SEVENTEEN Vernon: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

Vernon (버논) is a Korean-American rapper ,songwriter and member of the group SEVENTEEN who debuted on May 26, 2015 under Pledis Entertainment.


Stage Name

Vernon (버논) 

Birth Name

Choi Hansol (최한솔)

Birth Date

February 18, 1998 (age 25)

Zodiac Sign


Birth Place

New York, United States


Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea




178cm (5’10)


62 kg

Blood Type





Rapper, Songwriter, Producer

Group debut

May 26, 2015 (SEVENTEEN)

Years active



Pledis Entertainment


Hip-Hop Team





Main Rapper


Solo Features

1st Look Vol. 227 (October 2021)
1st Look Vol. 234 (March 2022)

Features with Other Members

DAZED Korea: January Issue (2017)
MAPS Magazine: June Issue (2018) 
ELLE Korea: November Issue (2019) 
W Korea (2020)
AnAn Magazine No. 2223 (Japan) 28 October 2020 
ESQUIRE Korea: November Issue (2021)
VOGUE Korea: December Issue (2021) 

Features with All of SEVENTEEN as a Group

IZE Magazine: August Issue (2015)
KWAVE December Issue (2015)
CeCi Magazine: December Issue (2015)
IZE Magazine: December Issue (2015)
10+ Star: TENASIA March Issue (2016)
CeCi Magazine: May Issue (2016)
@star1 Vol.50 (May 2016)
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haru*hana Magazine (Japan) Vol.36 (May 2016)
AnAn Magazine (Japan) 21 June 2017
@star1 Vol.64 (July 2017)
DAZED Digital Magazine (July 2017)
CeCi Magazine: October Issue (2017)
HIGH CUT Vol.208 (October 2017)
CeCi Magazine: January Issue (2018)
SINGLES Korea: April Issue (2018) 
Sparkling Magazine’s Spring 2018 Issue 
1st LOOK Vol.155 (May 2018)
AnAn Magazine (Japan) 30 May 2018
@star1 Vol.77 (August 2018) 
CREA Magazine: October Issue (2018)
SPARKS Japanese Idol Magazine Vol.1 (November 2018) 
THE STAR: February Issue (2019)
SPARKS Japanese Idol Magazine Vol.2 (April 2019)
AnAn Magazine (Japan) 13 May 2019 
AnAn Magazine No. 2187 (Japan) February 2020 
SPRiNG Magazine (Japan): March Issue (2020)
BILLBOARD Korea Vol.3 (April 2020) 
Monotube Magazine Vol.2 (July 2020)
HARPER`S BAZAAR: January Issue (2021) 
MORE Magazine Japan: January Issue (2022)


Digital Singles

Lotto (with Don Mills) (2015)


Black Eye (2022)


Q&A (with Ailee, S.Coups, and Woozi) (2015)
Beg For You (A.G. Cook & VERNON OF SEVENTEEN Remix) [feat. Rina Sawayama] (with Charli XCX and A.G. Cook) (2022)


"Bucket List" (with Bumzu) (2015)
"Bumaye (Remix Ver.)" (with Drunken Tiger) (2018)
"Looped Up" (with Tobi Lou) (2019)
"Wrecker" (with Omega Sapien) (2022)


Sickness (2016)
A-TEEN (2018)
Warrior (逆燃) (2021)

Unofficial Songs

Rocket (English Ver.) (with Joshua) (2018)
Life is a Beach (2018)
BANDS BOY (2021)


"Chillin" (with M.O.L.A) (2017)

Fashion Brands Worn

NIKE, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Dior, ADIDAS, Converse, MIU MIU, Chanel, PRADA, Saint Laurent, etc.





Vernon’s Spotify list

Oh wow


Vernon facts 

- Vernon was born in New York but moved to Korea when he was 5 years old (as he's half Korean and half Caucasian).
- He shares the same birthday as DK. The 218s are named after their birthdays, but Vernon is a year younger than DK.

- He and DK had the same shoe size (280mm) and lived only 10 minutes apart. There is only a 1cm height difference and a 1cm weight difference listed.
- Vernon and DK have competed in ISAC Archery and have made a Perfect X10 shot in which the pinhole camera inside the center of the board is broken by the arrow.

- He enjoys playing the guitar, which he learned from his father.
- Vernon's mother is of French and German ancestry.
- Vernon's mother had to stay at home for a long time because she couldn't find work in Seoul because she couldn't speak Korean.
- He began in the short line, but after a growth spurt, he grew taller than some of his older members.
- He frequently mishears people because he is constantly wearing headphones or earphones.

- He considers himself to be a truly free person. He is always courteous to others and does not discriminate against anything or anyone. He is an ally of the LBGTQ+ community and has spoken out against racism.
- He has over 100 pairs of shoes in his collection.

- He suffers from rhinitis.
- He gets his earbuds from his parents' artwork.
- He is one of the youngest idols with the most copyrighted songs under his name (68+) and the group's second most credited member, trailing only Woozi.
- He is easily embarrassed.
- He is a member of Seventeen's cat line (with Jun, Wonwoo & Woozi)
- He is a member of the MOLA crew (Make Our Lives Awesome)
- He is close to Jamie and Kino from the Pentagon.
- He isn't concerned with appearance; instead, he values personality and heart.
- He believes he most closely resembles a cat. He believes he was a cat with wings in a previous life.
- Loving yourself is something he considers meaningful.
- The meaning of his stage name is derived from his mother's surname.
He claims that Korea is more comfortable for him than America.
- He was casted in front of his middle school at a station. The more he practiced, the more his desire to be a singer became a reality.
- He is allergic to peanuts, pollen, and cats in general.

- He dislikes warm fruits, but otherwise he is not a picky eater. He claims to be the least picky of the group.

-He enjoys Frank Ocean, Drake, and Charli XCX.
- On his right hand, he has a heart-shaped birthmark.
- Harry Potter and Star Wars are two of his favorite movies.
- He has his own room in the dorms, which he previously shared with Hoshi.
- He is also fluent in English because they kept speaking it at home because his mother does not speak Korean.
- He is terrified of bugs.
- He decides on cats over dogs.
- His fans are referred to as "Dollys."
- He objects to being compared to Leonardo DiCaprio.
- Carat is most concerned with his happiness.
- He prefers to be addressed as "Vernon."

- "Just Do It" is his life motto.
- His fashion is designed to be as neutral as possible.
- Vernon recently stated in an interview that he intends to get his own cat as soon as possible.

- Vernon took part in "Show Me The Money 4," but was eliminated in the third round.
- Vernon appears on the variety show "Tutor" alongside other Kpop idols such as Pentagon's Hongseok and WJSN's Luda. Vernon works as an English tutor.
Vernon is unconcerned about his appearance. He is more concerned with the person's personality and heart. 

 He looks childish, but actually, he’s a deep person. He places importance in not discriminating against anything/not being prejudice.

- Vernon is friends with Kino from PENTAGON. When he was in Japan, he even bought Kino a phone case.
- He wishes he could communicate as well as SeungKwan.

 Vernon’s ideal type is someone his heart can connect with.

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