SEVENTEEN Jeonghan: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

Jeonghan (정한) is a South Korean singer, performer and member of the group SEVENTEEN  who debuted on on May 26, 2015 under Pledis Entertainment.


Stage Name


Birth Name

Yoon Jeong Han (윤정한)

Birth Date

October 4, 1995 

Zodiac Sign


Birth Place

Seoul, South Korea


Hwaseong, Gyeonggi, South Korea




178 cm (5’10”)


61 kg (134 lbs)

Blood Type







May 26, 2015

Years active



Pledis Entertainment



Vocal Team


Solo Features

1st Look Vol. 220 (2021) 
SPUR Magazine (Japan): October Issue (2022) 
GQ Korea: February Issue (2023)



Features with Other Members

DAZED (2016) 
AnAn Magazine No. 2223 (Japan) 28 October 2020 
Cosmopolitan Korea: April Issue (2021) 
ELLE Korea: February Issue (2022) 



Features with all of SEVENTEEN as a Group


IZE Magazine: August Issue (2015)
KWAVE December Issue (2015)
CeCi Magazine: December Issue (2015)
IZE Magazine: December Issue (2015)
10+ Star: TENASIA March Issue (2016)
CeCi Magazine: May Issue (2016)
@star1 Vol.50 (May 2016)
IZE Magazine (May 2016) 
haru*hana Magazine (Japan) Vol.36 (May 2016)
AnAn Magazine (Japan) 21 June 2017
@star1 Vol.64 (July 2017)
DAZED Digital Magazine (July 2017)
CeCi Magazine: October Issue (2017)
HIGH CUT Vol.208 (October 2017)
CeCi Magazine: January Issue (2018)
SINGLES Korea: April Issue (2018)
Sparkling Magazine’s Spring 2018 Issue 
1st LOOK Vol.155 (May 2018)
AnAn Magazine (Japan) 30 May 2018 
@star1 Vol.77 (August 2018)
CREA Magazine: October Issue (2018)
SPARKS Japanese Idol Magazine Vol.1 (November 2018)
THE STAR: February Issue (2019)
SPARKS Japanese Idol Magazine Vol.2 (April 2019)
AnAn Magazine (Japan) 13 May 2019
AnAn Magazine No. 2187 (Japan) February 2020
SPRiNG Magazine (Japan): March Issue (2020)
BILLBOARD Korea Vol.3 (April 2020)
Monotube Magazine Vol.2 (July 2020)
HARPER`S BAZAAR: January Issue (2021)
MORE Magazine Japan: January Issue (2022)



Unofficial songs

퍼플로즈 (Purple Rose) (2017)
Dream (KOR Ver.) (2021)
Dream (JPN Ver.) (2021)



"BETTING" (2023)


Aitai (2022)



Banila Co (Ambassador) 
Yves Saint Laurent (2023) Men's Winter 23 Paris Fashion Show

Fashion Brands Worn

NIKE, Burberry, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Dior, ADIDAS, Converse, MIU MIU, Chanel, PRADA, Saint Laurent, etc.


Jeonghan Facts
- Jeonghan was born and raise in Seoul, South Korea.
-  He doesn’t eat carrots and eggs.
- The meanings of his given names are Jeong (clean) and Han (country). It means that he will be as clean as a milky way.
- He refers to himself as a "Angel" because his birthday is October 4th (1004 in Korean is "Cheonsa," which means "Angel").
- He enjoys Korean cuisine, particularly stews and chicken.
- He doesn't really like candies.
- His favourite food is pasta.
- His favorite beverages include an Americano, banana milk, vanilla latte, and strawberry milk.
- He has a lactose intolerance (Audio vLive May 2, 2020).
- His interests include sleeping, sports (soccer, basketball, badminton, and footvolley), and leggo assembly.
- His favorite colors are Black, White and cute colors.
- His favorite animals include bunnies, koalas, puppies, and other cute creatures.
- He claims to be the group's weakest link because he gets tired easily.
- When he feels sleepy at the broadcasting stations, he will tell everyone that he needs to use the restroom, but he is actually sleeping for 5 minutes there.
- When he first became a trainee, he says Joshua was the first member to approach him.
- He says he's closest to Joshua among all the Seventeen members.
- He is an extremely sensitive sleeper, easily disturbed by lights and sounds.
- He claims to be quiet, but this is not the case.
- He is known to cheat a lot in games.

- He says Joshua was the first member to approach him when he first became a trainee.
- He claims to be the Seventeenth member who is closest to Joshua.
- He prefers dating someone older over dating someone younger because he needs someone to look after him.
- All the members agree that he is one of the most caring member/hyung in the group, and often asks the younger ones about their condition.

- He was chosen as the member with the best personality by the other members.
- Jeong means "clean" in Korean, and Han means "country" in English.
- At first, Jeonghan didn't like his long hair, but the fans did, and once he got 
He listens to the members’ troubles. They confide in him a lot and it makes him really happy.
- He is studying Japanese.
- During their rest days, he mostly sleeps in his bed. When he thinks he slept for too long, he goes outside, but then he ends up returning and going back to sleep anyway. 
- He says he’s the weakest member in the group. 
Because of his weak stamina, he usually puts his all in the first half of a game, giving him a nickname of "First Half God'.
Jeonghan is the most savage member in SEVENTEEN & The smartest member according to DK. 
-  Jeonghan’s ideal type is someone who loves them and buys their albums.
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