IKON Bobby: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

IKON Bobby: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

Bobby (바비) is a South Korean idol, singer and member of the group iKon under 143 Entertainment. He is also one of the member of the sub-unit MOBB.


Stage Name

Bobby (바비) 

Birth Name

Kim Ji-won (김지원)

Birth Date

December 21, 1995 (age 27)

Birth Place

Sinchon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea


175 cm (5 ft 9 in)


69 kg (152 lb)
Zodiac Sign

Blood type



Rapper, Singer, Idol

Solo debut

September 7, 2016

Personal life


Bobby announced his marriage to his non-celebrity girlfriend, who is also expecting a child, on Instagram on August 20, 2021. In September, the couple will have their first child. Bobby's fiancée gave birth to a baby boy on September 27, 2021, according to YG Entertainment.


 Departure from YG- 2022

Bobby's contract with YG Entertainment was not renewed on November 15, according to reports. The agency, however, stated that his contract with them had not yet expired. YG Entertainment announced on December 30 that iKON would be leaving the agency after declining to renew their contracts. However, the members would continue to promote as a group.



Studio albums
Love and Fall (2017)
Lucky Man (2021)

Digital singles
"Holup!" (2016)

Epik High - "Born Hater" (with Beenzino, Verbal Jint, B.I & Mino) (2014)
Hi Suhyun - "I'm Different" (2014)

"Record of Youth OST Part.6" ("Spotlight") (2020)

Other releases
"Show Me The Money 3 Part.2" (2014)
"Show Me The Money 3 Bobby vs. Olltii" (2014)
"Show Me The Money 3 Part.4" (2014)
"Show Me The Money 3 Part.5" (2014)



Studio albums

Love and Fall (2017)

Fashion Brands Worn

Fendi, Dior, Chanel, Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, VANZ, NIKE, ADIDAS, Supreme, BALENCIAGA, etc.



Bobby Facts

- Bobby was born in  Seoul, South Korea, but grew up in Virginia, United States.
- His family is very religious.
-  He appeared in HI SUHYUN’s “I’m Different” MV & Taeyang’s “Ringa Linga” MV.
- He loves to play basketball so much.
- His other members said that he is the mood maker of the group.
- Bobby loves to throw jokes to make the atmosphere light. 
- He loves to rap so much.
- Since he grew up in United States, Bobby speaks English fluently.
- It was announced that she has a non celebrity girlfriend.
- Bobby has already a son and it was announced publicly by his former agency.
-  Bobby and Donghyuk have a Tom and Jerry relationship. They spend a lot of time together.
- He prefers singing to rapping because it has a greater emotional impact on people.
- He was on Infinite Challenges' "My Ugly Friends Festival," but not because he is ugly, but because it was an Infinite Challenge and he was teased about it a lot afterwards. He wants to disprove the stereotype that he is ugly. He claims that he is not attractive, but that his distinct features make him appealing.
- His members said that he is the strongest person in the group, he can smash the apple in just 3 seconds.
- Bobby and BLACKPINK’s Lisa are the main faces and models of NONA9ON.
- He fell into a pool as a child and was saved by a woman, but when he wanted to thank her, she vanished like a ghost.
- According to him one of his ideal type for a women is someone who is strong and someone who always do her best in everything.
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