Kep1er Mashiro: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

Kep1er Mashiro: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

Kep1er Mashiro: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)
Sakamoto Mashiro, also known as Mashiro is the co-leader of the K-pop girl group Kep1er. She is a 143 Entertainment singer. She finished ninth in the Girls Planet 999 finals, making her a part of the final group.


Stage Name


Birth Name

Sakamoto Mashiro


 Shiro, Mashmallow

Birth Date

December 16, 1999 

Place of Birth

Tokyo, Japan



Blood Type





158 cm (5 ft 2 in)

Zodiac Sign


Final Rank


Individual Fandom




Years Active



143 Entertainment

Pledis Entertainment (former)
JYP Entertainment (former) 


JYP Entertainment: 2016-2018

Mashiro worked as a trainee with JYP Entertainment for two years, as part of the trainee group that later formed ITZY. She was, however, passed over for the launch lineup and departed the organization.

 Girls Planet 999, Kep1er: 2021

Mashiro's participation in Girls Planet 999 as a member of J-Group was revealed in July. Her first Planet Top 9 rank was P05, and her original rank was J02. Mashiro finished the show's finale in eighth place with 708,149 points and 488,519 votes, earning her a member of its final group Kep1er.




Mashiro's  Facts

- She was born in Tokyo, Japan. 
- Mashiro is well-versed in Seoul topography due to her extended residence there.
-Because her name Kanji sounds like 500 in Mandarin, her Chinese nickname and representative number is 500.
- She is quite articulate and writes lengthy letters.
- Despite her nickname, she despises doing aegyo.
- As a right-handed person, she spins clockwise; hence, she spun in the other direction on Weekly Idol when she was performing How You Like That with the same team from Girl's Planet 999.
-She's awful at regaining her equilibrium after spinning.
- She had a part-time job at a BBQ restaurant.
- She is regarded as the best cook in the gang, therefore her moniker "Chef."
- She sees her empathic abilities as both a benefit and a disadvantage.
- Her MBTI type shifts from INFP to ISFP.
- Green grapes are her favorite fruit.
- She finds it hard to use informal discourse on older family members or seniors during Yaja time.
- Despite being inoculated, she contracted COVID twice, almost exactly a year apart, which contributed to Kep1er missing MAMA in both 2021 and 2022.
- She performed (G)-Idle's "DUMDi-DUMDi" with Hiyajo Nagomi (Team 'December Girls'). She was chosen as one of the Top 9 candidates.
- For the first round, she formed a cell with Kang Yeseo and Huang Xingqiao.
- As a leader, she performed "Fiesta" by IZ*ONE (Team 1 'Crown') for the Connect Mission. Her squad was victorious.
- Her second position was J03.
- In episode 5, her cell was ranked fourth.
- For the initial eliminations, she received a P5 in the Planet Top 9.
- For the Combination Mission, she chose "Mafia In the Morning" by ITZY (3-girl Team 'MAJIYA'). Her squad won under her leadership.
- On episode 11, she was in the third place.
- Between episodes 11 and 12, she was ranked 14th.
- She finished eighth in the finals with 708,149 points and was dubbed Kep1er in the final squad.
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