IKON DK: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

IKON DK: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

Kim Donghyuk (김동혁)
is also known as DK is a Korean singer, idol and member of the group iKON under 143 Enertainment.


Stage Name


Birth Name

Kim Donghyuk (김동혁)


DongDong, Dongaegyo, Lovebug Dong, Cutie Maknae


January 3, 1997


South Korea

Blood Type



175 cm


62 kg (137 lbs)



Zodiac Sign





Singer, Musician, Idol


Piano, Drums, Guitar


 Departure from YG- 2022

Bobby's contract with YG Entertainment was not renewed on November 15, according to reports. The agency, however, stated that his contract with them had not yet expired. YG Entertainment announced on December 30 that iKON would be leaving the agency after declining to renew their contracts. However, the members would continue to promote as a group. 

Fashion Brands Worn

Fendi, Dolce Gabbana, NIKE, ADIDAS, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, Supreme, Balenciaga, Dior etc.






DK Facts

- DK said that he started dancing after seeing Michael Jackson's performances.

He hates cockroaches.

- Many of his fans said that his voice is very similar to Jin-hwan’s voice.

- When he was a student he was too active, he was the president of the student council during his elementary and high school years.

-  he is best at aegyo because he used to feel like baby boy by his grand mother.

 - DK can hit high notes and is really good at falsettos.

- He said that his father died when he was just 8 years old.

- After watching the K-drama Bodyguard, his childhood dream was to become a bodyguard, and his middle school dream was to become a teacher.

-  He really loves winter season.

-  Jang Yujin, Yang Hyunsuk's (YG's CEO) daughter, is the most fond of him.

- On the streets, SM casted him. To prepare for the SM audition, he studied dancing at a dance academy.

- Last March 2012, he won the JYP Trainee Search competition, and in November 2012, he was hired by YG Entertainment.

- He is good at playing piano.

- He's been playing piano since he was young that is why he was so good playing it.

- In the survival show "WIN: Who is Next?" he was a member of Team B.

- He's a big fan of BIGBANG G-Dragon.

- He likes scotch whiskey. 

- He loves kids so much.

- He is good at playing with kids.

- DK was the last member of iKON announced.

- DK has a powerful voice, but he is not confident in his abilities.

- He is well-knowledge in history and popular culture.

- During his training, he decided to attend a JYP public casting.

- He likes, when there is green onion in his ramyeon. 

- He enjoys listening to music of Tory Lanez, Justin Bieber, and August Alsina.

- According to DK his ideal type is someone whose height is 158 cm, who is filled with aegyo, cute charm. He prefers older women.

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