LE SSERAFIM Yunjin : Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

LE SSERAFIM Yunjin : Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

Huh Yunjin 
(허윤진) is a member of the South Korean girl group LE SSERAFIM under Source Music who debuted last May 2, 2022.

Stage Name

Huh Yunjin (허윤진/ ホ・ユンジン)

Real Name

Huh Yunjin (허윤진/ ホ・ユンジン)

Date of Birth

 October 8, 2001


 171 cm (5’7″ ft)


53 kg (117 lbs)



Yunjin likes sports a lot, particularly field hockey.

City of origin / Country



Singing, Dancing


She is a smart and also confident.

Personal Life

Trainee Heo Yun Jin revealed that she actually grew up in New York, U.S.A, only becoming a trainee earlier this year. Heo Yun Jin shared a bit about how she first came to dream of becoming an idol. "8 months after I was born in Korea, my family immigrated to New York, and I lived there until the beginning of this year.


Kpop dol, Singer, Dancer

Hidden Talents

Drawing and cooking

Fashion Brands Worn


Dating History / Rumors



Yunjin‘s personality type was revealed to be INFJ. INFJs “approach life with deep thoughtfulness and imagination.” INFJs usually crave deeper connections in their friendships. They prefer their friendships to be meaningful and authentic and usually don’t keep casual acquaintances.






Yunjin Facts

-Yunjin was born and raised in the United States before returning to South Korea to work as a trainee.
- Myung Hyungseo from CLASS:y attended Hanlim Multi Art School with Yunjin.
She was formerly a trainee with PLEDIS Entertainment.
- Favorite foods include pizza, yogurt, seaweed, cheese, and roasted sweet potatoes.
- Yunjin studied opera before becoming a trainee.
She speaks English really well.
- Alternate names: Jen and Destruction King (due to her clumsiness)
- Lee Gaeun, a singer, actress, and former member of After School, and Yunjin are good friends.
-She is able to play the guitar, piano, and ukulele.

-Yunjin was training to be an opera singer before she joined the K-pop training program .
- She speaks loudly, which occasionally frightens Kazuha.
- Yunjin is a native English speaker because she was raised in the United States.
- Yunjin has guitar and ukulele skills .
- Every morning and every evening, she slices fruit.
- She frequently cuts fruit at night without lighting while her hair is drying.

-Her interests include painting, cooking, and consuming vegetables .[8]
- She performs burpees the fastest among the group .[12]
- She doesn't like hot weather despite having the nickname "Hot Girl," but she doesn't mind being in the sun for the sake of sunlight.
- She is a bad liar, whether it be in text-based or Mafia games.

- She enjoys the Harry Potter movie series, and if she attended Hogwarts, she would live in the Slytherin house.
- A necklace with a snake charm that was given to Yunjin by her grandma is one of her most valued items; she wears it practically daily.
- Sports are very much to Yunjin's liking, especially field hockey.
- She enjoys the music of the Girls' Generation girl group from South Korea. She wants to do a cover of "Catch Me If You Can" by them .
- She enjoys writing, playing the guitar, watching dramas, and reading.
- Yunjin enjoys creating Greek yogurt and appreciates the culinary skill of plating.
- She's a voracious reader who even finished the bookshelves in her room.
- She reads a lot of self-help philosophies .
- She enjoys hiking a lot.

-Since she was in the seventh grade, Yunjin has dreamed of becoming a singer.
-8 is her favorite number.
- Yunjin is quite active and when she was younger, she wanted to play field hockey professionally.
- She isn't a fan of scary or horror movies in general.

-She has persuaded Eunchae, Chaewon, and Sakura to start drinking Americano because she enjoys coffee the most. Even more espresso is added by her.
-She adheres to the philosophy that "Everything happens for a reason" and believes in fate.

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