the event as you may not want to be a distraction. For instance, Yeorum attends an awarding ceremony on the picture below. Since she’s one of the candidates among the awardees, she made sure to prepare by wearing this black one shoulder mini dress that gave her personality and statement. The dress also did well in preventing her to be too revealing. Hence, still maintaining decency. To complete the look, she accessorize the dress by wearing a necklace which is connected to her dress, creating a style and uniqueness.


Red Midi Dress

But, if you prefer for simpler and casual feels, Yeorum also has one. As seen in the photo below, she wears a red midi dress that flatters her complexion. Then, she accessorized it with a belt, making her look slimmer. She had also worn a red earrings to match her dress and worn a red eyeshadow to accentuate her asset—eyes—more.


 A-Line Fitted Mini Dress

Another evening wear that Yeorum slays is this sequin-embellished A-line fitted mini dress. To elevate the look, she kept her wavy hair down, and accessorize herself with jewelries. Surely, this look is good for girls night out or house parties.




School Styled Fashion

School-styled outfits are surely Yeorum’s thing. This concept doesn’t only provide a unique theme, but also brings out one’s youthfulness. Here, Yeorum looked like a teenage campus girl crush by wearing a pleated and plaid mini skirt. Surely, the style is edgy as it combined two designs in one. Then, she topped it with a long sleeve white polo to make resemblance to a school uniform, and layered it with a fitted vest to make the inner top looked tucked. Never forget the necktie when making a school style fashion. Also, Yeorum surely loves twist as she paired her fit with combat boots instead of preppy-girl shoes. Obviously, her looks speak for a chic school-style fashion.


As seen on the photo, she pulled another school styled fashion but in a more simpler and cozy looks. Instead of a layered top, she opt for a fitted long sleeves which she tucked under her pleated mini skirt to make it more flattering. These kind of outfits are common across K-pop fashion industry. So if you’re about to perform a K-pop dance, this dance attire could be one of your choices.



But for more general attire that can be worn in any genre, matching top and pantsuits are ideal. However, jogger pants are much better than other types of pants as they are comfortable and stretchy, allowing one to smoothly execute every dance moves. As seen below, Yeorum wears a pastel pink cropped jacket and a jogger pants while she’s training. Since both training and dancing can be exhausting, leaving one to sweat restlessly, these type of attire are preferable for they’ll surely provide both comfort and style in one.



Spaghetti Strap Bodycon Dress

No one would disagree that spaghetti straps are sexy, and bodycon dress are chic staples. Hence, combining them in one clothes would totally make a jaw dropping staple like what Yeorum wears below for instance. She had worn a wash denim spaghetti strap bodycon dress that showed off her sexy aura. She also accessorized it with sparkly chain belt which made her look slimmer. Surely, this head turning outfit could make paparazzi go crazy about you.


Spaghetti Strap Fit and Flare Dress

While spaghetti strap dress are sexy, they could also show off one’s delicate and feminine side. Yeorum, in particular, unveil her dainty version by wearing a white spaghetti strap fit and flare mini dress. The neutral shade of white gave her look innocence and decency although the cut of dress is skin revealing. Wearing this type of dress are perfect for traveling, walking, or simply unwinding somewhere.


Maxi Dress

However, if you’re conservative, worry no more as Yeorum’s wardrobe has variety of dresses. Specifically, the maxi ones are certainly for you as they cover most part of your skin, hence prevents you from being conscious and feeling risqué. One of which is the flower printed black maxi dress with long sleeve that Yeorum wears below. This dress is good for outdoor trips, picnic dates, or any weekend wonder. Pairing them with bag would give the fit a better statement like how Yeorum did with hers.



Oversized jackets are everything. They provide warmth, comfort, and fashion without even trying too hard to style them. Below, Yeorum looked casual with her light gray oversized hoodie paired with denim jeans. Surely, there’s nothing more to see here, but a comfortable Yeorum who still looks good even by simply wearing two plain staples.


