ITZY's Outfits in the 'Dyson Style Lab' Pop-up Store

ITZY's Outfits in the 'Dyson Style Lab' Pop-up Store

ITZY's Surprise Appearance At Dyson Style Lab Pop-Up Store Wearing Chic And Stylish Outfits!

ITZY attended and posed at the opening of the "Dyson Style Lab" pop-up store that was conducted in Seoul. They wore a variety of colors in their clothing and styles that are casual but still seem feminine and exquisite.

Let's take a look at these eye-catching outfits worn by ITZY members below!

ITZY's Fashion Breakdown

1. YEJI's Outfit

ITZY's Yeji looks beautiful in her light purple-ish outfit. She wore a KWAK HYUN JOO's 23SS Separation Pearl Point Jacket. Apparently, the outfit isn't available yet but according to the designer, it will be out soon. As for her footgear, it is a GANNI Mary Jane Pumps.

2. LIA's Outfit

ITZY's Lia outfit is refreshing and cool to look at. Her top is a KIJUN Stitch Turtleneck while her bottom wear is a Cargo Wrap Shorts from the same brand. For her footwear, it's a SERGIO ROSSI Sr Nora.

3. RYUJIN's Outfit

ITZY's Ryujin looks chic and fabulous as she flaunts this ESSENTIEL ANTWERP top. It's a Lilac Sleeveless Ruffle Sweater. She's also wearing a SALT&CHOCOLATE 412246005 shoes for her footwear.

4. CHAERYEONG's Outfit

ITZY's Chaeryeong looks pretty in pink color! She donned a SEOUU clothes. These are Stitch Jacket with a white tube underneath it and a Diagonal Skirt for her bottom wear.

5. YUNA's Outfit

ITZY's Yuna looks dashing and stunning in her bright blue and dark combination outfit. Her top is a YCH Cut-Out Top while her bottom wear is also a Cut-Out Trousers.


[All Images by ITZY, COSMOPOLITAN KOREA, & K-Medias via JYP Entertainment]

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