LE SSERAFIM’s 'ANTIFRAGILE' OFFICIAL M/V Outfits & Fashion Breakdown

LE SSERAFIM’s 'ANTIFRAGILE' OFFICIAL M/V Outfits & Fashion Breakdown

LE SSERAFIM is on fire with their comeback and made it to top on Billboard chart Top 200!

Billboard announced last October 31,2022 the Top 200 songs this week and surprisingly LE SSERAFIM’s “ANTIFRAGILE” is one of the songs.


Additionally, "ANTIFRAGILE '' has helped LE SSERAFIM reach their highest peak on Billboard's Global Excl. at positions 8 and 42 on the U.S. chart, respectively. In addition, the song is currently No. 79 on Billboard's Global 200 chart. According to Billboard, "ANTIFRAGILE" by LE SSERAFIM landed at No. 13 on their most recent World Albums chart last week. It is their best and most successful comeback as of the moment.

Everything is perfect, especially their outfits on their music videos, and speaking with their fashionable outfits let’s know what kind of outfits they have below!

LE SSERAFIM’s ‘Antifragile’ MV


Kazuha’s Look 

Let's start with Kazuha's sporty outfit , in which she is wearing a black Pro Training 365 high-waisted pair of Nike pants and a side-stripe fitted T-shirt from Balenciaga.

Balenciaga Side-stripe Fitted T-shirt

Nike High-waisted

Eunchae’s Look 

Eunchae’s outfit #1 in ANTIFRAGILE mv

Wearing a green acrylic sweater from MARC JACOBS HEAVEN, a black floral double-stack platform lace-up boots from R13, and a charm-encrusted chain-link necklace from Chopova Lowena is one of Eunchae best and perfect outfits for her in the music video. 

Chaewon’s Look #1

Chaewon’s outfit #1 in ANTIFRAGILE MV

Chaewon is so confident and she boldly show off her outfit with her brief with the GCDS brand print. She chose a pair of striking AC Maxi earrings by Courrèges to complete her denim-on-

AC Maxi Earrings

AC Maxi

GCDS Brief Logo


GCDS Brief Logo 


Chaewon’s Look #2

Chaewon’s Look #2 in ANTIFRAGILE MV

Chaewon's second outfit in the MV, which featured a cotton hoodie from GUCCI with a Hollywood Babylon design and a multicolored polyester miniskirt from PHIPPS, was among

GUCCI Hollywood Babylon-print cotton hoodie
GUCCI Hollywood Babylon-print cotton
PHIPPS SSENSE Exclusive Multicolor Polyester Mini Skirt

Yunjin‘s Look 

Yunjin‘s outfit  #1 ANTIFRAGILE MV

Yunjin's gorgeous ensemble, which included a blue Imagination slip dress from PRAYING, completely wowed their fans.




Sakura’s outfit in ANTIFRAGILE MV

It simple to purchase Sakura's adorable I Do Not Exist lace cami shirt. This shirt is one of the best shirts that she has worn. 

I Do Not Exist Lace Cami



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