Here, Yeorum wears another chunky jacket but in a different shade. She also paired it with a loose denim base, creating an edgy but ubercool look. However, if loose bottom aren’t your thing, pairing them with fitted base is also ideal.


But knitted types are just really better than the woven ones, not only because they have smooth fabric. But also because they’re in vogue and its stretch gives one either a good fit or relaxed feels. Hence, they’re best staples in spicing up your winter or rainy season style. As seen below, Yeorum shouts “cozy” without really speaking it by letting her clothes do the work. The knitted sweater styled in an oversized silhouette exudes a casual piece, while its pair denim base uphold mix and matching textures, creating a classic casual look with a twist of modern flairs.



Baseball Cap

The photo below literally screams “fashion-forward” especially when Yeorum paired her cozy clothes with a baseball cap instead of a beanie or other winter hat. It may seem edgy but she still looked effortlessly cool without trying too hard.


Knitted Bucket Hat

But, in this photo, Yeorum definitely pulled an aegyo style by simply matching her oversized wool jacket with a knitted bucket hat. Meanwhile her face and pose made the look even more adorable. Essentially, besides from the comfort and warmth that knitted bucket hats give, they also allow one to have sense of freedom and joy when wearing them.


Beret Hat

Yeorum can be more feminine when she wants, and the photo below speaks for itself. Basically, she went all-feminine by pulling off the shade of pink in her tops and base. But, to elevate the chic style more, she had worn a pink beret hat to add more feminine touch without looking ridiculous.




Being comfortable and stylish would always be possible with sneakers. Thus, having them in your wardrobe is one of the best choice you would make. Whether you opt for a chic, casual, playful or sporty like Yeorum, sneakers surely has everything for you. As seen on the photo, Yeorum looked very sporty on her white sneakers paired with a sweater and a denim jeans. It’s a pretty basic outfit, but the sneakers elevated the look effortlessly.


Preppy-Girl Shoes

Achieving a school-style outfit never goes wrong with preppy-girl shoes. Obviously because the shoes themselves are widely used in school as part of their uniform. But, paring them with any staples, primarily skirts and dresses give a girl crush concept. Here, Yeorum spiced up her high school student look by wearing a heeled preppy-girl shoes to add an inch of height, making her look taller.


Half Shoes

Half shoes definitely shouts for fashion and uniqueness as they effortlessly combine style and comfort in one. Specifically, they look a bit edgy but they do well in letting your feet breathe but still keeping the style alive. For instance, Yeorum below paired her matching fits with a half-shoes that has the same shade with her clothes to create a perfect balance. The shoes also gave her fit a more touch of feminine feels.



Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier earrings aren’t just sophisticated. They are timeless as they were first used a thousand of years ago, and still in vogue until today. Here, Yeorum had worn a flowy chandelier earring to accessorized her evening wear. Hers were particularly a diamonds cut in little which sparks and thus are very eye-catching. Surely, when one wears these, many heads would probably turn.


Oversized Round Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are one of the most common earrings. But the oversized ones are common among dancers as they easily catch light. Hence, focusing the attention onto the one who wears them, like Yeorum for instance. Thus, it’s safe to state, the larger they are the better when performing on stage so that it’ll help you garners the viewer attention more.


Drop Earrings

Drop earrings on the other hand, are also sophisticated and works well when adding oomph and elegance to your style without overpowering the attention focused on your outfit. For instance, Yeorum added grace and elegance to her hot pink dress by wearing a crystal and diamond embellished drop earrings. The length and design of the earrings were just right to compliment her outfit.


We bet after reading this article, you're probably imagining yourself right now stealing your crush's heart by simply dressing like Yeorum, right? Follow her fashion guide to achieve a jaw dropping look. But, if you're looking for more details, you may consider reading her co-members articles: Bona'sSeola'sLuda'sDayoung'sYeonjung'sDawon'sCheng Xiao's, Exy'sEunseo's,and Xuanyi's.

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