(G)I-DLE Shuhua: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

(G)I-DLE Shuhua: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

Shuhua (슈화/舒華)
Shuhua (슈화/舒華) is a member of the South Korean girl group (G)I-DLE under Cube Entertainment.


Stage Name

Shuhua (슈화)

Real Name

Yeh Shuhua (葉舒華)

Korean Name

Yoo Su Hwa (유수화)

Date of Birth

 January 6, 2000


161 cm (5’3″)


45 kg (99 lbs)


-Fugang Elementary School, Yangmei District, Taoyuan City

-Taoyuan Municipal Fugang Junior 

-Taipei Hwa Kang Arts SchoolHobbies

Playing games and internet shopping

City of origin / Country



Singing, Dancing, Modeling


She wants everyone to live authentically without worrying about others' disapprovals, even those from their own families.

Ideal Type

Someone who makes her comfortable and happy.

Personal Life

When asked about their hard times as a trainee, she said “I could not understand (Korean), it was the hardest for me.”


Kpop idol, Singer, Model

Hidden Talents


Fashion Brands Worn

Gucci, NIKE, ADIDAS, Louis Vuitton, Prada, CELINE

Dating History / Rumors






Shushua Facts

-She is born and raise in Taiwan.
-Back in Taiwan, she studied in Taipei while living in Taoyuan, her hometown. Therefore, she had to travel 1.5 hours each day.
-Her English name is Susan. It was given to her by a kindergarten teacher.
-She’s a Rising Star Cosmetics Model.
-Shuhua can speak Chinese and Korean, but cannot speak Taiwanese, which is based on Southern Min.
-She is of half-Hakka-Han Chinese, half-Atayal (Indigenous Taiwanese) descent. Despite this, she has very fair skin.
-Shuhua hates strawberries and shrimps. She likes chocolate, stir-fried spicy pork and fruit juice.
-Shuhua is the most alcohol-intolerant member.
-She originally wanted to become an actress, before switching her ambitions towards becoming a singer.
-She likes watching dramas.
-She appeared in Rising Legends CUBE x SOOMPI Promotional Video.
-She used to think that she wanted to be an entertainer by seeing actors on TV since she was young, and always used to tell her family that she would be on TV some day.
-Her friends got her into Kpop, By then, from wanting to be an actress, she then wanted to be a singer.
-Even then, her family thought it was cute. She was serious and practiced acting alone every day, imagining that there was an audience in front of her.
-She confessed what she was feeling to the members and got a lot of encouragement from them. She was thankful that she did not give up.
-She trained for 1 years and 6 months before debut.
-She dislikes having her hair dyed in a lighter color after doing a color test.
-Shushua prefers wearing minimal makeup and dress comfortably and conservatively.
-She was featured in 10cm’s ‘PET’ MV together with Yoo Seonho.
-HyunA inspired Shuhua to be an artist.
-She auditioned for Cube in Taiwan on 2016.
-She was telling her family that she will be on TV.
-She wants to travel when she becomes an adult.
-She entered Cube in 2016.
-Shuhua is friends with former CLC’s Elkie.
-She really enjoys eating ramen.
-Introduced herself during the group's debut showcase as "(G)I-DLE’s visual maknae".
-In May 2021, she became the first K-pop artist from Taiwan to guest in a Taiwanese variety show. She made a special appearance in Mr Player, a modified version of Infinite Challenge.
-She dislikes people touching her head, even for a compliment.
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