Kep1er Chaehyun: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

Kep1er Chaehyun: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

Kep1er Chaehyun: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)
Kim Chaehyun (김채현), better known as Chaehyun, is a member of the K-pop girl group Kep1er. She is a WAKEONE trainee. She finished first in the Girls Planet 999 finals, earning her a member of the final group.


Stage Name


Birth Name

Kim Chae-hyun




Birth Date

April 26, 2002

Place of Birth

 Busan, South Korea


South Korean

Blood Type





161.5 cm (5 ft 4 in)

Zodiac Sign


Training Period

6 Years

Final Rank


Individual Fandom


Years Active



SM Entertainment (former)


Girls Planet 999


SM Entertainment: Pre-debut

Chaehyun left public school to become a trainee for SM Entertainment during her second year of middle school. She trained under the label for roughly 6 years before leaving somewhere between 2019 and 2020.


 Girls Planet 999, Kep1er: 2021

Chaehyun's participation in Girls Planet 999 as a member of K-Group was disclosed in July 2021. Her departure from SM Entertainment was brought up and discussed during her interview section in the show's first episode, where she stated, "I trained for six years, I want to prove the years weren't wasted." Following her interview, she performed a cover of "Black Mamba" by aespa for her evaluation performance, but was not chosen as a TOP9 candidate. Her first Planet Top 9 rank was P09, and her initial rank was K23.

Chaehyun finished first in the final episode on October 22 with 1,081,182 points and 363,623 votes, making her a member of the show's final group Kep1er. On November 21, it was announced that Kep1er would make his debut in December 2021 with the launch of the website Hello, Kep1er.

 Kep1er Debut, The Show: 2022

Chaehyun made her official debut with Kep1er on January 3, 2022. Chaehyun was announced as one of three presenters of SBS MTV The Show in 2022 on January 10, 2022, marking her MC debut.



Chaehyun dropped out of public school in middle school to concentrate on her studies. Instead, she passed the Graduation Equivalency Exams for middle and high school.





Chaehyun's Facts

- Chaeyun was born in  Busan, South Korea.
- She joins Jo Yuri and Park Jiwon of Fromis_9 as the third Off The Record Entertainment/WAKEONE trainee from Busan to win a Mnet survival program. - - During the audition for Girl's Planet 999, she was identified as an individual trainee.
- Some fans compare her to Irene from Red Velvet and Kwon Eunbi.
- She is the only one of the three idols who does not represent a rabbit or serve as the group's leader.
- She has the ability to imitate Crayon Shin-Chan.
- She owned a Samsung Note 20 Ultra.
- She dropped out of middle school when she was 13 years old. She passed both the middle and high school equivalency exams.
- Chaehyun is the first Kep1er member to become an MC.
- She has three little moles forming a triangle under her right eye.
-She previously attended English Academy. Erika was given her English name there.
- Chaehyun previously worked as a trainee for the organization SM Entertainment.
- She made her SBS MTV 'The Show' debut as a Music Show MC with CRAVITY's Minhee.
- Her Girls Planet 999 motto is "I am KIM CHAE HYUN, with the looks of a rabbit and the charisma of a white tiger."
- She was held in the same cell as Kuwahara Ayana (J) and Li Yiman (C).
- In Girls Planet 999, she finished first overall.
- She is quite cold tolerant.
- She enjoys taking selfies of other people but dislikes taking ones of herself.
- She follows the recipe's directions as a cook.
- She used to despise mint chocolate ice cream, but she now enjoys it.
- She doesn't like cola, but in Ability Market, she had to drink three cups in a row with Xiaoting.
- She is the only one that isn't afraid of escape rooms and can frequently recall maps.


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