Jay B's Latest Vogue Photoshoot Flaunts Big and Luxurious Fashion Brands

Jay B's Latest Vogue Photoshoot Flaunts Big and Luxurious Fashion Brands

GOT 7's leader, Jay B has a keen eye for luxurious brands in pulling off his unique fashion styles with his recent Vogue shoot.

The recent photoshoot of GOT7 Jay B garnered Ahghases attention as it unveiled a tatted and shirtless Jay B which made them went crazy and scream their lungs out. But what made it more exquisite are the big fashion labels he flaunt which may be left unnoticed as the fans were more focused with his new serve look. Nevertheless, unnielooks would break down the fashion styles and brands he showcased in his Vogue shoot.

Look #1

Jay B pulled an ubercool streetstyle fashion in the photo below where he wears a fitted Wales Bonner white tee that accentuated his broad shoulders. Then, he paired it with a plaid box designed Marni pants. Meanwhile, the black hoop earrings made him look like a bad boy in the street.


Look #2

Jay B brought 90s and vintage feels in the frame by wearing a turtleneck top paired with an Alexander McQueen leather pants. Then, he accessorized his fit with a Balenciaga sunglasses and finished the look with a Prada leather shoes.


Look #3

Meanwhile, in the photo below he achieved his mysterious concept with Saint Laurent staples, primarily a shiny knit sweater top paired with fitted pants, and a leather boots.


Look #4

Jayb loves streetwear and so he pulled another one in this photo where he had worn a shirt layered with a Diesel leather jacket paired with pants from the same brand, and a Diesel boots as well to complete the style.


Look #5

Here, he styled himself into 90s look again by wearing a baggy pants topped with a checkered long sleeve polo from Balenciaga.


Look #6

Jay B looked great in an all black ensemble. Below, he completed his sleek look with a jersey top tucked in a denim pants, and layered with a tattered long coat. All of which are from Balenciaga.

Surely, Jay B enjoyed his luxurious fashion moments in this September 2022 issue of Vogue photoshoot. 

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