All Of BLACKPINK's Outfits In 'Shut Down' (BLACKPINK FullCam)│@SBS Inkigayo 220925 & Fashion Breakdown | UnnieLooks

All Of BLACKPINK's Outfits In 'Shut Down' (BLACKPINK FullCam)│@SBS Inkigayo 220925 & Fashion Breakdown | UnnieLooks

All photos credits to: 스브스케이팝 Zoom via YouTube.


Shut it down! As the Queens are in Inkigayo's stage to perform their comeback song.



Heads up! As BLACKPINK hyped Inkigayos’s center stage once again with their newest song ‘Shut Down’. Today, September 25, 2022, BLACKPINK performed their song  Shut Down as their comeback stage performance and made everyone groove as they perfectly performed it on the Inkigayo stage. Last August, the biggest Kpop girl group sensation around the world performed in Inkigayo with their song ‘Pink Venom’ that is still ranking and winning in the show. BLACKPINK really made a big comeback this year after their two years hiatus. They definitely slayed on their comeback performances and made their fans extremely happy as they performed and shook the center stage once again. 

BLACKPINK Lisa, Rosé, Jennie and Jisoo looked very excited as their fans welcomed them once again. The loudest fan chants are in the area as well as BLACKPINK. They also standout on their fashionable outfits on stage while performing Shut Down, so let’s talk about their amazing and simple look they have on their performance in Inkigayo.

Here are BLACKPINK’s Outfits in their Shut Down Inkigayo comeback stage



Jisoo’s Look

Jisoo looks stunning in her midnight blue and black outfit, we really can’t deny how beautiful she is in every single outfit she wore and that made us fall for her deeper and deeper. BLACKPINK Jisoo is wearing a fancy black top topped to her cross strap top and partnered it with her booty shorts.



Jennie’s Look

BLACKPINK Jennie is totally giving us a sweet yet hot looking vibe as she confidently dances on the center stage. She's wearing a white long sleeve crop top with white neck tie and a black sports bra partnered with her black fitted mini skirt. She really set the standard!




Rosé’s Look

BLACKPINK Rosé is giving us all of her best by perfectly singing their song, with her perfect pitch, Rosé looks extremely attractive in her simple yet captivating outfit. She’s wearing a black and yellow sexy silhouette top and a sports bra with her shorts and leg boots.

Lisa’s Look

We always save the last spot for the best outfit, BLACKPINK Lisa literally hypes the stage as she shows off her killing dance moves. Her outfit looks perfect. I really love her outfit that made her look like a human barbie doll. She’s wearing a cool color long fitted sleeves that relaxes our eyes but at the same time Lisa keeps us going crazy. 


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